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A Model Partnership Between Law Enforcement and ecoATM Brings Thieves To Justice

From our headquarters in San Diego, ecoATM staff view an image in real time of a suspicious individual at one of our kiosks in Everett, Washington. The person in question attempts to cash in on a cell phone; immediately, ecoATM staff contact the Everett Police Department, attaching the image of the individual. The suspect is later arrested for trafficking in stolen goods.
Throughout the country — in cities like Sacramento and San Antonio, Seattle and Spokane, and Dekalb County, Georgia — the story is the same: Police, working in partnership with ecoATM, are able to identify and apprehend these criminals.
We operate over 2,000 kiosks in 42 states. These crime sprees, and others throughout the state and country, might have remained unsolved were it not for two factors:

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Police chief talks about commercial tech that can deter cell phone theft and recover stolen goods

By PoliceOne BrandFocus Staff

Posted July 9, 2015

A lack of resources makes tracking each cell phone theft nearly impossible for law enforcement. But one cell phone recycling company, ecoATM, has developed a strategy to lend them a helping hand. Retired San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne talked with PoliceOne about how his department began working with ecoATM to reverse the trend of cell phone thefts, and what other departments need to know about the service they offer.

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Smart Moves to Make - Deterring Stolen Cell Phones with ecoATM

Location: Dubuque

By Alicia Yager
Posted June 7, 2015 at 10:00 AM

Smartphones offer new challenges for users who have more personal data on their devices than ever before. This article explores suggestions on what to do before and after a phone is stolen and how ecoATM helps law enforcement.

Dubuque Police Lt. Scott Baxter states: "We were skeptical of them coming in at first and the type of service they were offering ... but officers have told me they have had nothing but success working with (EcoATM)."

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Pekin City Council to reconsider secondhand sellers ordinance

Location: Pekin

By Sharon Woods Harris
Pekin Daily Times Reporter

Posted Nov. 20, 2014 at 9:38 PM

The City of Pekin revises its second hand dealer laws to get more information about the seller and reduce avenues for thieves to resell stolen goods. This includes reporting every transaction through LEADS (the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System) to ensure proper tracking. When reviewing second hand dealers the police officers noted that ecoATM is already reporting every transaction through LEADS and complies with the second hand dealer regulations in the area.

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Robbery Suspect Identified Via ecoATM

GA-based Fox affiliate WAGA yesterday reported that police in Norcross identified a robbery suspect after a stolen cell phone was sold at an ecoATM kiosk in DeKalb County. Images captured at the ecoATM kiosk led detectives to identify Arquial Dotson, who has not been apprehended, as one of two suspects in an armed robbery at an apartment complex on October 7.

Fox added that it received an email from ecoATM explaining that "In the case where [a stolen device] does make its way into our kiosk, we provide police and local law enforcement with the evidence they need to prosecute the people and return the stolen property to the victim,” ecoATM added.

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Second man arrested in connection with armed robbery: Phone-recycling machine records led police to suspect

Online sales records led Jeffersonville police to a second suspect identified in a July armed robbery on Oaklawn Drive. Jovan Bradford-Bangs was arrested Oct. 13 in connection with the same robbery. The arrests come after Jeffersonville police responded to Oaklawn Drive around 2 a.m. July 19, according to court records. After guests arrived, they were met by a man who confronted them at gunpoint. That man was later identified by the victims as Bradford-Bangs.

One of the victims reported an iPhone being stolen during the robbery. When police searched online pawn shop and sales records, they discovered Downs had sold an iPhone with the same serial number of the stolen iPhone to an ecoATM inside a Kroger store.

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