What To Do With An Old Phone That Won't Turn On

What To Do With An Old Phone That Won't Turn On: Get Cash with ecoATM

Ever find yourself clinging to a broken phone that simply won't turn on? It may cause you frustration, especially if you don't know what to do with it. Fortunately, ecoATM is here to help!

Even if a smartphone is faulty or doesn't turn on, ecoATM, one of the top old phone buyers and recycling businesses, will accept it for recycling. In some instances, such as with new phone models, you may be able to get cash even if your old phone won't turn on!

We're aware that giving up an old phone can be challenging. It can have sentimental value or bring back special memories for you. Tossing it in the garbage or keeping it hidden in a drawer, however, can harm the environment and use up precious resources. You can help create a better future while clearing out your space by selling your old phone to us at ecoATM.

How Does ecoATM Work?

You can easily locate an ecoATM near you thanks to our network of thousands of automated kiosks that are strategically positioned throughout different areas of the country. Our kiosks are made to recycle used phones in a secure and ethical manner. We purchase them even if they are broken!

It’s easy and hassle-free to bring your old phone to an ecoATM site. To sell your old phone, take the following actions:

  1. Locate an ecoATM nearby: To find the closest kiosk, go to the ecoATM website or download our mobile app. You may probably find one close by thanks to the thousands of locations we have across the nation.
  2. Get your phone ready: Take out the SIM card, memory cards, and any other add-ons from your old phone. To protect your privacy, it's a good idea to wipe your personal data. You can find instructions here if you're not sure how to accomplish this.
  3. Stop at the ecoATM kiosk: Bring your old phone to the ecoATM kiosk and follow the directions displayed on the screen. Your phone will be examined by the kiosk to determine its make and model.
  4. Get an offer: The ecoATM kiosk will assess your phone and make you a reasonable and appealing offer based on the market price of the device. There's a chance you could get paid in cash even if your phone doesn't work.
  5. Accept the offer: If you accept the offer and are satisfied with it, the kiosk will immediately distribute cash for you!

Why Should You Use ecoATM to Recycle Your Old Phone?

You can contribute to the environment while also making some additional money by selling your old phone to ecoATM. You can be confident that your phone will be properly recycled when you dispose of it at one of our locations.

As a result, fewer new resources will be needed and less electronic waste will be generated by extracting and reusing valuable materials.

Additionally, ecoATM is dedicated to advancing environmental responsibility and sustainability. To make sure that recycling is safe and environmentally friendly, we abide by strict rules and policies. 

By choosing ecoATM, you're joining forces with a business that supports a cleaner future and your values.

Get paid instantly with ecoatm

You could have cash in hand in just under ten minutes! 

Sell Your Old Phone with ecoATM

Visit an ecoATM location today rather than letting your old phone lie around and gather dust or add to electronic waste. You can use one of the many handy kiosks that are located all around the nation to sell your old phone for cash, even if it won't turn on! You'll not only get paid right away and receive a fair assessment, but you'll also be helping the environment.

Keep in mind that ecoATM is only a quick search away. Find a location close to you and join the e-cycling movement today to start earning!