Law Enforcement FAQs

There is an inquiry about a specific phone which may have been sold at an ecoATM machine.
How does ecoATM verify that a person’s ID is his or her own?
Can law enforcement have access to the kiosk?
Can you report the transactions? And how do I get access to the reports?
Who should we contact if we have a question or need assistance?
What form of ID does ecoATM require?
How is the ID determined to be valid?
Do customers have to pay to get their phones back?
If a customer calls stating their phone has been lost or stolen, and they believe it is in an ecoATM, are there any directions I should give them regarding his or her device and the process to retrieve it from ecoATM?
How long do you hold the devices?
How can I find out if there are any kiosks near me?
What information is gathered when the device is plugged in at the kiosk? I’ve noticed that not all transactions in Leads Online list the serial number, but list processing instead. Does this get updated? If so, at what point?
How often are the devices cleared from the machines?
When attempting to retrieve a phone, what information should I have?
My question is not listed here. Who can I contact to get more information?