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Do all parts of the screen light up correctly?




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Why should I bring my iPhone® 14 Pro to an ecoATM?

If you like instant cash, a safe selling process and doing your part for the planet, ecoATM is your best option for selling your iPhone 14 Pro. We offer immediate payment while diverting devices from landfills – that's a win-win!

What forms of payment does ecoATM offer for an iPhone 14 Pro?

We currently offer instant cash payment or digital payment through PayPal or Venmo. We recommend checking out our FAQ page for the latest information.

My iPhone 14 Pro won’t turn on. Can I still bring it to an ecoATM?

Yes! We recommend that you still bring your iPhone to a kiosk as we accept both broken iPhone models and iPhones that don’t power on. Plus, if we’re able to get your iPhone to power on after you sell it, you could earn additional payment.

Does ecoATM take locked iPhone 14 Pro models?

We accept all iPhone models that are carrier locked or unlocked for instant cash or recycling