Post-Inspection FAQ

ecoATM is the best option to earn immediate cash for your device while doing your part to reduce electronic waste. In addition to InstantCash, we also offer the opportunity to earn even more money after your visit to our kiosk with post-inspection BonusPay. If your device is eligible you may earn even more money after its hand inspection in addition to your initial kiosk payment.

The BonusPay inspection process takes up to 30 days and we will notify you by email every step of the way.

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Drop-off your device at any ecoATM kiosk

Get paid immediately with InstantCash

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Your device is picked up & brought to our warehouse

We take care of device shipment for you!

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Your device is thoroughly inspected

We’ll conduct functional tests & evaluate cosmetic condition


Qualifying devices will be offered a second payment with BonusPay

You’ll be paid digitally through Paypal or Venmo

Frequently Asked Questions