SmartPhone Safety Resources & PSAs from ecoATM

To help consumers keep themselves and their devices safe, ecoATM created a series of public service announcement videos, audio clips, and flyers easily downloadable and ready for distribution to your friends, family, and community. Help us spread the word – let’s keep our phones safe and ourselves safer.

Consumers purchase approximately 150 million new phones per year and growing. We spend a significant amount of time on these devices talking, texting, and engaging in an endless choosing of apps and games. But what we aren’t always doing with these devices is practicing safe habits and protecting our device and our data from potential thieves.

Did you know?

• Cell phone theft accounts for 1 in 3 robberies nationwide, making it the number one property crime in the nation. So what can you do so this doesn’t happen to you and what steps should you take if unfortunately it does?
• Hundreds of pedestrians find themselves in emergency rooms each year for injuries related to being distracted on their cell phone while walking. What simple steps can you take to keep yourself safe while using your phone?
• According to the National Safety Council, texting while driving causes 1,600,000 accidents per year, and accounts for nearly 25% of all car accidents.Don’t put your life or another driver’s life at risk. It’s simple, texting or talking on the phone can wait.   


These files are suitable for download across devices and are easy to share. Please right-click the links below and select “Save Link As” to download the videos, audio or flyers to your computer. 

General Smartphone Safety Tips

• General Safety - Extended [2.22] | YouTube | Download
• General Safety - Short [.57] | YouTube | Download

What Is A Phone ‘Kill Switch’?

• Kill Switch - Extended [3.52] | YouTube | Download
• Kill Switch - Short [.56] | YouTube | Download  

What If Your Phone Is Missing Or Stolen?

• Phone Theft V-Extended [3.46] | YouTube | Download
• Phone Theft V-Short [.56] | YouTube | Download

Protect Your Phone: Add a Passcode

• Protect Your Device: Passcode Protect – General [.30] | YouTube | Download
• Protect Your Device-Windows [.39] | YouTube | Download
• Protect Your Device-Blackberry [.45] | YouTube | Download
• Protect Your Device-Apple iOS [1.22] | YouTube | Download
• Protect Your Device-Android [.30] | YouTube | Download 



WAV audio files suitable for radio broadcast.

• Protect Your Device (.30) | Download
• Phone Theft (.56) | Download
• Kill Switch (.56) | Download
• General Safety (.57) | Download  


Public safety flyers designed for distribution by law enforcement and other smartphone safety advocates.

• Don’t Text and Drive | Download
• Protect Yourself from Smartphone Theft | Download
• Distracted Walking: Stay Aware | Download

For more information about ecoATM's own efforts to curb cell phone theft and keep you safe visit https://www.ecoatm/pages/law-enforcement/