Can You Sell a Broken Phone Or Broken Tablet? We'll accept Your Device in Any Condition

Sell Broken Phones or Tablet for Cash

That old, cracked device in your drawer is collecting dust when it could be collecting something much better - instant cash. You could get paid in just under ten minutes for your broken device! 

Phones still retain value even if they have cracked screens, cosmetic blemishes, no power or other defects. You could be earning immediate cash payment for those broken phones today, and we'll walk you through the simple process below. 

Start your broken device trade-in today.

Get a no-commitment price estimate for your broken device within minutes. Prepare your broken device for selling and bring both the device and the generated drop-off code to any of our 5,000 kiosks located across the US. 

Price Your Broken Device

Understanding the Electronics Resale Market

The electronics resale market is where our old phone and gadgets get a second chance. When our phones or tablets get old or break, there's a whole world out there where people buy and sell them again.

It's not just about making money – it's also about being kind to the planet by giving things a longer life. Understanding how this resale market works is like discovering a cool way for people to share devices, making sure everyone gets a fair deal. It's a win-win for sellers and buyers alike!

Sell Broken Phones & Cracked Phones At ecoATM

At ecoATM, saying goodbye to your broken or cracked phone means saying hello to instant cash. We've revolutionized the way you can sell your damaged devices, making the process easy and convenient. 

Have a phone with a cracked or broken screen or other issues? No problem. ecoATM kiosks are designed to accept a variety of devices, regardless of their condition. It's a hassle-free way to turn that forgotten phone in your drawer into quick cash.

What sets ecoATM apart is the simplicity of the process. No need to deal with online listings or negotiate with potential buyers to buy broken phones. Just find a nearby ecoATM kiosk, drop off your broken phone, and watch as our smart technology assesses its value, providing you with an instant cash offer.

Beyond the financial gain, choosing ecoATM is a choice for sustainability. We're committed to giving electronic devices a second chance, reducing electronic waste, and lessening the environmental impact. So, why let that broken phone go to waste when ecoATM offers a straightforward, eco-friendly, and rewarding solution for your damaged devices? It's time to turn your old tech into instant cash with ecoATM!

Can You Sell a Broken Phone Or Broken Tablet? 

Have you ever pondered the fate of that outdated or malfunctioning mobile phone or tablet gathering dust in your drawer? Surprisingly, even broken electronics can hold value.

Enter ecoATM, your partner in transforming the dilemma of outdated gadgets into a win-win scenario. Our mission is twofold: not only do we help you earn money from your old tech, but we also value environmental sustainability. Our dedicated goal is to guide you through the responsible recycling of your old tech, ensuring that you not only bid farewell to outdated devices but also pocket some cash along the way.

Advantages of Selling Broken Devices to ecoATM

Selling broken devices to ecoATM comes with several advantages, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice for individuals looking to part ways with their damaged electronics.

Instant Cash

One of the most significant advantages of using ecoATM is the immediate financial reward. Rather than dealing with the uncertainties of online selling or the time-consuming process of finding a buyer, ecoATM provides instant cash for your broken or damaged devices.


ecoATM kiosks are located in various local places, such as neighborhood grocers and retailers, providing easy accessibility. This convenience means you don't have to navigate the complexities of online selling, shipping, or meeting potential buyers in person.

Acceptance of Various Conditions

ecoATM is designed to accept a wide range of devices, including those with cracked screens, water damage, or other issues. This flexibility means you can sell or recycle your device regardless of its condition, offering a solution for those who might struggle to find a buyer elsewhere.

Simplicity of Process

The process of selling to ecoATM is straightforward. You drop off your mobile device at a kiosk, and the smart technology within the machine assesses its value instantly, providing you with a fair cash offer. This simplicity eliminates the need for lengthy negotiations or complex online listings.

Privacy and Security

Selling devices through online platforms may involve sharing personal information and meeting strangers. ecoATM offers a secure and private transaction process while giving you the proper guidance to remove your personal data.

No Listing Hassles

Unlike online selling platforms, there is no need to create listings, take pictures, or write descriptions of your device and price. The entire process is streamlined, allowing you to sell your broken device without the typical hassles associated with online sales.

How does ecoATM Work?

Trading in your broken phone or tablet has never been more straightforward, thanks to ecoATM's practical and user-friendly process. Here's a step-by-step guide to easily navigate through the entire procedure:

1. Price Your Device Online

You can get a commitment-free price quote for your broken device within minutes. Follow the steps on our online pricing tool and use the generated code at your kiosk visit for a faster experience. 

2. Locate an ecoATM Kiosk Nearby

Access the convenience of ecoATM by finding the nearest kiosk through our website or mobile app. With over 5,000 kiosks nationwide, recycling your gadgets is accessible and hassle-free.

3. Prepare Your Device

Before heading to the kiosk, ensure your damaged device is ready for trade-in. Remove external accessories, SIM cards, and backup and wipe any personal information to safeguard your privacy.

4. Stop by the ecoATM Kiosk

Once at the kiosk, follow the step-by-step instructions. Place your device into the designated slot, initiating the evaluation process that leads to an instant offer.

4. Evaluation and Offer

ecoATM accepts devices in any condition, be it cracked screens, broken buttons, or water damage. The kiosk evaluates your device based on factors like model, age, and overall condition to provide an accurate worth.

5. Accept the Offer

Review the precise quote offered by the kiosk. If you agree with the assessment, simply accept the offer to proceed with the transaction.

6. Walk Away with Cash

Upon acceptance, receive instant payment. Choose between cash on the spot or an eGift card for future purchases, providing you with flexibility and immediate monetary gratification. With ecoATM, the entire process is designed for your convenience and efficiency.

Turn Broken into cash today

Recycle or sell your broken phone or tablet in just under ten minutes. 

Begin Your E-Cycling Journey with ecoATM Today!

Don't let your old or broken phones gather dust—turn them into instant cash and contribute to environmental well-being. ecoATM offers a hassle-free solution; simply locate a nearby kiosk, drop off your device, and watch as our smart technology assesses its value, providing you with an instant cash offer. 

By choosing ecoATM, you not only put money in your pocket but also champion environmental responsibility. Join countless others in reducing electronic waste and promoting a greener future. Start e-cycling with ecoATM—it's the easy, eco-friendly way to bid farewell to and sell your broken phone and outdated devices while putting some extra cash in your pocket. Take the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle today!

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