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How much can I sell my iPhone® 14 Pro for?

The price you get when you sell your Apple iPhone 14 Pro at an ecoATM kiosk will depend on factors like the storage capacity, condition, and cell phone carrier. Our kiosks will pay you in cash or through virtual payment options like PayPal or Venmo for added flexibility.

If you like instant cash, a safe selling process, and doing your part for the planet, an ecoATM kiosk is the best place to sell your iPhone 14 Pro.

What is the process for selling my iPhone 14 Pro?

You'll have peace of mind selling your iPhone 14 Pro at one of our kiosks because it's super easy.

  • You can start by checking your estimated payment for your old phone on our website to see how much cash you can expect when you sell your iPhone to us.
  • Prepare your iPhone: Reset your iPhone 14 Pro to factory settings and turn off Find My iPhone.
  • Find a kiosk: With over 5,000 ecoATM kiosks around the country, you will find one near you.
  • Take your iPhone 14 Pro to a kiosk and let it inspect the device.
  • Review and accept the offer on the screen. Get paid instantly and know your phone is recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 14 Pro?

Does your iPhone 14 Pro have scratches or cracks on the screen? Or maybe it doesn't even turn on at all. Our kiosks take phones in all conditions. Even if your phone is broken, take it to a kiosk to check the resale amount. You may be surprised at the cash you're offered by ecoATM.

We accept phones in all conditions, so you may get paid for your iPhone 14 Pro, even if it's not working correctly. The best price is reserved for phones in the best condition, but you can still be given an impressive amount of instant cash for your old phone that doesn't work.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 14 Pro?

Yes, you can sell a locked phone at our kiosks. An unlocked iPhone 14 Pro may offer more money, but we accept phones that have been locked for any carrier, so you can get instant cash for your iPhone if it's locked.