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Where can I sell my Samsung® S23 Ultra?

You have several options for selling your Samsung S23 Ultra. If you’re looking for an option that offers immediate cash payment and reduces electronic waste, ecoATM is your answer. We have over 5,000 locations across the country for a convenient and quick experience. 

How does ecoATM work?

To sell your Galaxy, follow these simple steps:  

  1. Prepare your Galaxy S23 Ultra by performing a factory reset
  2. Price your device online before visiting the kiosk if you’d like to save time.   
  3. Locate a kiosk in your neighborhood. 
  4. Put your Galaxy S23 Ultra in the kiosk and allow a few moments for device inspection.  
  5. Accept the cash offer and walk away knowing you’ve done your part to reduce e-waste!  

My Galaxy S23 Ultra is broken. Can I still take it to a kiosk?

Yes! We accept all phones for recycling and even offer cash for those that meet our make, model and condition requirements. We recommend still bringing in your broken devices to see how much they may be worth. 

Does ecoATM offer anything other than cash?

We currently offer payment through instant cash or digital payment. If you’d like to choose digital payment, please have the verified email address attached to your PayPal or Venmo handy.