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ecoATM supports the International Association of Chiefs of Police

We are proud to support the IACP/ecoATM Leadership in Crime Prevention Award. We encourage our law enforcement partners to visit this link to learn more and apply for the award. Simply download the nomination form, complete it, and e-mail it to by May 15, 2020. All award winners will be recognized at the 2020 IACP Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA.

The 3 Directors of Law Enforcement Relations are all appointed to the following committees of IACP:
• Sr. Director Santiago - Crime Prevention Committee
• Director McCann - Computer Crimes and Digital Evidence Committee
• Director Muldoon - Transnational Crime Committee 

Featured News

A Model Partnership Between Law Enforcement and  ecoATM Brings Thieves To Justice

From our headquarters in San Diego, ecoATM staff view an image in real time of a suspicious individual at one of our kiosks in Everett, Washington. The person in question attempts to cash in on a cell phone; immediately, ecoATM staff contact the Everett Police Department, attaching the image of the individual. The suspect is later arrested for trafficking in stolen goods.

Throughout the country — in cities like Sacramento and San Antonio, Seattle and Spokane, and Dekalb County, Georgia — the story is the same: Police, working in partnership with ecoATM, are able to identify and apprehend these criminals. We operate over 3,400 kiosks in 49 states, Germany and the United Kingdom. These crime sprees, and others throughout the state and country, might have remained unsolved were it not for two factors:

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Featured Testimonial

“Cell phone was stolen in Graham, NC and the suspect used the ecoATM to obtain money.
The law enforcement team was absolutely awesome in handling the matter! I am well beyond pleased with the promptness, amount of information provided, and quality of the photographs of the suspect. In matters such as this one, law enforcement is working for the victim, trying to locate the stolen property and get it returned promptly. Between the ecoATM LE team and my neighboring agency (Burlington Police Department), I could not have asked or dreamed of a better outcome. I am confident in knowing that if I call upon ecoATM again in the future, they will yet again exceed my expectations. I commend you all and sincerely thank you for your diligence and professionalism.”
Corporal Haynes, Graham Police Department, Graham, NC 6/5/2020

“On 5/5/20 at approximately 2:30p.m., the male subject stole the iPhone at the Walmart Superstore, located at 4401 US Hwy. 83 South, Laredo, Texas 78046. Approximately 45 minutes later, he discarded the iPhone at the Walmart on 2320 Bob Bullock Lp. Laredo, Texas. 78040.
****GREAT Service!”
Detective Villarreal Jr., Laredo Police Department, Laredo, TX 5/19/2020

We at ecoATM are always looking at ways to improve our collaboration with law enforcement and identify opportunities to enhance our processes and technology. Read what officers and news sources are saying about how we’ve made a difference while partnering with police, legislators, and technology leaders to improve cell phone safety and combat mobile device theft.

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