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“I was notified by of a matching S/N to a stolen phone sold at an EcoATM. It was confirmed to be the stolen phone. Debbie with Regulatory Affairs responded to my call and made arrangements for the phone to be pulled from the warehouse and sent to us.”
Police Officer Kopp, Grants Pass PD, Grants Pass, OR 

“Victim was at working outside. He placed his phone on the cases of water stacked outside. The female suspect picked up the phone and left the property with the stolen phone. I used Leads Online to locate the phone and completed the Leads Online recover form.”

“A local detective was unable to retrieve EcoATM paperwork from a nearby agency. I searched online and found that Michael McCann, Senior Director of Law Enforcement Relations, covered the Maryland territory. I reached out to Mr. McCann via email and he both emailed and called in response (while he was out of town at a conference). Within minutes, Deborah Fernandez reached out to get more information. Once provided with this information, she immediately sent the documentation needed. I don't know that there has ever been a smoother process in requesting evidence with any business or agency. I commend those who have hired the correct people in these positions and also to the two that assisted me today. Great company. Keep up the great work”
Investigator Pironis, State's Attorney's Office Frederick County, Frederick, MD 

“Our agency had a phone related to a homicide with an inoperable screen. We were able to use the donor device body to put the board from our evidentiary phone into it and process the device. This allowed us to get the evidence from the device that we would not otherwise been able to obtain”
Digital Forensic Analyst Patterson, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, NC 

Two males robbed the victims at gunpoint, stole their phones and Apple Air pods. The suspect then pawned both phones at the EcoATM at 4100 W. Airport Freeway in Irving, TX at the Walmart. The EcoATM team secured the phones and returned them promptly to IPD. They waived a property hearing so the victims could get their phones back.
Detective Burkleo, Irving Police Department, Irving, TX 

“Requested three loaner devices to facilitate data extractions from three damaged phones involved in an Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child investigation” (Able to locate 32 of 3 devices requested.
Detective Goonie, La Porte Police Department, La Porte, TX 

“I received a LeadsOnine hit about a stolen iPad from Ellensburg, WA sold at an EcoATM kiosk in Burien. Leadsonline provided the necessary information. I submitted a property release letter to EcoATM via email and received a response the next day. I received additional information, additional pictures and a notice that EcoATM would send back the stolen device”
Detective Holmes, Ellensburg Police Department, Ellensburg, WA 

“Victim's cellphone was stolen on June 25, 2022 and sold to the ecoATM kiosk on July 4, 2022. ecoATM assisted in locating the cellphone and has provided a suspect of the theft. The phone has since been recovered and is expected to be returned to the Kenner P.D.”
Detective Coll, Kenner Police Department, Kenner, LA 

“A neighboring township, Falls Township, PA, requested forensic analyses on cellular device (iPhone A1984). The requesting agency was investigating a rape that occurred in their jurisdiction. They were unable to access the device since the screen was partially broken and the working part was stuck on a loop. They requested my expertise.” “I was assisted by both Doug Muldoon who was stepping in for Mike McCann who was on vacation. Both were exceptionally helpful.”
Detective Lange, Lower Makefield Township Police Department, Yardley, PA 

“My victim located her phone at the Eco ATM at the above address by using the find my iPhone app. I proceeded to the location and contacted Eco ATM and spoke with Michael who was courteous and helpful as Eco ATM associates always are. They are always helpful in law enforcement efforts in my experience as well as multiple detectives in my office will concur with.”
Police Officer Pierson, Fort Worth Police Department, Fort Worth, TX 

“I was notified by LeadsONLINE that the serial number of an iPad stolen in our jurisdiction was sold at the mentioned ecoATM kiosk. I confirmed the serial number was indeed the number from our case and via LeadsONLINE, requested the stolen iPad be sent to our office. I confirmed the report was valid and made before the date of sale. The LE Assistance team handled the matter with incredible speed after I submitted my request and provided everything, we could possibly need to complete our investigation in a timely manner. As the LeadsONLINE liaison for our office, I passed on the whole package to the investigating officer. The statement the suspect gave ecoATM is particularly telling and useful, especially since the date of claimed ownership long predates when the crime occurred, making it impossible for him to have it on that date. A very provable lie.”
Detective Altiere, Washington County Sheriff's Office, Hillsboro, OR 

“Our agency received a report of a theft of a cell phone and using leadsonline to search ecoATM records, we were able to recover the phone in a short period of time. Without ecoATM assistance, providing the documents and ultimately the device, we wouldn't be able to prosecute this individual or get our victim back his property.”
Detective Sergeant Utt, Gahanna Division of Police, Gahanna, OH 

“A iPhone 13 pro max was stolen from a Walgreens around 1400, sold within 2 hours of the theft. The victim reported it within the hour it was taken and was able to recover video. Leadsonline provided the notification and the property recovery form I filled out and submitted. I received a prompt response and was able to tell the victim her phone would be back in her position in a few weeks. I enjoy working with ecoATM on cases like these because of how seamless it has been thus far.”
Detective Smith, Bremerton PD, Bremerton, WA 

“Incident was reference a theft of a cell phone that was later pawned (ecoATM).ecoATM assisted in identifying who pawned the stolen cell phone, which lead to the identification of the suspect who stole the cell phone. ecoATM was prompt in providing the needed documentation to establish probable cause for an arrest.”
Detective Piñero, City of Orlando Police Department, Orlando, FL 

“Robbery suspect in Virginia sold phone he was believed to be in possession of during robbery to ecoATM in New Mexico. Clarissa Luna was your employee who assisted me and she was excellent. Very prompt in responded to my email and quickly located the item in question. Stayed in contact through the whole process until I received the item. Very pleased with her help!!”
Investigator Edwards, Botetourt County Sheriff's Office, Fincastle, VA 

“On Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at approximately 1:34 AM NC State University Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division received a NCIC hit notification from LeadsOnline that a stolen Apple iPad Pro with serial number DMPD64KCNRC9 had been part of a transaction that had occurred at an ecoATM located at Walmart store #1372 on 06/07/2022. I contacted a Regulatory Affairs Clerk, she assisted me in locating the item. She was professional and knowledgeable. I was appreciative of the SHD report which will aid in this investigation.”
Detective Cabezas Jr., NC State University Police Department, Raleigh, NC 

“Cell phone was stolen in Deadwood SD and entered in the NCIC. Leads OnLine notified the LCSO that it was stolen and had been pawned. LCSO placed a hold/stolen hit on the cell phone and ecoATM emailed me 6 days later that the phone was located and would be shipped to me”
Officer Little, Deadwood Police Department, Deadwood, SD 

“The phone was stolen during a stolen vehicle incident. I was notified of the phone after receiving a hit through leads online. I called ecoATM and they verified the information and sent the stolen phone to me within a day. They further provided me with all the information concerning the purchase and images of the seller. Their customer service was fantastic and they made it very easy to obtain the phone back without having to jump through a bunch of hoops.”
Detective Wolters, Normal Police Department, Normal, IL 

“There was a vehicle burglary in our city in March of this year. One of the items stolen was a cell phone. The serial number for the stolen phone was entered into CLETS and we recently received a notification from Leads Online about a possible NCIC hit. It was a match to our stolen item. The ECOATM was incredibly responsive as always and our agency appreciates the partnership.”
Community Service Officer Stefenoni, Vacaville Police Department, Vacaville, CA 

“I received an email from Leads Online in reference to this case. Leads Online showed that the phone was sold to ecoATM in OKC. I placed a hold on the cellular phone. eco ATM responded very quickly notifying me that they had located the device in question and was sending the phone back to Muskogee PD.”
Investigator Mark, Campbell, Muskogee, OK 

“Suspect cashed in a phone after it was stolen from a vehicle. ecoATM was quick to respond and hold the item after I reported it and was prompt in response after verification was established.”
Detective Longtin, Sugar Land PD, Sugar Land, TX 

“Victim reported his vehicle was burglarized while he shopped. Only item stolen was an I-Phone. I entered the serial number to the I-Phone into Leads online. On 5/25/22 I received notification that the I-Phone was pawned at EcoATM Walmart #0736.”
Detective Scalise, Hendersonville Police Department, Hendersonville TN 

“A neighbor stole my victim’s cell phone from his residence when he was transported to the hospital for a medical episode. The phone was tracked to your ecoATM, and your business was extremely helpful with confirming it was sold there and making arrangements to have it rightfully returned. Also, the secondhand dealer report of the transaction was pivotal in proving the neighbor was responsible in this incident, and criminal charges against him are pending.”
Police Officer Cerqua, West Allis PD, West Allis, WI 

“During my investigation, the suspect was identified. I used LeadsOnline to search his name and found the ecoATM transaction that pertained to my case. I called the ecoATM number and was connected to a Michelle in claims. I provided her with the intel I had. She was able to locate the transaction linked to my suspect. She processed my case and arranged for the return of the stolen iPhone.”
Detective Tuazon, Springdale Police Department, Springdale, OH 

“Report of phone stolen out of a vehicle. Phone had a location hit at Walmart. Victim determined phone possible put into ecoATM. I sent email to Michael McCann. After communication with him, I made contact with a representative over the phone while at the kiosk. They walked be through the process of opening the kiosk so I could check the phones in the bin. He then checked the ecoATM barcode and determined the phone was already on its way to ecoATM HQ. He advised he would flag the phone and it would be shipped to my department.”
Deputy Bouwman, Muskegon County Sheriff Department, Muskegon, MI 

“On 05/27/2022 I received information from Leads Online that there had been a hit from a case assigned to me where a B&E Auto had occurred in Huntington, W.Va. During the investigation it was found a credit card and two Apple electronic products had been stolen from the vehicle of the victim. I entered the two electronic items into Leads Online with their respective serial numbers. When I received the hit from the ecoATM – Kroger Mid-Atlantic #0792 I contacted 858-766-7530 and spoke to an ecoATM representative. The representative advised me to e-mail a copy of the Leads Online Property Confiscation Request to I attached a PDF of the form to the aforementioned e-mail address. I received a response that the Apple iPad Pro (SN: CV24XP40HF) had been located and I would be contacted further by ecoATM. Criminal charges will be drafted against the seller for Receiving and Transferring Stolen Property - Misdemeanor.”
Detective Cpl. Ferris, Huntington Police Department, Huntington, WV 

“On 5-19-22 Officers were dispatched to a robbery at a local Verizon store. During the robbery, the suspects brandished a firearm and were able to obtain multiple cell phones from the store before fleeing. On 5-23-22 Investigators received a hit from LEADS online that one of the stolen cell phones was sold at the ecoATM at the above listed address. Investigators contacted ecoATM to inform them of the stolen item and to obtain information about the seller. The ecoATM law enforcement assistance team was exemplary. The employee I spoke with was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She was also all around pleasant to speak with.”
Detective Blankenship, Lexington Police Department, Lexington, KY 

“The victim pinged his iPad to 3900 East Hillside Drive, BA Ok 74014, which is a Walmart. I knew that Walmart located had an ecoATM Kiosk, so I reached out to ecoATM via email. ecoATM responded and forwarded my email to the representative in this area Jim Smith. Jim Smith sent me instructions on how to contact a representative at the Kiosk so that I could access the machine and see if the stolen iPad was located inside the Kiosk. I called the number on the outside of the Kiosk, Vera answered and assisted me with accessing the inside of the Kiosk to check for the stolen item. There was only one iPad inside the Kiosk and the serial number matched the stolen iPad from this case 22-3380. Vera advised me to keep the iPad. She took the ecoATM number down and allowed me to recover the stolen item.” Clarissa Luna handled my original email and put me in contact with Jim Smith. Vera helped me at the Kiosk. All employees were great to work with, and very helpful with this case.
Detective LaCroix, Broken Arrow Police Department, Broken Arrow, OK 

“Upon notification of the sale was provided to ecoATM they were already working on the seizure since the victim had given them the IMEI for the stolen phone before providing it to Law Enforcement. Regulatory Affairs immediately responded to my questions and was preparing to ship the phone when I contacted them. As always the service was quick and thorough.”
Investigations/Officer Manning, Biloxi Police Department, Biloxi, MS 

“A stolen cell phone was sold at an ecoATM. I located the transaction and notified ecoATM. I received an email from ecoATM the next day stating they had located the phone and would be sending it to me to return to the owner.”
Detective Stewart, Springfield Police Department, Springfield, MO 

“On April 24, 2022, the Metro PCS store on Southern Blvd SE in Rio Rancho, NM was burglarized where approximately 48 cell phones were stolen. On May 3rd, I received a hit through Leads Online stating a cell phone was pawned at the ecoATM. I reached out to ecoATM, who stated they would send me the cell phone once they received it and requested the other 47 cell phone serial numbers to flag them in their system. I noticed on May 5th the same person pawned a second cell phone matching the description to a Metro PCS phone. I was informed when they received the phone at the warehouse, they would check the serial number and let me know if the cell phone was stolen as well, which it was. I was informed the would be shipping both phones to me and block the user from submitting anymore cell phones.”
Detective Lucero, Rio Rancho Police Department, Rio Rancho, NM 

“The suspect in my case sold a stolen cell phone at an ecoATM kiosk. This was discovered using LEADS Online and the photographs taken by the kiosk at the time of the sale lead to the identification of the suspect. ecoATM has been nothing very helpful in the recovery of the cell phone.”
Investigator Rice, Erath County Sheriff's Office, Stephenville, TX 

“On May 2, 2022, the victim reported that he had ordered a new cellular device and had it shipped via UPS. Upon receiving the UPS package, the victim learned that the package had been tampered with and the cellular device stolen. Upon searching the Leads Online Data base, officers learned that the stolen property had been pawned at a local business utilizing the ecoATM kiosk. The suspect was identified to include a photograph of the suspect making the transaction. It was also learned that the suspect had sold 8 other devices utilizing the ecoATM system. That information was share with local LE agencies. ecoATM LE assistance team responded within 12 hours of submitting a hold request and is in the process of having the stolen property returned to the officer.”
Lt. Serena, Tulane University Police Dept., New Orleans, LA 

“I have worked with Debbie twice in the past month. She is awesome and makes working with Y'all easy. This case was a death investigation where I requested a phone the suspect sold. Not the correct phone, so I returned it. The other was a stolen phone was correct phone and returned it to owner. Debbie is great she located and had the stolen phone shipped to me. She promptly returns calls and works to handle any issue or problems which could slow the process. Thank you, Debbie.”
Det. Burns, Pensacola PD, Pensacola, FL 


“I located a cell phone device through LeadsOnline by conducting a search for the IMEI number. The phone belonged to a human trafficking victim and was stolen during the period of her victimization. I contacted Regulatory Affairs and was immediately assisted with recovering the phone. Because of the processes in place for selling a phone, I now have a new subject in my case. I also received the phone in the mail today thanks to your quick service. I can't thank you enough for the prompt assistance you provided in this very complex investigation.”
Investigator Tillery, Colorado State Patrol, Denver, CO 

“An iPhone was stolen from a hospital in Savannah GA, on 04-09-22; it was REPORTED stolen on 05-05-22. The iPhone was sold to an ecoATM in Hartsville, SC, 04-13-22. Due to the length of time between it being stolen and being reported, there was already plenty of time for the iPhone to have travelled to the ecoATM facility for processing and would no longer be in Hartsville. However, since it was in a different state, I couldn't request the iPhone through Leads Online. I e-mailed the ecoATM Law Enforcement Assistance Team and requested that the phone be placed on hold, especially since the required 30-day hold time was about to expire. They responded VERY quickly to my request. They located the device within an extremely short amount of time and let me know that it will be on its way back to me very soon. From my initial e-mail to resolution - 33 minutes!! Exceptional response time and service!!”
Community Resource Officer Weathers, Savannah Police Department, Savannah, GA 

“A burglary of vehicle occurred and a iPhone was one of the stolen items. The victim was able to provide police with the serial and IMEI # which was entered into the TCIC/NCIC database. I then received a hit that a female suspect had sold the stolen phone to an EcoATM. EcoATM was able to provide her driver’s license information and pictures of the female suspect. I was able to compare the images provided by EcoATM with images in video surveillance to be the same suspect.”
Detective Hebert, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, TX 

“Suspect sold phone to EcoATM on 4/2/22. Leads online provided a receipt of the transaction. Representative was able to locate transaction, verify information, and take steps to transfer ownership of the stolen phone to St. Johns County Sheriff's Office”
Detective Howell, Saint John’s County Sheriff's Office, St. Augustine, FL 

“My elderly victim had her cell phone stolen from a local grocery store and less than two hours after the theft her stolen cell phone was sold at an ecoATM kiosk at a different grocery store. The ecoATM team is always very professional, very quick to respond and always happy to accommodate police in recovering stolen property, and this case is no exception.”
Detective Sense, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, TX 

“A victim had her cell phone stolen from her bag while she was asleep on a park bench. I did place an alarm on the cell phone's IMEI number. The cell phone was then discovered at an ecoATM and will be returned to the victim.”
Det. Huber, NYPD, Bronx, NY 

“The subject stole the cell phone at our property on 4/9/2022 then took the stolen cell phone, sold it at the kiosk at Walmart #5348 on 4/11/2022. I had checked on 4/10 and 4/11 but nothing showed as sold. When I checked again on 4/27/2022 it showed it had been sold by the Subject on 4/11/2022 at 2147 hours. I had interviewed the subject on 4/13/2022 which he stated he had found the cell phone but left it on the counter in a bathroom (he made a false statement). Your ecoATM law enforcement team member Debbie was of great help by checking to see where the phone was. She advised it was in your warehouse and would get it shipped to me as soon as possible. I contacted the victim to informed her of the information. She was so elated. Thanks to your team for the fast response. Great job.”
Investigator/Corporal Echols, Poarch Creek Tribal Police Dept./ Inv. Division, Atmore, AL 

“Leadsonline provided a confirmed hit on a serial number IMEI for a stolen phone taken in the commission of a commercial burglary. I was Immediately emailed and notified phone was located. Excellent job.”
Detective Schwartz, Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Dept., Albuquerque, NM 

“Our agency received a NCIC Hit notification that a cell phone stolen in our jurisdiction was sold at eco atm. We contacted ecoATM and the phone arrived the next day. We were able to return the phone and the suspect has been charged”
Detective Clary, Athens Police Department, Athens, TN 

“Victim had her phone stolen from her home. It was discovered during the investigation the suspected person actually sold the phone at an ECO ATM in Azle. ECO took photos of the phone and suspect which were used to positively identify the suspect and victim's phone. ECO then found the phone and in the process of returning it so that it can be returned to the owner. What a great job, thank you for all of your assistance.”
Detective Deranjic, Lancaster Police Department, Lancaster, TX 

“The victim' vehicle was broken into (Boston) and the suspect Jones used her identification to sell the victim's phone to the ECOATM. Jones was arrested and contact was made with the representative of ECOATM. The service that the Albany Police Department received was phenomenal and handled very professionally.”
Detective Jones, Albany Police Department, Albany, GA 

 “An employee of the food service company that staffs TCU food serving areas stole the phone of a student. The student left the phone in a bathroom at the library and when she went back to get it the phone was gone. A review of security video identified the employee as a suspect. I checked her pawn record and discovered that she had sold the phone to an eco atm machine at a local Walmart. I interviewed her and with this information I was able to obtain a confession from the employee. I notified eco atm and they immediately located the transaction and put an alert on the phone so that it could be recovered and returned to the victim.”
Detective McCormack, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX 

“Female victim met male suspect on Facebook to sell her phone. He showed up and then assaulted her and took her phone. He was arrested in January 2022 and stated that he had thrown her phone away and did not know where it was. Then in March 2022 he sold the phone to the ecoATM confirming that he did in fact have the phone in his possession”
Detective Van Almen, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte, NC 

“Phone was stolen from an employee while working and was pawned 35 minutes later. The IMEI number was listed one number off in the report but ECOATM still sent a hit confirmation showing the phone had been pawned. Photos provided by ECOATM showed the suspect wearing the same clothes and hat when he stole the phone. ECOATM was able to locate the device and ship it to me within a couple working days. I wish the pawn shops were this helpful.”
Detective James, Waco Police Department, Waco, TX 

“On at least 3 separate incidents near the Food 4 Less 3 minor girls were sexually assaulted by a male subject who prior to fleeing, stole these girls phones. His accomplice was the driver of the getaway car AND the one who had the ID to use the kiosk and get the money.”
Detective Wigmore, Long Beach PD, Long Beach, CA 

“I received a report of a phone stolen from a vehicle. I then conducted a search in LeadsOnLine and received a hit notification. I completed a property request and the item is in the process of being mailed to the police department via FedEx.”
Investigator Mitchell, Racine Police Department, Racine, WI 

“Suspect was responsible for burglaries/thefts in Sacramento. Used ecoATM in between the crimes. Photographs of Suspect confirmed identity, making a more prosecutable case.” Detective Loriaux, Sacramento Police Dept, Sacramento, CA 

“Working a B&E to auto. The iPad was stolen. Had a delay in getting the serial number. Entered the ipad into NCIC as stolen and received a hit conformation. Went to and was able to contact ecoATM. Was very helpful. The iPad was already shipped, it will be returned in the mail. I now have a lead to follow up on.”
Detective Hamrick, Lenoir Police Department, Lenoir, NC 

“A stolen phone was sold at the listed kiosk in El Paso, TX and I needed information on who sold the phone. I was able to speak to Deborah Fernandez who was very nice, professional, and provided me with the information I needed. Much respect and gratitude to Debbie for her assistance and professionalism.”
Detective Rueda, El Paso Police Department, El Paso, TX 

“On 1/16/22 the victim reported that her phone was lost/stolen. Officers attempted to assist her; using the "find my phone" app on her I-phone. but were unsuccessful. The victim was pretty sure that her friends' daughter was responsible for stealing the phone but could not prove it. The victims' kept getting alerts that her phone had been turned on and thought that the offender still had it. The investigator on her case then requested info from ECOATM and learned that the phone had been sold to ECOATM less than 12 hours after it was stolen. The suspect/offender used an I.D that did not belong to her but was identified by her mother from still photos collected by ECOATM as the seller of the phone. A warrant for her arrest will be sent when appropriate paperwork is completed.” Question #7: Please enter the name(s) of the ecoATM employee(s) who assisted you (if known). Answer: “unknown. Everyone I have had contact with from ECOATM has been very pleasant and helpful! Amazing customer service!”
Corporal Elliott, Camanche Police Department, Camanche, IA 

“A Samsung phone was sent to the US Secret Service Lab in Tulsa for a repair and examination. The phone had a bullet hole in it. Usually I can locate a donor device to attempt a repair, but I didn't have any donors of this particular model - it is fairly new. I learned about ecoATM through a classmate at a USSS class in early January. I wasn't 100% they would help me out, but I contacted the company anyway. I received a response within minutes. Within a few days (including the weekend), I received a notice a device was being shipped to me. Very fast and professional service.”
Detective Berg, Tulsa Police Dept./USSS Task Force, Tulsa, OK 

“Iphone was reported stolen on 2/24/22 and was entered into NCIC by the IMEI number. We were alerted the phone had been sold to an ECO Atm on 3/7/22 by Leads Online. I was able to contact ecoATM and they were quickly able to confirm this was the same phone that was stolen.”
Detective Williams, Dalton Police Department, Dalton, GA 

“As soon as the phone was identified as stolen and then sold to ecaATM, regulatory affairs was quick to respond getting the phone sent back to me after the seizure request. Dealt with Regulatory Affairs many many times, and they are without a doubt the easiest people to deal with.”
Officer Manningn, Biloxi Police Department, Biloxi, MS  

"Simple suspicious activity regarding multiple sales of phones. Mike McCann got back to me immediately with a very long description of the issue I was dealing with, which made things make a lot more sense. Unfortunately, from time to time I am not used to proper communication, so his e-mail at 6 in the morning made me very happy. I also spoke to my colleagues about the information I received, and they were very pleased.”
Patrol Officer Scott, Brunswick PD, Brunswick, ME  

“On 12/21/2021 the Arizona Department of Corrections Rehabilitation & Reentry (ADCRR) issued a parole absconder warrant for a Grandel gang member. The ADCRR Fugitive Apprehension Unit immediately began investigating into the whereabouts of the parole absconder. The parole absconder having numerous associates in the Grandel gang along with various locations to hide out was able to remain at large undetected. ADCRR Fugitive Investigators were able to gather Intel on the absconder selling an iPhone 12 at an ecoATM located in the Glendale, AZ area. The ADCRR Fugitive Investigations Unit made contact with law enforcement liaisons with ecoATM and learned the described device was located and in transit to one of their processing centers. The ADCRR Fugitive Apprehension Unit was advised that as soon as the device arrived at the processing center it would be packaged and shipped to the ADCRR Fugitive Apprehension Unit. The device was overnighted and investigators were able to access approximately 20 GB of information from the device and involving the parole absconder the next day. The information provided photos, text messages, phone logs, phone books and browsing history. Investigators were able to cultivate fresh Intel and captured the fugitive / parole absconder the following day. Due to the quick response and turn around by ecoATM along with the unique Terms and Conditions set in place by ecoATM with the individuals selling their phones, ADCRR Fugitive Investigators were able to capture an un-expectant violent gang member safely and protecting the safety of the community.”
Patrol Officer Scott, Brunswick PD, Brunswick, ME  

“Cellular phone was shipped to victim from service company. The package was stolen from the victims porch and later the cellular phone was sold at an ecoATM. Within hours of me emailing ecoATM about the stolen cellular phone I received a reply noting the status and intent to ship the phone to my agency once it was received from transit.”
Detective Stewart, Yadkin County Sheriff's Office, Yadkinville, NC  

“subject was robbed at a local motel. One suspect took the stolen iPhone and sold to EcoATM. EcoATM was contacted, located device and offered to ship back to police so that the device could be returned to owner.”
Detective David Harrell, Lumberton Police Department, Lumberton, NC  

“Unknown suspect (female) broke into the victim's vehicle and stole an iPad. Checking with Leads Online, it showed the iPad was sold at your Kiosk at a local Wal-Mart. I submitted a property request form through ecoATM, and the transaction information gathered by your kiosk identified the suspect.”
Detective Miller, Bakersfield Police Dept, Bakersfield, CA  

“On 12/01/21, a vehicle was stolen from a residence in Easley, SC. The victim had his cell phone in the vehicle at the time of theft. He was able to produce the IMEI for the phone, which was entered by law enforcement into Leads Online. On 01/11/22, a person of interest sold the phone at an ECO ATM nearby where the car was stolen.Investigators contacted ECO ATM about the phone and received a response shortly after that the phone would be returned to the investigating agency.I have used ECO ATM three times over the past two years to recovered stolen property. Each time I have received an immediate response from the company. ECO ATM collaborating with Leads Online makes for a great investigative tool for law enforcement.”
Detective Sergeant Rhinehart, Pickens County Sheriff's Office, Pickens, SC  

“A male forced the back door of a cell phone dealership. While inside, he stole cash and three phones. A few days later, a male, turned in one of the phones to the EcoATM kiosk at Walmart. The male had an active arrest warrant with a $100,000.00 (USD) bond. Thanks to the information I was able to get from the EcoATM and staff, I was able to identify and subsequently arrest the suspect, as well as identify the other male in the pictures from the EcoATM, who also had a felony warrant and was arrested a few days later.”
Detective Shanor, Idaho Falls Police Dept., Idaho Falls, ID  

“I am conducting a Fugitive Investigation. During my investigation I discovered my suspect conducted a transaction in the local area. A phone he submitted / sold at an ECO ATM on 12/31/2021. Subject is a Fugitive of Justice.The ecoATM LE assistance team quickly located the phone in question and made arrangements for the phone to be shipped directly to myself to further my investigation.”
Fugitive Investigations Supervisor Mellilo, Arizona Department of Corrections, Phoenix, AZ

“The cell phone, which was a Christmas gift, was stolen from a residence on Christmas Eve just before it was going to be wrapped. It had been purchased new on the previous day and had not yet been activated. Upon making a report, the phone was entered into NCIC as stolen. The phone appeared on Leads Online on January 10, 2022 as sold to Walmart. I went and located the kiosk where I obtained the phone number for ecoATM. I called and answered a few questions and was told the phone was in the warehouse. He advised he would be sending the phone to me and I should have it in no later than two days. It was a very simple experience dealing with ecoATM. I was very satisfied. Thank you.”
Detective Sergeant Thacker, Catoosa County Sheriff's Office, Ringgold, GA  

“On December 23, 2021 a cell phone was stolen in a vehicle burglary. The phone was entered into NCIC and on January 8, 2022 I received a notification from leads online that the phone was sold to the ECOATM at the Wal-Mart in our city. I emailed ECOATM requesting a hold on the phone and notified them it was stolen in a burglary. ECOATM was very prompt in responding to me. They mailed the phone to our agency and banned the suspect from using their kiosks. The victim will now get their phone back and charges will be filed on the suspect who sold the phone.”
Lieutenant Brogdon, Sapulpa Police Department, SAPULPA, OK  

“A leads hit was generated and I was supplied with a ticket showing two suspects loading the iPhone in question into the ecoATM located at Walmart #537. The iPhone had been taken from a vehicle on 11-11-21 during a burglary of vehicle incident in Odessa, Tx. With eco ATM assistance, I was able to obtain enough information to contact one of the suspects which allowed me to obtain further information on the other suspect. This allowed me to reopen the inactive case for further investigation.”
Corporal McCloud, Odessa Police Department, Odessa, TX  

“Family member stole a phone, sold it to Eco ATM, thanks to Eco ATM documentation and photos, charges were submitted to prosecutors office on suspect. The victim was able to get their property back.”
Detective Olson, Jerome County Sheriff's Office, Jerome, ID

“Vehicle was broken into and several thousand dollars of tools and cell phone were stolen. We were able to track to ecoATM at the Wal-Mart. Contacted eco ATM and they were able to send me pictures of seller and also will be sending phone back as soon as it gets to facility. Karen Wang was awesome to deal with and very prompt. Thanks so much for your help in solving this case.”
Lieutenant Claiborne, Mecklenburg Co. Sheriff's Office, Boydton, VA

“I called and spoke with one of your team members. Provided him with the serial, IMEI number to the phone and location where the subject said he turned the phone in and was able to pull up records and send me them via email. The phone was already picked up, but he made sure he got my information and told me the company can still send me the phone. The process was easy!”
Question 2- If you were not satisfied, what can we do to improve our law enforcement assistance process?

“There are always things a company or person can improve on, but as of now I do not have any ideas seeing this was my first time being helped by the company. I can say the associate who helped me did an awesome job!!! Thank you for what you all do and have a bless New Year!”
Patrolman Williams, Binghamton PD, Binghamton, NY 

“I had a suspect commit grand larceny by stealing a cellphone. While in possession of the phone, he committed another felony by using the victims personal information to access her Cash Ap. and defrauded her of money. I submitted a search for the phone on LEADS and it showed that the suspect sold the phone at an ecoATM at 5301 NW Quanah Parker Tail. I contacted the number provided and left a voicemail. The next day Deborah with the ecoATM assistance team contacted me and confirmed all information. Deborah advised the phone would be sent to my departments station. The entire process was easy and fast.”
Detective Hallagin, Lawton Police Department, Lawton, OK

“We received a delayed report of a stolen cellphone with suspect information and victim believed the phone may have been sold to Walmart. I took the class regarding ecoATM and checked LeadsOnline which provided a match to the stolen phone. Review of the photos showed my actual suspects just to the side of the seller. I contacted directly and he was able to help me through the process of locating the phone and other transactions almost immediately. This was my first case involving the ecoATM and it was very successful.”
Detective Larson, Missoula County Sheriff's Office, Missoula, MT

“I called on behalf of the victim who had just come out of a coma. While in the coma the victims phone, ID and credit cards were stolen. When the victim awoke and was notified of the theft she was heartbroken that she had lost countless photos of her son who passed away. The victim who was upset, was updated on the case and advised her phone was turned in for cash at a local kiosk. The victim was further advised that it was likely the phone was gone and getting it back would be unlikely. I contacted ecoATM on her behalf and expected to be told sorry but there's nothing we can do. The customer service rep. I spoke to was very personable and made the process of returning the phone very simple. I was very surprised the willingness to help not only Law Enforcement but the victim as well. Needless to say I was very impressed with ecoATM and their handling of the matter as well as cooperation with Law Enforcement.”
Detective Baim, Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office, Auburn, NY

“phone reported stolen during a robbery of a person, entered phone in NCIC, would later receive the NCIC hit, confirmed the match and requested confiscation, received quick response that phone was being shipped to me”
Lieutenant Broussard, Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office, Crowley, LA 

“Our victim invited a "friend" over to his residence. Suspect was there and went to use the bathroom in first half-hour of being at the residence. Suspect never came back from using the bathroom and victim discovered his iPhone was missing. This same suspect had turned in a stolen cell phone to an ecoATM machine in June of 2020. I checked Leads Online and was able to locate this transaction. EcoATM was fantastic, quick, and helpful. I called and spoke to an employee to make sure I was completing the form and confiscation process correctly and she was extremely pleasant and helpful. I received this email indicating the stolen phone had been located and was being processed the very next day.”
Officer Meyer, Kaukauna Police Department, Kaukauna, WI

“On December 8th, 2021, while assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, I Detective Melissa Agullo received a larceny case involving the theft of three cell phones reported on 12/7/21. Suspect information, kiosk location, cell phone descriptions, date and approximately time frame were provided for further information. EcoATM Director of Law Enforcement Relations, Jim Smith provided above information. Contact was later made with the support team via phone, who were able to manually walk me through steps to successfully retrieve devices.”
Detective Agullo, Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office, Las Cruces, NM

“A suspect in my case sold stolen property to the eco ATM. Eco ATM always returns stolen phones to the Dallas Police Department immediately.”
Investigator Torres, Dallas Police Department, Dallas, TX

“My victim had left his cell phone at a business and I checked Leads online and found that a suspect has sold it to ecoATM. I have obtained a warrant for her and her husband”
Det. Saffran, Owensboro Police Dept., Owensboro, KY

“The Complainant noticed her phone missing, that she believes was stolen from her Son. She is filing charges on him. She tracked the phone to the EcoATM.”
Detective Dominguez, San Antonio Police Department, San Antonio, TX

“The victim reported her phone was stolen and learned that it was sold at an ecoATM kiosk after she contacted the company. I subsequently contacted ecoATM, and within a couple hours I obtained a transaction report for the sale of the device by the suspect and was informed that the phone was being shipped to my police department. ecoATM was great to work with, and I was thoroughly impressed with the ease of obtaining the requested information, as well as the security measures in place at ecoATM kiosks.”
Detective Kelly, Cumru Township Police, Mohnton, PA 

“On 11/15/21 a iPhone was stolen from a middle school and the following day 11/16/21 the cell phone was sold in a ecoATM. the ecoATM provided me with the photos, matching serial number and driver license used for the transaction.”
Detective Fletcher, Sherwood Police Department, Sherwood, AR

“Electronics were stolen from a vehicle. The electronics were sold to an ecoATM. EcoATM then contacted me that the property had been located and who attempted to sell it.”
Detective Stinnett, Louisville Metro Police Department, Louisville, KY

“Victim had his phone stolen in another jurisdiction and pinged it to an ecoATM in North Las Vegas. I then contacted Regulatory Affairs and they quickly tracked down the phone and provided suspect information.”
Detective Gaston, North Las Vegas Police Department, North Las Vegas, NV

“Victim's cell phone was stolen on 04/14/21 and it was sold at an EcoATM on 11/02/21. I received a notification from Leads Online on 11/23/21 that the phone was sold to EcoATM. I requested the phone and received it the next day.”
Detective Beasley, Madison Police Department, Madison, AL

“I had several items stolen from an individual and only a few serial numbers were available from him. The phone is the first lead I have in the investigation and I now have someone to interview. Hopefully this can help break the case. I contacted EcoATM and the representative was very friendly and helped quickly to fins the information. This is very helpful in law enforcement investigations.”
Detective Crossley, Franklin County Sheriff Office, Columbus, OH

“LPD investigated an auto theft. An iPad was in the stolen vehicle at the time of the theft. Officer Schwartz was able to ascertain the serial number for the stolen iPad and saved a search with Leads Online. He was notified of the sale of the iPad to EcoATM. Upon reviewing the transaction of the sale through Leads Online, the photo of the suspect did not appear to match the provided ID at the time of sale. I emailed ecoATM and received a prompt response and plan to get the stolen property returned. Through my investigation a suspect was developed and that information was shared. The suspect is now blocked from the EcoATM system. I have interacted with EcoATM several times and am always pleased with the responsiveness and ease of getting stolen property returned quickly. They are great partners with law enforcement.”
Sergeant Armstrong, Lincoln Police Department, Lincoln, NE