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How much can I sell my iPhone® SE 2022 for?

The price you get when you sell your Apple iPhone SE 2022 at an ecoATM kiosk will depend on factors like the storage capacity, condition, and cell phone carrier. Our kiosks pay you in cash or through payment options like PayPal or Venmo; no shipping fees, box, or accessories are required.

If you like instant cash, a safe selling process, and helping the environment, an ecoATM kiosk is the best place to sell your iPhone SE 2022. As the buyer, the protection of your security, time, and safety is valued by us, so you can feel confident in the methods we use to verify your device condition and get you paid. Plus, you don't have to ship your phone in the original box by a specific date.

What is the process for selling my iPhone SE 2022?

Selling your iPhone SE 3rd gen 2022 has never been easier. Simply follow these instructions for an easy sale:

  • Answer questions about your device condition to check your estimated payment for free on our website before you head to the store.
  • Prepare your iPhone: Reset your iPhone SE 2022 to factory settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Find a kiosk: We have over 5,000 ecoATM kiosks nationwide, so you can find one in a store near you.
  • Take your iPhone SE 2022 to a kiosk and let it test and inspect the device for trade-in value.
  • Review the details and accept the offer on the screen. You don't have to wait because you can paid instantly in cash!

Can I sell a broken iPhone SE 2022?

Does your iPhone SE 2022 have light scratches or a cracked screen? Maybe it has poor battery health, software issues, or even water damage. We still want to help you dispose of your iPhone SE properly. Our kiosks take phones with all levels of wear and tear. Even if your phone is broken or doesn't power on, take it to a kiosk to get the best deal on your damaged phone.

We accept phones in all conditions, so you can recycle or sell your Apple iPhone SE 2022, even if it's not working correctly or the hardware is in bad shape. The best prices are reserved for fully functional devices, but you can still be given instant cash for your old phone with cracks, issues with the screen lights, or other damage.

Can I sell a locked iPhone SE 2022?

Yes, you can sell a locked phone at our kiosks. An unlocked Apple iPhone SE 2022 may pay more money, but we accept phones that have been locked for any carrier, so you can get instant cash for your iPhone even if it's carrier-locked.