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EcoATM was able to assist/recover two stolen cell phone located in their kiosk location of Wal-Mart in Sylacauga, Alabama. The incident was reported to Talladega County Sheriff's Office as items stolen from the interior of a residence as well as items taken from the yard with a known offender. Upon being assigned this case I had the name of the listed offender ran through Leads Online. That request returned the sale of two cellphones matching the description of 2 taken from the residence. I took that information and emailed a request to EcoATM for the transaction information and the return of the stolen phones. Within hours of that request I received a copy of the transaction with high quality photographs of the offender taken at the point of sale and advised the phones would be mailed to the Sheriff's Office to be returned to the victim.
Investigator Green, Talladega County Sheriff's Office, Talladega, AL 9/15/2020

On 09-04-2020 a man snuck into the employee break room at a local Safeway and stole an employee’s phone and credit card. That suspect was later contacted on a DUI stop and admitted to taking the phone. On 09-06-2020 I took another phone theft report from the local Winco. Video showed it was the same suspect as the Safeway theft. Video also showed the suspect depositing phones into the ecoATM at the Winco address.
I called ecoATM and the service representative was incredibly helpful. The ecoATM was unlocked and I was able to retrieve both victims’ phones. I later received an email with the suspects transaction information, including his ID and photos of the transaction.
I would like to sincerely thank ecoATM for their help and promptness with this case. Due to ecoATM I was able to return stolen property to the victims and that just doesn't happen often enough.
Officer Gorang, Bremerton PD, Bremerton, WA 9/13/2020

“Two iPads were stolen from one of our elementary schools on August 26, 2020. I saved a search for the two iPads via their serial numbers on LEADS On-line. On September 10, 2020 I received an alert from LEADS that one of the devices was located. Upon review of the LEADS hit it was determined that the device was sold to an EcoATM at Walmart at 7525 Winchester Road in Memphis on August 28, 2020 shortly after midnight.
I called the number for the representative of that ATM and left a message. I then looked up the main number online and called that. I selected the Law Enforcement option and spoke with Tim in Claims who was AMAZING at locating the device and arranging to have it returned to the Germantown Police Department.”
Detective Janelli, Germantown Police Department, Germantown, TN 9/10/2020

Jim Smith contacted me in regard to iPads that were pawned and flagged in NCIC as stolen. He was very proactive at contacting my agency and assisting in the recovering of the items.”
Detective Pellegrino, Broken Arrow Police Department, Broken Arrow, OK 9/8/2020

On 08/26/2020, I received a report for a B&E of a Motor Vehicle. One of the items stolen during the B&E was an I-Pod Touch. I was conducting research using Leads On-Line, when I observed a subject had placed an I-Pod Touch matching the description of the one taken from my victim in an ecoATM close to where my crime occurred, only a few hours after it was reported. I contacted the phone number on the pawn ticket from Leads On-Line and left a message requesting someone contact me about how I could gain access to the device. I received an email and a phone call, which was a huge help. I went to the ecoATM unit the I-Pod had been placed into. After verifying who I was, they were able to open the machine and allow me to get the device. I did not get the name of the person who helped me retrieve the device over the phone, but they were great. Unfortunately, after more investigation and talking with my victim I was able to determine the I-Pod was not the one which was stolen in my case. ecoATM emailed me a packing slip for Fed-ex and I was able to send the I-Pod back to the company.  This was one of the easiest process I have dealt with when trying to obtain assistance from an out-of-state company. Your company is doing a great job! The RA Coordinator did a great job keeping me informed and helping me with anything I needed. If everyone who deals with ecoATM has the experience I had, there should never be any complaints! I would rank my experience a 10 of 10.”
Detective, Jarvis Guilford County Sheriff's Office, Greensboro, NC 9/3/2020

“Theft of cell phones by a previous employee and suspected of selling phones. EcoATM was contacted and confirmed sold by suspect/ employee. Pertinent information was quickly provided that will assist with LE investigation.”
Detective Luc, Carlsbad Police Department, Carlsbad, CA 8/27/2020

“Our victim had his Samsung Galaxy S10+ stolen from him while working at a construction site approximately 6-7 weeks ago. The subject who sold the phone to ecoATM is a suspect in multiple thefts recently and has ties to the area. On August 21st, 2020 I received an NCIC Hit Notification through LeadsOnline advising this phone was sold the day before. Up until then there were no suspects and the phone was presumed gone for good. Your team was efficient in assisting me in getting the phone, including all the photographs on it, back to the owner. Thank you very much!”
Detective Schoonover, City of Beloit Police Department, Beloit, WI 8/21/2020

“Currently investigating multiple commercial burglaries by the same crew targeting various vendors with a total aggregate loss in excess of $ 1 million dollars. EcoATM was provided with a list of POI's, Serial / IMEI numbers and provided me with positive results almost instantaneously. EcoATM Team was also able to retrieve and provide me with device sold by one the subjects in our investigation. Entire process was flawless, it was an absolute pleasure to work with dedicated investigators, who were more than willing to go above and beyond to assist in above mentioned investigation.”
Detective Glowa, NYPD, Rosedale, NY 8/19/2020

“Officers were able to ping a stolen cell phone in at ecoATM machine. ecoATm was able to work with officers over the phone to verify our credentials. ecoATM was able to open the machine to return the stolen phone to the rightful owner. They also emailed a face sheet with the offender that had sold the phone, which ultimately led to a conviction for the crime.”
Officer Olson, La Crosse Police Department, La Crosse, WI, 8/11/2020

“A total of 24 stolen Samsung Note 20 cellphones were stolen on 07/17/20. These are brand new phones which have not hit the market until 08/05/20. These phones were considered critical and the owner Samsung and UPS requested local law enforcement in tracking the phones. I reached out to Jim Smith and asked for his assistance. I was hoping the suspect would try to enter these phones into your ATM for sale. I proved Jim with the IMEI numbers of the stolen phones. Jim stayed in contact with me and was quick with responses. He also flagged all the stolen devices in case they do get entered into the ECO atm. He provided me with a possible lead in the case. A female tried to enter a Samsung phone but she rejected the money offered by the ATM. Information showed the phone as an LG however in reality the phone showed to be Samsung (possibly Note 20) based on the Cameras on back of the cell phone. Investigation is ongoing and Jim was thorough and provided me the necessary info to me to help with my investigation. NO shortcuts! Thanks Jim!”
Detective Blancas, Fresno Police, Fresno, CA 8/5/2020

“Multiple Aggravated Burglary/Kidnappings to elderly women residents.
Over 40 burglary offenses in a usually quiet residential area of Harrison Township, Montgomery County Ohio. 7 of them consisted of kidnappings of elderly women, with 2 of them being removed from their homes and driven all over the County during the middle of the night, withdrawing money from their bank atm’s. 1 of those victims, who also suffered from MS and had severe mobility problems, was held against her will for over 8 hours. In many of these cases, cell phones were taken and eventually some of them turned up in ecoATM machines across Montgomery County. Very few of the victims had serial numbers to their phones, but the ones that did were entered into LeadsOnline and with their assistance and cooperation, along with ecoATM, I was able to target a few transaction by serial number, and then widen the field by looking at the person’s history with other phone transactions, as well as pawn shop sales. The ecoATM and LeadsOnline team’s assistance was absolutely crucial in identifying and eventually arresting them, as forensic evidence was slim to none. Both defendants (career criminals) were convicted of their crimes and serving long prison sentences in Ohio.
Detective Statzer, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Dayton, OH 8/5/2020

“The city of Ladue PD took several reports where Apple devices were stolen from within vehicles. ecoATM was extremely helpful with our investigations where a suspect was generated, and the devices were successfully returned to their rightful owners.”
Detective Gehm, Ladue PD, Ladue, MO 7/29/2020

“The Plano Police Department received a Robbery/Theft call at a local cell phone repair shop. Officers responded after the Suspect escaped from the Victim trying to recover the property in the parking lot. One of the stolen phones showed up on Leads Online, and detailed the ecoATM transaction. Detective Jones contacted Mr. Jim Smith with ecoATM who was able assist in locating the phone and providing information on the Suspect to include photos and identifying information. Mr. Smith also handled the recovery of the cell phone. The stolen cell phone will be mailed to the Plano Police Department at no cost. ecoATM and Mr. Smith provided a smooth and simple recovery of stolen property and assisted in providing valuable Suspect information that provides an affirmative link to the stolen property.”
Detective Jones, Plano Police Department, Plano, TX 7/29/2020

“I received a criminal case investigation for theft of a cell phone. I was notified by the victim that she had received an email stating her phone had been sold at a kiosk in Jacksonville, FL. I contacted ecoATM and notified them of the case and requested assistance in recovering the cell phone as well as developing a suspect. ecoATM was VERY attentive and prompt in assisting me in this investigation and handled the incident professionally. I was very satisfied with the handling of this case.”
Detective/Corporal Phillips, Kilgore Police Department, Kilgore, TX 7/20/2020

“After an armed robbery incident, the stolen cell phones were entered as stolen on NCIC. I checked an online database which notified me of the sale and location of the phones. This would not have been possible without the timely reporting by ecoATM. I responded to the ecoATM location and with your extremely helpful representative, I located the phones. Since you allowed me immediate access to the phones, I was able to preserve their integrity for latent print testing. Your business also provided images, video, and copies of the identifications used by the suspects. This broke the case wide open and after completing our investigation, resulted in the arrests of both suspects. I have no doubt this case would have remained unsolved if it had not been for the efforts and cooperation of ecoATM.” Detective J. Bradley, Dunwoody Police, Dunwoody, GA 6/18/2020

“Cincinnati Police were able to locate stolen phone in your location at Kroger store. I made contact with your representatives and after confirming my law enforcement status your representative guide me through how to retrieve the stolen phone. everything was done professionally and with great customer service. Thank you for assisting us with recovering a stolen phone.”
Police officer Cyranek, Cincinnati Police Department, Cincinnati, OH 6/18/2020

“During the investigation of a homicide, it was discovered the suspects had stolen and sold at least one cell phone belonging to the victim at an ecoATM kiosk. I was able to recover the stolen cell phone and also obtained surveillance video of the suspects from the mall where the ecoATM kiosk was located. The information included on the ecoATM transaction reports (signature, photos, copy of ID, etc...) is extremely valuable in criminal investigations. The ecoATM representatives I dealt with were extremely helpful and worked quickly to help me recover this valuable evidence.”
Detective Bohanek, Spokane County Sheriff's Office, Spokane, WA 6/17/2020

“Detective Long had a stolen cell phone pawned at an ecoATM. The cellphone was located inside a stolen vehicle; the vehicle was recovered but not the phone. The eco ATM law enforcement assistance team made my job easier and helped with the investigation. Also, the ecoATM law enforcement assistance team made the processes of receiving the phone painless, dealing with other establishments is like pulling teeth.”
Detective Long, Angelina County Sheriff's Department, Lufkin, TX 6/15/2020


“Cell phone was stolen in Graham, NC and the suspect used the ecoATM to obtain money.
The law enforcement team was absolutely awesome in handling the matter! I am well beyond pleased with the promptness, amount of information provided, and quality of the photographs of the suspect. In matters such as this one, law enforcement is working for the victim, trying to locate the stolen property and get it returned promptly. Between the ecoATM LE team and my neighboring agency (Burlington Police Department), I could not have asked or dreamed of a better outcome. I am confident in knowing that if I call upon ecoATM again in the future, they will yet again exceed my expectations. I commend you all and sincerely thank you for your diligence and professionalism.”
Corporal Haynes, Graham Police Department, Graham, NC 6/5/2020

“On 5/5/20 at approximately 2:30p.m., the male subject stole the iPhone at the Walmart Superstore, located at 4401 US Hwy. 83 South, Laredo, Texas 78046. Approximately 45 minutes later, he discarded the iPhone at the Walmart on 2320 Bob Bullock Lp. Laredo, Texas. 78040.
****GREAT Service!”
Detective Villarreal Jr., Laredo Police Department, Laredo, TX 5/19/2020

“Grand theft of iPad from a salon. It is assumed the suspect tried to unlock it to pawn it but when she was unable to do so she just left it in the kiosk. Due to the pawn not going through, the serial number never showed up in the system. I contacted ecoATM and sent the serial number to them. After researching the number in the system, the iPad was located and shipped back to me. It was then returned to the victim.”
Detective Niles, Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Oviedo, FL 5/14/2020

“It was reported that two male subjects robbed a female at gun point and attempted to car jack her. During the incident, one suspect attempted to shoot the victim in the head but missed. After identifying one suspect, I located a name in his phone records but could not find a good photo. The suspect was described as having a very odd and distinct hair style. I searched his name on Leads Online and discovered he had sold a cell phone before the robbery. Thanks to ecoATM I was able to get a very clear photo of the suspect and was able to arrest him. The I contacted Eco Law enforcement for additional photos, and they were able to provide it. Thanks to ecoATM’s policy of photos, IDs and recording the sellers, I was able to solve a case that was beginning to run cold.”
Inv. Summey, Georgia State University Police Department, Atlanta, GA 5/13/2020

“These were a series of cell phone store burglaries where the suspect and his girlfriend later sold some of the stolen phones to ECO ATM machines in the area following the burglaries.
I made contact with Sean Flaherty, with whom has assisted us in many other investigations, and he was able to resolve the situation and get the most recent phones sent to me. He was BEYOND helpful - even though he was working from home during the COVID pandemic, he was able to assist me with the utmost client service and provide me all of the documentation I needed.
Thank you all for prompt and courteous service in all of our investigations, every detective speaks highly of your business and employees and we are very grateful for how you all streamline our investigative process!”
Detective Robare, City of Chesapeake Police, Chesapeake, VA 5/12/2020

“A cell phone was reported stolen on 04-10-20 and it was sold at an ecoATM, on the same date. I emailed ecoATM and was able to get the phone shipped back to me. I was provided great pictures and identification of the suspect. The case is still pending.”
Detective Banda, Wichita Falls Police Dept., Wichita Falls, TX 5/7/2020

QUESTION: If you were not satisfied, what can we do to improve our law enforcement assistance process?
ANSWER: Keep up the great work! We appreciate everything you do for us!
I quote: “A cell phone was left behind in a public restroom. The victim did a search to find her phone and located it in an ecoATM kiosk and made contact with ecoATM. ecoATM advised victim to provide a police report and she filed it via online reporting. My sergeant made contact with ecoATM and spoke with someone that advised ecoATM will mail the cell phone directly to the victim.”
Property Evidence Analyst-Pawn Shop Detail Keene, Irving Police Department, Division, Irving, TX 5/7/2020

“Google Pixel 3 reported stolen to Lakewood Police Department on 11/04/19 and downloaded to LeadsOnline; processed to State System, which produced a serial number match when the Pixel 3 was sold to the ecoATM in Arvada, CO...item requested from ecoATM; shipped to Lakewood PD along with pertinent paperwork for return to rightful owner.. Kele Bigknife...Kele is always very helpful as well as professional...please give him our thanks...”
Police Computer Analyst Erlbacher, Lakewood Police Department, Lakewood, CO 5/7/2020

“SDPD and US Marshals were attempting to locate a homicide suspect that was on the run. Using LEADS a Marshal found the suspect using an eco-ATM wearing the same distinctive clothing that he wore 3 months later when he committed the murder.
Diana Lopez provide law enforcement with a consumer report. Edward Robles helped coordinate with the Marshal's Office and SDPD in obtaining the media from the transaction. Jim Smith provided a thorough explanation of the EcoATM operations and is assisting the District Attorney's Office in obtaining certified business records. The entire team was extraordinarily helpful in providing pivotal information to assist in the apprehension and hopeful conviction of this murder suspect.”
Deputy District Attorney Willett, San Diego District Attorney, San Diego, CA 05/01/2020 

“I was advised by the victim that they had gotten word that the believed suspect had exchanged the victim's phone for money, using the ecoATM machine located at Walmart. When responding to the machine contact was made with the number, in which an assistant immediately gathered all of my information and verified that I was an officer and was currently investigating what I had reported to your company. Upon verification the assistant then assisted me with directions as to how to access the machine, in which a phone matching the victim’s description was located. I was able to verify the phone being the victims by the iCloud account on the cell phone. ecoATM then quickly responded to my request with photos of the suspect and his i.d. card, in which confirmed the believed suspect. The staff provided excellent service with assisting in this investigation.”
Patrol/ K-9l Warren, City of Franklin Police Department, Franklin, VA 4/28/2020

“Needed info on an item that was stolen; they were able to search local ecoatm locations for me to determine if the item had been dropped in any of them...they did this all within a few hours of the report being opened”
Det./Lieutenant Dattilo, Beaver PD, North Lima, OH 4/17/2020

“You guys are great to work with. . . My victim had his cell stolen in a Walmart. It was pawned at your ATM shortly after. I put a hold on the cell, it was shipped to me promptly and the seller was banned. No complaints here.”
Detective Kimbell, Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City, SD 4/16/2020

“I emailed hunter Bjorkman requesting a stolen phone to be mailed to me. He responded 24 minutes later saying someone would contact me shortly. Less than an hour later a colleague of his emailed me and will he getting me the phone ASAP so I can return it to the owner. Your company is always prompt in response and very helpful.”
Detective Wright, Bowling Green Police, Bowling Green, KY 4/13/2020

“LE Assistance team were profoundly helpful in assisting us with obtaining and returning my victim's property promptly and assisting with providing information to identify suspect(s). I couldn't be more elated and grateful for their timely and helpful assistance. If everyone cooperated with law enforcement this well, our jobs would be a lot easier and more productive in solving crime.”
Corporal Odum, Lumberton Police Department, Lumberton, NC 4/1/2020

“Stolen cell phone was tracked to ECO ATM. Law Enforcement team walked Officer through procedure to recover the phone. Law Enforcement team provided suspect information to Detective working the case.”
Detective TJ Sherlock, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, TX 3/30/2020

Centerton Arkansas has had several Breaking or Entering the last couple of months. After an intensive investigation and also using Leads Online I was able to identify two of the suspects. Also, would like to add that your company EcoATM is awesome just for the simple that you guys report to Leads Online, I wish several other companies were on board as well. another thing that makes your company awesome is that you have 4 retired Police Chiefs to help assist those in law enforcement.

Now for Mr. McCann (Mike), he was very helpful, and I feel he went above and beyond to assist me. Very detailed when giving answers and he was also very professional. I give the man 5 stars all around!
Detective Nicholson, Centerton Police Department, Centeron, AR 3/23/2020

“Victim had his iPhone stolen in Newport Beach on 3/6/20. He tracked his phone to the ecoATM in the Walmart listed above. He then put in a claim and filed a police report. The serial number on the device matched the pawn sale in the CAPSS system which alerted NBPD. I used the ecoATM website and contacted the law enforcement liaison via email. They were extremely responsive and provided the transaction report. I was very impressed with the professionalism and fast response of the team in this investigation.”
Detective Wood, Newport Beach Police Dept., Newport Beach, CA 3/19/2020

“An iPad was taken from a beauty salon and taken to a kiosk. The serial number was not captured, and the transaction did not show in the system. I contacted EcoATM and provided the serial number for the device. They were able to locate it once they received the device at their facility.”
Detective Smithson, Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Oviedo, FL 3/16/2020

I was requested by a neighboring agency to obtain the stolen phone from an ecoATM in my
jurisdiction. I was provided with a code and spoke with a representative over the phone. I was able
to return the phone to the victim with ease. Representative was extremely
helpful and informative.
Officer Menke, Grand Chute Police, Grand Chute, WI 3/9/2020


“A cell phone was stolen from a residence on 02/19/20 and the phone was sold to the ATM on 02/21/20. I submitted a hold request and received information to retrieve the phone myself. It was very timely and helped me to close a case in a timely manner.”
Investigator Worrell, Roanoke Rapids Police Department, Roanoke Rapids, NC 2/25/2020

“Victim had her phone stolen. She provided me with IMEI. Checked through Leads Online and learned device had been sold at an ecoATM kiosk. The law enforcement team was excellent in facilitating the recovery of the device.”
Detective Gullifor, Gurnee Police Department, Gurnee, IL 2/21/2020

“With just a brief contact with ecoATM law enforcement management, I was able to locate a stolen phone taken during a robbery in the City of Pasadena. The photos taken by the kiosk should help tremendously in solving this case. Thank you for all your help!!!”
Detective Curry, Pasadena PD, Pasadena, CA 2/20/2020

“The representative confirmed my identity as a law enforcement officer and used the on board cameras as well then opened the machine remotely and walked me through the process of accessing the phone bay.”
Police Officer Lewis, Fayetteville Police Dept, Fayetteville, NC 2/19/2020

“A student's phone was stolen and subsequently sold to an ecoATM. It was tracked to that location and assumed to be in the machine. I called the number on the machine and the operator was able to assist me in opening to the machine to check for the phone. It was located successfully and returned to the owner. We were also able to develop the identify of the suspect.
The owner of the phone was ecstatic and we are grateful for the assistance in identifying the suspect.”
Lieutenant Allen, Ohio State University Police Division, Columbus, OH 2/14/2020

“Stolen phone pinged inside the ecoATM, I called number on the ecoATM and spoke to female employee who remotely opened up the ATM as she stayed in the phone and walked me through the entire process of recovering the phone This was by far, in all my years in Law Enforcement the easiest and most cooperative help from a business I have ever had. The stolen phone was recovered from inside the ecoATM and the Victim was estatic to get their phone back. I was truly blown away with how helpful the employee was and how easy it was to recover the phone. I wish all business were like this one. Within days I received a full report from the ecoATM company with full suspect information including several pictures, license, and a fingerprint. I could not be any more impressed! Thanks so much for the help!”
Officer Salvati, Coldwater Police Department, Coldwater, MI 2/10/2020

“My victim had his phone stolen and sold at the ecoATM. The victim was able to locate the phone and called the number listed on the machine. The victim was instructed to call a Deputy to the scene to remove the phone. After the victim could prove ownership over the phone, I called the listed number on the machine. The Representative assisted me by opening the machine and I removed the phone and turned it over to the victim.”
Deputy Galloro, Monroe County Sheriff's Dept., Monroe, MI 2/3/2020

“I was provided with exact request that I requested. I am extremely satisfied with the response and response time. I cannot speak on the incident do to it being an open investigation of a homicide.”
Detective Muldrow, Jacksonville Police Department, Jacksonville, AR 1/31/2020

“I called in and your team was quick in assisting me with getting the cell phone back to the owner. The next day I received your report, which had three awesome photos of my suspect and a great photo of her driver's license. Our suspect ended up being an employee. With your report in hand, obtaining a confession was very easy. Your team was very accommodating and helpful. Thanks so much for your help.
Detective Mitchell, Port of Portland PD, Portland, OR 1/30/2020

“I located an ecoATM transaction involving a potential suspect on the LEADS online pawn shop database. I found the website and a contact for Kele Bigknife who appeared to be the representative for my area (PA). The information on the website appeared to be fairly straightforward as to who I would need to contact for assistance. Mr. Bigknife responded to me by the end of the day with all the information I was looking for which was a big help. Mr. Bigknife subsequently filled out an affidavit to certify records for court purposes and promptly returned same offering additional assistance if needed. I had a very favorable first experience with ecoATM and wished all companies assisted police investigations in this matter.”
Detective Stark, Northampton Township Police, Richboro, PA 1/29/2020

“I was assigned an investigation (on 01/17/20) in which the Victim reported a theft of a cellular phone (on 01/13/20). During the investigation, I obtained the device's IMEI and subsequently created a Search for the device on Leads Online. On Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 (01/28/20) I was notified that the device had been sold at the above listed ecoATM. I then contacted ecoATM representative via phone and she provided prompt assistance and advised she would be sending me the phone via mail.”
Detective Brietchaft, Agency Kenosha Police Department, Kenosha, WI 1/28/2020

“An iPhone 8 was stolen during a residential burglary and was found to be turn into the ecoATM at this location. Your customer service rep was very professional and prompt to help me retrieve the item out of the bin in the machine. Unfortunately, it had already been cleaned out and she was very quick in locating the item. She then quickly put a stop to it, then rerouted the phone back to Concord so I can return it to its rightful owner.”
Master Police Officer Parker, Concord Police Department, Concord, NC 1/28/2020

“Unknown suspect took money and phones from the business armed with a knife. We had been waiting for the pawn since the suspect Gabriel Lugo, 3/19/02, previously had a friend pawn his last phone stolen 2020001098 from a previous robbery.
In both cases, ecoATM was what solved the cases.”
Crime Analyst Thomas, Fayetteville Police Department, Fayetteville, NC 1/24/2020

“I located the stolen device through Leads Online and emailed ecoATM for assistance. The Regulatory Affairs Coordinator emailed me back immediately and had the device shipped to my department. The prompt assistance is phenomenal.”
Investigator Clark, Prattville Police Department, Prattville, AL 1/21/2020

“A cell phone was stolen here in Round Rock Texas on 11/09/18. It was sold to an ecoATM in Pasadena Texas on 01/10/20. The seller was a suspect at the time of theft, but there was not enough evidence for an arrest. The law enforcement assistance team responded to help me very rapidly. They set up having the stolen phone shipped back to me so I could give it back to the crime victim. They supplied me all information I needed to obtain an arrest warrant in this matter.”
Detective Stowe, Round Rock Police Department, Round Rock, TX 1/17/2020

“I was contacted by the US Postal service OIG about a incident where a worker was stealing money, gift cards, and phones from the mail. We were able to find her through an online program for law enforcement pawning phones in the ecoATM.”
Det. Sgt. Campbell, Raeford Police Department, Raeford, NC 1/16/2020

“Employee of a restaurant left a cell phone in the bathroom of the restaurant. A person picked it up but did not return cell phone to management. Cell phone was then sold to kiosk approximately 2 months after the theft. ecoATM team responded to my email request within one day. The cell phone was returned to my agency within 2 days from my request. Very satisfied with the help of, Kele Bigknife and the 2 Regulatory Affairs Coordinators they always respond to my email within 1 day from my request.”
Senior Police Officer Kalka, Houston Police Department, Houston, TX 1/10/2020

“A cellphone was stolen at a separate location and sold to ecoATM at the Westwood Mall. The victim was able to track the cellphone through a linked email account to the area of the Eco ATM. Customer Service at ecoATM assisted me in opening the machine and ultimately retrieving the cellphone. In a hectic work environment, it is always nice to deal with a company who has trained their employees very well. That being said, I felt the representative I worked with was very professional and showed a genuine interest and understanding of the situation which allowed a good ending to a bad situation for the victim in this incident.
Thank you and ecoATM!
Public Safety Officer Norris, Blackman-Leoni DPS, Jackson, MI 1/8/2020

“Owner left phone in restroom of a Starbucks. Realized she didn't have it and returned to the location, but the phone was missing. Tracked the phone to Kiosk. You guys were amazingly fast and very helpful in the recovery!”

Detective J. Carey, Anaheim Police, Anaheim, CA 12/23/2019

“Observed an NCIC hit on Leads Online. Contact ecoATM and spoke to a Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, who very professional and helpful. She worked some magic to help return the phone to victim.”
Detective Bowman, Casper Police Department, Casper, WY 12/17/2019

“Suspect advised he found victim's cellphone. After communication were made the two to retrieve the phone the suspect sold the phone in one of your machine. As a sign of good faith, suspect decided to contact you guys and pay for the fees of getting the phone back. I contacted the clerk of the above address to verified the suspect was not pulling me around to buy time. The Representative was very polite and helped answered all my questions. I had always had a great relationship with ecoATM in returning properties back to victim. Always appreciate the help I get found ecoATM employees.”
Detective Lee, Lenoir Police Department, Lenoir, NC 12/16/2019

“An incident of Entering Auto - Non-Forced entry occurred at the listed location on the listed date. The item taken from inside the vehicle was a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (IMEI Number: 357751081460641). The item was entered as stolen in the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC), via the IMEI number, and was also entered as stolen on Leads Online, via the IMEI number. A message was received by Leads Online on 12/13/2019 that the device had been sold to an ecoATM located at 349 Brampton Avenue, Statesboro, Georgia 30458 (Walmart Neighborhood Market) on 11/26/2019 by a Mr. Quache WIlliams. Contact was made with the ecoATM Support Line and a request was made for the device to be mailed to the Statesboro Police Department. Law enforcement assistance provided by the ecoATM team was very helpful in this case. The ecoATM was also very helpful with providing the suspect's information in order to identify him.”
Detective Tanner, Statesboro Police Department, Statesboro, GA 12/16/2019

“The suspect burglarized a business and during the incident he stole phones and a tablet. Using the find my iPhone program the victim tracked the devices to the area of Walmart in Paso Robles, the city just north of us. Knowing there is an ecoATM in the business, we checked the CA DOJ system and determined that the suspect identified in this case had sold devices to this kiosk recently. ecoATM was called and they immediately assisted in our investigation, by accessing recent transactions, which had not yet been uploaded to CA DOJ, to determine the suspect was currently at the ecoATM kiosk selling devices that matched those reported stolen. Officers responded to the business and spoke to Walmart LP and they accessed video showing the suspect at the kiosk and then walking away from the store in the parking lot. ecoATM was able to immediately provide photos of the suspect along with transaction information for the items sold, which in fact were confirmed to be the devices stolen. ecoATM was also able to open the kiosk and allow us to retrieve the devices. Officers checked the area and were able to locate the suspect and arrest him. From this immediate arrest, we were able to locate additional stolen property.”
Detective Pipan, Atascadero Police Department, Atascadero, CA 12/11/2019

“Your team was incredibly helpful and professional throughout my contact with them. They assisted me in opening the ecoATM to look for the cell phone that was last traced to the area of Walmart. I was not able to locate the phone in the atm and they flagged the phone for me and a representative then emailed me back quickly with the information that I needed to build a case and hold those accountable for trafficking the stolen phone into your ecoATM. Your representative was incredibly helpful answering all my questions and even barred the other individual that I was able to identify that had originally stolen the phone from using your atm's in the future. I am very pleased with your high level of cooperation with law enforcement and have passed along the accolades to other law enforcement members. Thank you again.”
Police Officer Ambrose, Arlington PD, Arlington, WA 12/7/2019

“I learned of a recovery of this particular device through LEADSONLINE. This was discovered only due the current pawn system is changing and we are looking into Leads Online when the ecoATM lead was found. Doug Muldoon was great in answering my questions and getting the appropriate staff connected with me.”
Detective Ratajczyk, Brooklyn Center Police, Brooklyn Center, MN 11/26/19

“Apple device was stolen in a commercial burglary and submitted to ecoATM at the listed location. LE assistance team member was able to facilitate expeditious return of the device and provide all relevant investigative information concerning the transaction.”
Detective Edgecomb, Cobb County Police Department, Marietta, GA 11/22/19

“High school student put his phone down in the cafeteria. Phone disappeared. He was able to track his phone to the kiosk. A Representative was quick responding to our request, verified my identity quickly, and we had the phone back all within 15 minutes. The Representative even saw something in the suspect photo that I did not. He pointed out that there was an individual standing behind the suspect that as a matter of coincidence had similar pants to the victim. On closer review I was able to determine that the two individuals were different, but it was still a good catch on the representative’s part.”
Police officer Pillsbury, Dallas Police, Dallas, TX 11/21/19

“During the course on my investigation I found the suspect in my case had sold the iPhone to the ecoATM in Charlotte N.C. I made telephone contact with a representative who was very helpful and stated she would send the phone to my agency.”
Detective Wyatt, Iredell County Sheriff's Office, Statesville, NC 11/21/19

“The victim reported leaving her phone behind at the gym and not being there when she went back to get it. She did find my iPhone which put the phone last known location at Walmart Worcester. I checked RISS Prop transactions daily and on 11/15/19 I was able to locate a transaction consistent with my victim's phone and sold by my number one suspect. I contacted ecoATM and they flagged the transaction. A few days later I went to the ecoATM and contacted the eco ATM who assisted me in retrieving the phone as well as sending documentation of the transaction without having a chance to request it. ecoATM made this the easiest case to solve with its reporting to RISS PROP and its assistance in retrieving the device so that my victim can be reunited with her phone and the memories stored inside.”
Detective Croft, Westborough Police, Westborough, MA 11/20/19

“Patrick Watts burglarized several vehicles and stole credit cards from them. He then used the cards to buy phones at Walmart. After the phones were purchased, he sold them to ecoATM. He was captured on video at the burglaries, buying the phones with the stolen cards, and selling the phones.
The L.E Assistance Team provided me with all details on the suspect and arranged to return the phones to my police department. This was done very quickly, professionally, and with absolute ease on my part.
I am extremely appreciative!”
Detective Dilworth, City of Franklin TN Police, Franklin, TN 11/19/19

“I found the complainant's Apple iPhone X was stolen and the complainant was able to provide the serial number. I completed a Leads on Line check using the serial number that was documented in the offense report and found the stolen iPhone was deposited into the ecoATM machine located inside the Walmart store #1137 on the afternoon of 11/03/2019. I contacted ecoATM Law Enforcement Team and spoke with Michelle Bixon who was very professional and very helpful in assisting me with the location and direction on recovering the stolen iPhone. I have all the information on the possible suspects information and now will move the investigation forward with the interviewing of the possible suspect. I have all the possible suspects information from the leads on line print out and will see if charges will be filed in this case.”
Burglary and Theft Detective Bernal, Houston Police Department, Houston, TX 11/19/19

“The offender who submitted the stolen cell phone to the ecoATM kiosk machine was identified by the Secondhand Dealer report provided by customer service. The detailed report provided still photos of the offender with the cell phone. Felony Charge for theft was filed against the offender due to his prior convictions. Thanks.”
Deputy Cirlos, Harris County Sheriff's Office, Houston, TX 11/13/19

Sgt. Bouknight, CITY OF NEWBERRY POLICE DEPT., Newberry, SC 1/12/19

“A cell phone was stolen from a victim attempting to sell the item through a social media application. The victim produced the serial and IMEI numbers and with the assistance of Leads Online and ecoATM, Law Enforcement will be able to retrieve the item and file paperwork with the local District Attorney for follow up prosecution. The item was stolen and sold at the kiosk within two hours of the original Theft from Person case. Thanks to ecoATM, investigators are able to track the time stamps to show the progression of the stolen item.”
Detective Ramon, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, TX 11/7/2019

“Victim was at a medical facility for treatment when her iPhone dislodged from her jacket pocket without her knowledge. The victim used the Find my iPhone app and noticed the activity of travel that her iPhone was stolen. ecoATM Law Enforcement got back to me quicker than I expected, which was very helpful. I was provided with the necessary information to establish a suspect in this case. I want to thank ecoATM LE team for you their assistance. The victim was thankful and appreciative for your assistance with locating her and returning her iPhone. Thanks again”
Detective Jones, Morristown Police Department, Morristown, NJ 11/5/2019

“Sometime over the nighttime hours of September 22, 2019, into September 23, a tourist from out of state had their vehicle broken into while staying at a local hotel. Among other items, the victim's iPhone 7+ was stolen out of the vehicle. About a month later, the stolen phone was sold to an ecoATM at a local mall. Law enforcement received notification via Leads Online. The Regulatory Affairs Coordinator was extremely prompt with her response to my request and quickly assisted me with getting this case resolved and the phone shipped back to its original owner.
Your company's assistance and general cooperation is greatly appreciated.”
Detective Lang, Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City, SD 11/4/2019

“The victims phone was stolen from her POE and then placed into the EcoATM. Victim had reported her phone stolen to the phone carrier and received an email from your business letting her know the phone had been placed in the kiosk. The victim informed police and told the officer what your business required to assist in the matter. Your business responded to the officer with all the information need to make an arrest. I am with the D.A.'s office and the officer is no longer employed for the police dept. and had not secured the information from the email. This happened in Sept. 2018, but I was unable to work the case until 10/19. I reached out to your officer, working this area, and he was able to give me the information I requested and needed to make the case for the victim. Thank you for supporting the victims and law enforcement.”
Special Criminal Investigator Otterness, Office of the District Attorney Chattahoochee Judicial
Circuit, Columbus, GA 11/1/2019

Assistance with identifying the seller of telephones relating to a Homicide and an Armed Robbery suspect.
Detective Kipp, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, NC 11/1/2019

“A stolen cell phone was sold at a kiosk. After a confession, I determined what kiosk and called your company. I am absolutely impressed with how your company has handled it. After verification, I was given access to the machine and located the device. I spoke with multiple employees and was treated with dignity and respect. If every company, we dealt with was as helpful and respectful as you all were the world would be a better place. Thanks for doing your part.”
Officer Davis, Blackman Township, Jackson, MI 10/30/2019

“Contacted by a victim about a stolen cell phone located in the kiosk. ecoATM assistance verified my identity and assisted me in retrieving the cell phone and provided me with the contact information to retrieve the suspect information. all done in a professional and courteous manner.”
Officer Gryder, Odessa Police Department, Odessa, TX 10/25/2019

“Phone sold had been stolen in a robbery on 7/7/19. The victim was finally able to get the IMEI # for me and it was entered to find that it had been sold in Aug by this female at the ECO ATM. Max with ECO ATM got back with me within the hour with the information. I will follow up and talk with her about receiving the stolen phone and where she got it. Thank you.”
Detective Janing, Omaha Police Dept., Omaha, NE 10/21/2019

“A cell phone was stolen and was sold to the ecoATM machine in Walmart. The victim tracked his phone to Walmart and an ecoATM rep was able to unlock the machine remotely so the officer could retrieve the phone. Michael McCann agreed to testify on short notice. Mr. McCann provided the Commonwealth with the terms and conditions that are displayed to sellers at the machine. Mr. McCann was able to explain the process of using an ecoATM machine, what information the seller has to provide, that a seller must acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions and identify and explain the secondhand dealer report that is generated for every transaction. It should be noted that reduction to petit larceny from grand larceny and the dismissal of the charge of larceny with the intent to sell had nothing to do with ecoATM. The victim in our case testified that the value of the phone was between $300-$400, which is misdemeanor value rather than felony value.”
Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Henson, Henry County Commonwealth Attorney's Office, Martinsville, VA 10/21/2019

“A victim had her cell phone stolen from her vehicle. It was sold to an EcoATM in Lexington at a Walmart. I reached out to the ecoATM law enforcement team and they advised they were sending the phone back to me and provided all information on the individual who sold the phone at the ecoATM. They responded very quickly.”
Detective Delimpo, Lexington Police Department, Lexington, KY 10/17/2019

“Identity was an issue in my trial and was partially proven through cell site evidence. the cell phone IMEI number that corresponded to the Sprint records was pawned at one of your locations. The picture taken of the individual that pawned the item, along with the copy of the NY photo ID, was my defendant and helped to put the phone in his hands. A jury returned a guilty verdict and they credited this evidence in my conversations with them. Thank You!”
Senior Assistant District Attorney Gremaux, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office, Riverhead, NY 10/16/2019

“Hunter Bjorkman, worked lighting fast and assisted me at every turn. When our district attorney's office requested additional (not needed) information, Hunter were right on top of it and provided the information as requested. I could not be happier.”
Detective Smithson, UTAPD, Murray, UT 10/15/2019

“I received the report of a cell phone being stolen from Subway. The phone was turned off then the next day turned back on. The find my iPhone app was placing the device at the Walmart in Troy for several hours. I then looked at Leads Online and noticed the phone was sold to the Eco ATM at Walmart. I then called the Law Enforcement number and got a really friendly agent. The process of recovering the phone was absolutely incredible. With all the proper credentials the machine was opened, and I was able to recover the phone and return it to the owner. Has to be the most courteous and fastest service I have ever experienced in my 13 years of law enforcement.”
Detective Lieutenant McLendon, Troy Police Department, Troy, AL 10/10/2019

“An armed robbery occurred in Cicero on 17SEP19. The victim was robbed at gunpoint of his cell phone and cash. The stolen phone was sold at the ecoATM on 18SEP19. Police later discovered the phone transaction and sent notice via Leads Online. The enforcement team was prompt and helpful in processing my request to confiscate the phone.”
Detective Gurrola, Cicero P.D., Cicero, IL 10/7/2019

“Victim tracked her stolen phone to Wal Mart and suspected her brother as suspect. Found suspect whom admitted to cashing in at your machine. Your representative was outstanding and the process of retrieving the phone was quick and painless. The fact your company participates in “Leads Online” is wonderful as I was able to look suspect up and see that he did cash it at your machine.”
Sgt. Johnson, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Rocky Mount, VA 10/4/2019

“On 9/21/19 the victim's vehicle was burglarized between the hours of 1730-2230hrs in downtown Nashville. The victim's iPhone XS cell phone was stolen from the vehicle. The victim included the IEMI number on the police report. An NCIC hit was sent to me on 10/1/19 advising the stolen phone was sold to an EcoATM in Nashville on 9/21/19 at 1938hrs. I notified EcoATM on 10/1 about the stolen phone. Within minutes EcoATM staff replied back and advised the phone would be mailed to MNPD Central Police Precinct.”
Detective POII Fisher, Metro Nashville Police Dept, Nashville, TN 10/1/2019

“I am a research analyst with the OR Dept of Justice. I assist all levels of law enforcement with their investigative needs. One of our local police departments found out that their suspects deposited some phones at 5 different ecoATM kiosks and requested my assistance with obtaining the transaction reports for those deposits and assistance in finding out how to get the phones. I contacted Max Santiago and he answered me promptly, providing the transaction reports (which are AWESOME) and explaining how to obtain the phones. Mr. Santiago was very helpful and professional, and we all LOVE the product!”
Research Analyst Schlegel, OR DEPT OF JUSTICE, Salem, OR 9/30/2019

“A ladies phone was stolen and she tracked the location of her phone to and sold to ecoATM at the Walmart at the aforementioned location. I contacted Max Santiago with ecoATM and he guided me through the process to retrieve the stolen phone that was sold at the ecoATM kiosk. I was able to return the phone to the victim and file a Class A theft warrant on the suspect...thanks to all the information the ecoATM was able to provide me with.”
Police Officer Schmidt, Friendswood Police Department, Friendswood, TX 9/27/2019

“Female victim visited a grocery store and left her purse in her shopping cart when she left. Male suspect entered immediately after she left and selected the same cart. The male suspect was in the store for several minutes, made no purchases, and was outside of camera view except at entry/exit. The purse was later found empty in the back of the store. The victim provided me with the IMEI number of the phone that was removed from her purse, which I entered into Leads Online as a saved search. The victim also advised me that immediately after the phone was stolen, she tracked it and it was plotting to be in an apartment complex nearby. I was able to identify the suspect on camera, but I wanted additional evidence to firm up my probable cause for charges. I received a Leads Online alert for the saved search when the suspect's girlfriend sold the stolen phone to ecoATM. I contacted ecoATM as I have several times in the past in similar incidents and received a quick reply. ecoATM has always been fantastic to work with.”
Corporal Mensel, Greensboro Police Department, Greensboro, NC 9/26/2019

“A victim of an overdose death sold a cellphone at an ecoATM station. I reached out to Sean Flaherty, who immediately took action and found the phone for me.”
Investigator Chatman, Caroline Co. Sheriff's Office, Bowling Green, VA 9/23/2019

“We had a cellphone stolen from our campus. We received a hit from Leads Online stating that the phone was recycled at an ecoATM. I contacted ecoATM, and they were very responsive. I received the phone in 24 hours along with all the atm information.”
Patrolman Martin, UACCM PD, Morrilton, AR 9/20/2019

“A stolen cell phone was sold to the ecoATM Kiosk, once the DCI hit popped up on Leads Online investigators emailed ecoATM and received a prompt response with instructions on retrieving the phone immediately as well as documentation on the transaction.”
Lieutenant Kababik, Hoke County Sheriff’s Office, Raeford, NC 9/20/2019

“My phone had been stolen while I was in the Atlanta airport. At the request of Doug Muldoon, I provided my phone information to ecoATM and it was determined that a subject had used the ecoATM at a nearby establishment and received money for the phone (ecoATM bar code 3020190725170613330172). The report was sent back to me and I followed up with Atlanta Airport PD.”
Chief Purden, Orlando Melbourne Intl Airport PD, Melbourne, FL 9/19/2019

“I requested a transaction receipt and the stolen phone to be shipped to my department. Response was very fast, and I got exactly what I needed.”
Police Officer Strauss, Colorado Springs PD, Colorado Springs, CO 9/17/2019

“Tracked phone by using iPhone tracking software. The ecoATM team responded immediately and we were able to recover the Victim’s property in short order. We had no problem in contacting ecoATM and received great service. The only bad things I could think of is we were not provided refreshments while we waited, and the kiosk camera seemed to be focused on my bald spot. These factors made me both thirsty and a little self-conscious. All in all it was a pleasure doing business with you all. Each person we interacted with was polite, professional and eager to assist. Q7 Please enter the name(s) of the ecoATM employee(s) who assisted you (if known). For the love of Pete! I have been doing this job for 37 years! I can barely remember how to get home after work! Pull up the record and give those who were forced to interact with a grumpy old cop a raise!”
Criminal Investigator Sexton, Belle Meade Police Dept., Nashville, TN 9/16/2019

“The victim reported her phone stolen from her while at the McDonalds on West Broadway in Council Bluffs. Ia. I received an NCIC hit via in reference this ecoATM transaction where the suspect sold the phone within two days of the theft about a mile away from where the theft took place. Once the IMEI # was verified, I made contact with Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, and requested the return of the phone in question. Within a few short hours, they contacted me with a copy of the transaction report for the phone and advised me that the phone had been located in the system and was on its way back to me. It was great working with the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator over the past few months and has been very, very accommodating and helpful with every case I have had to work with her so far.
I only wish every company I have to deal with would be so helpful and easygoing... Keep up the great work...”
Detective Andrews, Council Bluffs Police Department, Council Bluffs, IA 9/11/2019

“I was contacted by a victim who stated that her stolen cell phone was pinging inside an ecoATM at the Kroger located at 1350 N High St. I called the contact number on the machine and was routed to the law enforcement line. I am blown away how easy and quick we were able to retrieve the stolen property for the victim. The follow up information from the legal team will undoubtedly assist in successfully filing felony RSP warrants on the suspect.”
Police Officer Mooney, Columbus Division of Police, Columbus, OH 9/9/2019

“4 suspects enter the store and cut the cables off the display phones. Reporting officer had the IMEI numbers entered into NCIC. After the phone were processed, I was notified by Leads Online. I placed a hold on each cellphone. I was contacted within a few hours that the phones would be processed and sent to my Police Department.
Detective Riffle, Norwood Police Department, Norwood, OH 9/9/2019

A reported stolen cellular phone was taken to the ecoATM at Wal-Mart #0807, where it was sold for $7.00. I found the information through Leads Online, placed a hold on the stolen item, faxed a property hold request form to, and within minutes was contacted about the stolen phone being located and being prepared for shipment. Very prompt and efficient service by ecoATM.”
Detective Binnicker, Haltom City Police Department, Haltom City, TX 9/6/2019

“Item stolen from a residence. Located it on Leads Online and notified ecoATM. They immediately placed a hold on the item and advised would ship it to me. Q7 Please enter the name(s) of the ecoATM employee(s) who assisted you (if known). Unknown but they were very friendly and helpful.”
Lieutenant Gibson, Cabot Police Department, Cabot, AR 9/5/2019

“A phone was stolen during #5. The phone was deposited into an ecoATM. I completed a property request form and an ecoATM rep contacted me shortly after. The phone is enroute via Fed Ex.”
Detective Freeman, Flossmoor PD, Flossmoor, IL 9/4/2019

“Item stolen from a residence. Located it on Leads Online and notified ecoATM. They immediately placed a hold on the item and advised would ship it to me. Q7 Please enter the name(s) of the ecoATM employee(s) who assisted you (if known). Unknown but they were very friendly and helpful.”
Lieutenant Gibson, Cabot Police Department, Cabot, AR 9/5/2019

“A phone was stolen during #5. The phone was deposited into an ecoATM. I completed a property request form and an ecoATM rep contacted me shortly after. The phone is enroute via Fed Ex.”
Detective Freeman, Flossmoor PD, Flossmoor, IL 9/4/2019

“Theft of a phone that was entered into the machine. Company was fast with results and very cooperative in getting me information from the machine used.”
Patrolman Essman, Angola PD, Angola, IN 8/30/2019

“Robbery/Kidnapping of an individual. Suspect took part of the loot to ecoATM and sold the phone as if it was his. EcoATM was contacted and promptly assisted Law Enforcement with recovery of the item. Photos of suspect and copy of ID was very helpful with the investigation.”
Detective Baroni, Tulsa Police, Tulsa, OK 8/20/2019

“I had phones that were possibly stolen in the bin, it was later discovered that they were stolen phones. With the help of the ecoATM I was able to get those phones back the rightful owners. Thank you so much sir for all the help!! I wish everyone was as easy and a pleasure to work with as much as you and your company have been!!”
PFC Ramirez, Fairfax County Police, Fairfax County, VA 8/16/2019

“In regard to phones that were stolen. Employee was patient and assisted me in opening the machine and sending me an email with all vital information that will help for a thorough investigation.”
Patrol Officer Ulberg, Blue Springs PD, Blue Springs, MO 8/16/2019

“Cell Phone was stolen from the victim's place of employment near where this ecoATM was located. Cell phone last GPS ping before it was shut off was in the area near the ecoATM. ecoATM allowed me to check to see if the stolen phone had been turned into the ecoATM.”
Patrol Officer Jenne, Athens City Police Department, Athens, OH 8/14/2019

“Suspect entered vehicle by unlocked door and took several items including the cell phone and iPod. I was able to enter the IMEI number of the phone in Leads Online and I found the phone and iPod the suspect sold.”
Detective Snook, Indian Hills Police Department, Indian Hills, KY 8/8/2019

“On 07/26/2019, a male victim was leaving his home for work when he was robbed at gunpoint by 3 unknown subjects. He was then walked to his apartment and forced to unlock it. The 3-armed subjects went inside and assaulted him and his father, who was awakened when they entered. The perpetrators stole money, keys, and cell phones before walking the victims outside and locking them in the trunk of the victim's car, then fleeing with the keys. After obtaining identifying information on the phones from the carriers, I entered them into a saved search on Leads Online. On 08/07/19, I received notification that the phones were sold at the ecoATM at Walmart in Biloxi. Thanks to the photos provided by ecoATM, I now have leads in the case, of which I had no leads at all before. ecoATM handled their end with a simple email. Within a few hours of contact, I had received all information from a Regulatory Affairs Coordinator and was notified the phones would be shipped back at no expense to the department. Thanks for making it easy!”
Detective Dunston, Pascagoula Police Department, Pascagoula, MS 8/8/2019

“Phone was taken from victim and deposited into ATM. ecoATM assisted in allowing detectives check machine for missing phone and then easily provided information of suspect to assist with case. Phone was flagged to be mailed to police department.”
Detective Brock, Bangor PD, Bangor, ME 8/7/2019

“I was checking to see if the suspects in my robbery/carjacking case sold the victim's cell phone. Both my phone calls and emails were answered immediately. I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received.”
Sergeant Sullivan, San Francisco Police Dept, San Francisco, CA 8/7/2019