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Does ecoATM accept Apple® devices? Which ones?

Yes! We accept Apple and all major brands phones for recycling or instant payment. You can trade in any model of these Apple devices and get instant rewards:

  • iPhone 
  • iPad
  • iPod

How do I sell my Apple device?

It’s easy to trade-in an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod for instant cash. Find your nearest kiosk and plug in your device for examination. Accept our best cash offer and you'll receive cash on the spot.  

How do I prepare my Apple device?

We’ve prepared easy to step by step instructions to help you keep the information you want — photos, videos, contacts and more — and delete what you don't before selling:

  1. Remove and backup your data from your iPhone or iPad 
  2. Release your iPhone or iPad from your carrier (if connected)
  3. Turn off Find My Phone or iPad 
  4. Factory reset your iPhone or iPad

Why should I sell my Apple device to ecoATM?

Selling your Apple device should be simple. We take the hassle out of selling and give you cash back instantly. Our kiosks don't make you wait for your payment — you can leave with extra money in your pocket in ten minutes. When you sell with us, you’ll
benefit from:

  • Fast cash
  • Sustainable solutions that give new life to devices
  • Transparent pricing and knowing what happens to your Apple device after you sell it. 
  • More selling options as we will buy your broken phone 

Other ways to sell Apple products usually require more time and effort. Compared to Apple trade-ins, our process is faster and more efficient, so you know what you're getting and when to expect your payment. You also aren't required to put that money toward a new device, meaning you choose how to spend your cash.