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Do all parts of the screen light up correctly?




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How much can I sell my iPhone® 15 for?

It's easy to discover the value of your Apple iPhone 15 with ecoATM. When you bring your iPhone in to a kiosk, we're able to asses your iPhone's wear and tear, including a cracked screen. Having little cosmetic damage ensures the highest cash return. For instant cash, competitive prices, and a streamlined selling and recycling process, ecoATM is your best choice.

What is the process for selling my iPhone 15?

Selling your Apple iPhone 15 with ecoATM is quick and easy.

  1. Use our online pricing tool to determine the estimated value.
  2. Restore the phone to factory settings.
  3. Find the kiosk nearest you.
  4. At the ecoATM, connect your device for an offer.
  5. Opt to sell or recycle your iPhone 15. If offered payment, you may choose immediate cash or digital payment through PayPal or Venmo.

Whether it's an old phone or the latest iPhone 15, you can sell or recycle your device confidently with ecoATM.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 15?

Yes, you may sell or recycle your broken iPhone 15 hassle-free. We evaluate factors like cracks and scratches, so some models may receive a higher cash offer than others if they are in better condition. You can sell or recycle your broken iPhone 15 confidently with our transparent selling process.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 15?

If you're dealing with locked phones, no worries—ecoATM gladly accepts old devices, whether locked to a carrier or unlocked. You may sell or recycle your iPhone 15 and get a fair offer for your device, even if it's locked.

Enjoy a seamless transaction and unlock the value of your device with ecoATM, just like the thousands of happy sellers and recyclers that have chosen ecoATM for their new, old and broken devices!