Frequently Asked Questions

What is ecoATM?
What devices can I bring to an ecoATM?
How does ecoATM determine pricing?
How does ecoATM pricing compare with selling my phone online?
Does ecoATM accept accessories, like chargers?
Does my device have to be charged before I visit ecoATM? If so, should I bring my own cord to charge it?
What happens to my device once I’ve ended my transaction and it’s in the ecoATM?
Is it true that ecoATMs operate totally on their own, without any humans involved?
How do you work with law enforcement?
What steps have you taken to protect my stolen phone from being sold at an ecoATM?
Can I buy or franchise an ecoATM kiosk?
How can I recover an item I placed in the Accessory Bin accidentally?
How can I inquire if my missing or stolen device was sold to ecoATM?
Can I get my device back after I've sold it to ecoATM?
What forms of identification cards are accepted by ecoATM?
Does my device need to be working to sell it to an ecoATM?
How old do you have to be to sell a device to ecoATM?
Can I get my phone back if I don’t like the price?
How long does it take to sell a device to an ecoATM?
I want to become one of your buyers, what do I do?
How do I find my nearest kiosk?
My local kiosk is out of service, what do I do?
There is no kiosk in my area, what now?