the ultimate 2024 spring
cleaning checklist

The Ultimate 2024 Spring Cleaning Checklist: Your Guide to a Tidier Home

Spring is in the air, and so is the need for a good clean! Cleaning your home top to bottom doesn't need to be an overwhelming chore, especially with the handy spring cleaning check list we've put together for you below!

Bust out your favorite sustainable cleaning supplies and get ready for your most successful spring clean yet.

The Complete 2024 Spring Cleaning Checklist

We created this downloadable spring cleaning checklist, just for you! Print it out, save it to your device or wherever is handy for an easily accessible list to tackle your spring cleaning.


Spring Cleaning Tips for All Rooms

While you're tackling the list, here are some additional tips to help with productive deep cleaning, inside and out!

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

We've gathered some convenient tips to tackle your kitchen cleaning checklist. 

A Clean Dishwasher Means Cleaner Dishes

While you're scrubbing down the kitchen, it's easy to focus on the outside such as kitchen cabinets and counters. Don't forget to clean the inside of your dishwasher! This can be done by running a cycle with a mug of white vinegar.

Clean Under Furniture and Appliances

Pulling out your furniture and appliances may seem like a slightly annoying step, but this is exactly where dust, dirt, debris, and food scraps like to accumulate. Make sure to fully pull out your living room furniture and kitchen appliances to sweep up anything left behind. The living room cleaning checklist above will help you make your plan of attack. 

Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Follow these additional bathroom cleaning tips to have your bathroom both sparkling and up to code for hygiene! 

Don't Forget the Lowly Toilet Cleaning Tools

What may be your least favorite part of your spring cleaning checklist is one of the most important in terms of health. To cut back on bacteria and the spread of any other germs that may cause illness, make sure to give your toilet seat, bowl and handle a good scrubbing with your preferred cleaning solution.

Keep the Air Fresh by Cleaning the Bathroom Fan

While you're tackling the toilet, don't forget to look up! Your bathroom fan is most likely in need of a deep clean. Depending on the install your home has, you can clean out any residual dust or trappings in your bathroom fan and for extra fresh air.

Use Vinegar to Remove Soap Scum

Facing some tough soap scum in the shower and your sinks? Using a vinegar-based cleaning product or mixture will help to tackle those stubborn marks. Giving your shower walls, shower doors and sinks a thorough cleaning will also help reduce any built-up bacteria as well.

Clean Hairbrushes

While you're in the bathroom, it's important to also clean any personal hygiene tools you frequently use, such as hairbrushes. Hairbrushes accumulate old hair, skin and hair products that can build up fast. There are a few ways to clean your brushes, such as filling a bowl of hot water with soap and soaking your brushes in the soapy water.

Bedroom and Living Room Spring Cleaning Tips 

While you're planning to mop floors and wash walls, don't forget about the other areas in your bedroom and living room that are most likely in need of a dire clean. 

Wash Pillows and Bedding

While it may be obvious to wash your bedding, it can be easy to forget about other linens around the house such as throw pillows, throw blankets, cushion covers, kitchen towels, and washable curtains. Give these additional items a rinse during your spring clean to ensure that all washable materials are cleaned and ready for use.

Clean Windows Deserve Clean Window Treatments

2024 is your year to wash windows! Whether it's the interior windows, window sills, window screens or exterior windows, your spring cleaning checklist should include all the window cleaning options. There are a few ways to clean each surface, so we recommend following instructions found online for your particular window specs.

Clean Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

It's easy to forget about the places where there might be the most dust - light fixtures and ceiling fans. Luckily, they aren't as difficult to clean as you may think. You can use a mild all-purpose cleaner and rags to wipe down any light fixture or ceiling fan. It's a good time to also wipe down any dusty lamp shades as well. A microfiber cloth is a good option to catch extra dust. This is also an optimal time to dust furniture or any other item that may accumulate debris. Be prepared for an excess of dust by having a garbage bag handy!

Overlooked Areas

Cleaning down surfaces may be the first thing that comes to mind with spring cleaning, but there are other areas that may be overlooked that are harboring some mess:

  • The closets: Have you been avoiding what lurks in your closets? It may be helpful to tackle these first. Clean out your closet by making sure every item has a proper home. Donate any old clothes, sell or recycle any old electronics, and clean inside your closet walls. If you're in need of more room, now is the time to put organize and store clothing you used during the long winter into proper storage.
  • The fridge: Physically cleaning the fridge is a given on any spring cleaning checklist. What is also an important step is disposing of any expired food. Check expiration dates for all food inside your refrigerator and freezer to ensure that your clean fridge also has safe-to-eat food.
  • The garage and other storage areas: Another area you may be avoiding are the places that we tend to deposit items we don't know what to do with. Open up that garage door and tackle the mess! Make sure to integrate some organizing into your spring cleaning checklist to make sure every item has a proper home.

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