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ecoATM Law Enforcement Presentations

Our Directors of Law Enforcement Relations are available to travel to your region to conduct training about how ecoATM works and how we assist law enforcement. If you are interested in hosting this free training, please contact the individual listed below. If you wish to learn more about ecoATM, our commitment to public safety and the deterrence of phone theft, and/or how we work with law enforcement, we encourage your attendance. The presentations include:

• An overview of ecoATM and its mission
• Videos introducing the team and the machine
• Photographic walk-through of a standard transaction, including a behind-the-scenes look at our live validation, security and verification processes
• In-depth look at our transaction reporting
• Investigative videos that examine Second-Hand Dealer laws and the mobile buyback phone industry
• Investigative techniques for identifying e-fencing of stolen devices
• Demonstrations on using “kill switch” features to locate missing devices
• Q&A segment
If you are interested in this service, please contact:

Max Santiago
Sr. Director Law Enforcement Relations