Who We Are

ecoATM specializes in giving millions of devices a second life.

We’re a renowned leader in reducing electronic waste and finding value in gently used electronics. We offer a simpler and safer way to sell devices, all while taking the initiative to create a greener planet.

To top it off, we also have a unique and collaborative work environment to accomplish all of this while helping each other grow exponentially. We’re more than just coworkers. We’re a close-knit group of creative minds and game-changers who are eager to challenge the status quo through innovation in rewriting the rules of modern conservation. We strive daily to be reigning world-class champs of e-recycling and device lifecycle management. The proof of our success is in our staggering growth, stellar customer satisfaction, and providing a work culture unlike any other.

Together, we’re here to change how the world thinks about pre-owned consumer technology and make a lasting, positive impact on the world we live in.

Offering Payment for Used Devices

There are several options for consumers to choose from when deciding on the tech devices that best fit their needs. The most common question after they upgrade or purchase their new device is ‘what do I do with my old one?’

ecoATM kiosks are automated machines that simplify with convenience in mind for consumers to sell back unwanted tablets and smartphones. ecoATM kiosks are located in malls, grocery retailers and Walmart stores across the nation, offering cash on-the-spot for used smart devices no longer of utility.

Office Locations

ecoATM is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with our processing facility in Louisville, KY, and remote employees throughout the US.

Our Story

Headquartered in San Diego, California, ecoATM LLC. is the only automated kiosk that collects unwanted or used cell phones, tablets and MP3 players for instant cash. ecoATM kiosks accept devices of any year or condition. We buy back cell phones and other mobile devices and tablets. Our kiosks provide a safe, secure way for consumers to recycle used electronic devices. We utilize extensive security features and processes to uphold a safe and secure selling experience for each customer. ecoATM sets the standard for the highest level of transparency and cooperation with law enforcement.

Today, ecoATM kiosks are convenient, safe and instantly rewarding. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to enhance value and make positive things happen in every part of the consumer electronics lifecycle.