Phones Coming out in 2022

Phones Coming out in 2022

The new year is almost here — and if you like to stay up-to-date with your tech, then you're probably scoping out the best phones coming out in 2022.

With a new phone, you have access to updated features, like foldable screens and styluses. Explore the best new cell phones and discover what 2022 could offer you.

Samsung Galaxy S22

If you are looking for a new Samsung® phone in 2022, the Samsung Galaxy S22 might be for you. While Samsung hasn't officially stated the specs of their latest Galaxy model, speculation anticipates some of the phone's newest features. The potential release could be early 2022, possibly around January or February. Samsung might even release the Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra along with the standard model.

The model's design will likely be similar to the Galaxy S21, but with next-generation upgrades, especially to the chipset and the camera. The chipset will likely be an advanced Snapdragon model, while the camera might increase its optical zoom five times to reach 10x. The Ultra's camera might even have drastic clarity and resolution improvements for its primary lens, creating a high-quality camera for users.

The S22 Pro and Ultra might have stylus compatibility, so if you like using the S Pen®, you could connect it to your smartphone devices.

iPhone X Fold

There isn't much official information about the iPhone X Fold, which is Apple's first foldable smartphone device. But, Apple® put in a patent for a foldable phone back in 2019 that reveals some of the details and plans for their foldable phone. The iPhone X Fold® will be released to keep up with competitors like Samsung and Huawei — who already have foldable cellphone models.

Based on Apple information, leaks and user predictions, the Apple Fold might use a flexible screen that can fold in the middle. Additionally, the full screen could be about the size of the iPad Mini®  and even have stylus compatibility.

Apple fans are already excited about the introduction of the Apple Fold. If you love Apple and are considering upgrading your iPhone in 2022, you may want to go for the foldable model.

Next in Apple's line of iPhone models is the iPhone 14. Apple experts predict this model will be released in the fall of 2022, possibly in September.

Rumored iPhone 14

Next in Apple's line of iPhone models is the rumored iPhone 14. Apple experts predict this model will be released in the fall of 2022, possibly in September. There may also be a rumored iPhone 14 Pro option, too. Dedicated fans of Apple who are thinking about upgrading their iPhone in 2022 may want to hold on to their current phone for a little longer to get the most out of the newest iPhone.

Some speculate that the rumored iPhone 14 will no longer have a notch — a feature that came out with iPhone X that includes sensors for facial identification software. No one is sure what Apple might replace the notch with, and some even believe that they will test out their notch-less design on the Pro version first. Another theory is Apple will adopt a punch-hole design similar to Android phones.

Touch ID®'s return is another discussion topic among Apple fans. Many fans believe Apple will integrate the thumbprint reader into the power button, while others think they will incorporate the reader right into the screen for a more seamless design. Apple might also finally do away with the lightning port and rely entirely on Bluetooth and wireless charging — though Apple might only launch this on the Pro model first.

Rumored Blackberry 5G

In 2022, we will see the Blackberry®  revival with the rumored Blackberry 5G. Even though it's been a long time since we've seen a new Blackberry, the brand is making a return with a model that will be 5G compatible to adjust to modern standards. Additionally, the phone will use the Android operating system, though people are not sure which version it will start with.

Like the older models, the rumored Blackberry 5G will sport a physical keyboard, setting it apart from other new cell phones in 2022. Blackberry executives have yet to reveal the keyboard's design, but people hope to see the return of the sliding keyboard, which provides more space to optimize typing speed and accuracy.

Rumored Google Pixel 6

The rumored Google Pixel 6®  will be the latest model in the Google Pixel series and will come out at the same time as the Pixel 6 Pro. This model will be the first Google phone produced with Google Tensor® , the unique chipset Google manufactured and designed themselves — and will be the first Google phone to have a curved screen as well.

Google officially announced that they would release the rumore Pixel 6 in late October 2022, giving Google fans a set date to look forward to.

One feature to note with the newest Google phone is the camera. It seemed to receive the bulk of the updates with increased resolution ranges for better quality photos. The 6 Pro might have a triple camera with basic, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses, in addition to an increased optical zoom. The new chipset also allows for newer camera functions, including:

  • Face unblur: This feature will allow users to increase the quality of images to focus on moving faces and objects for sharper pictures.
  • Magic eraser: Users can use this powerful tool to remove details from their pictures, such as unwanted items in the background, to create quality and tailored images.
  • Motion mode: With this feature, users can add more depth and movement to a photo by layering several images. Users can take action shots without the need for a long-exposure capability.

The design of the Google phone has also changed with the arrival of the Pixel 6. For this model, they are using a sleek and durable glass and metal design. On the back, the camera lenses have their own black bar that cuts across the phone, creating a different visual for Google users.

Huawei P50

If you want something that incorporates the newest technology and features, consider waiting for this model to reach the U.S. in 2022. 

Huawei P50

While this model is already available in China, many anticipate this phone to release in the U.S. sometime in 2022. The model sports various high-tech upgrades, making it higher quality than previous versions. If you want something that incorporates the newest technology and features, consider waiting for this model to reach the U.S. in 2022.

The Huawei P50 has a 6.6-inch screen with a high pixel resolution that surpasses other smartphone models and has more storage for better phone functionality. The new cellphone will have four camera lenses, each with its own improvements from earlier models — a telephoto lens, a monochrome camera, an ultra-wide lens and a powerful optical zoom lens. Each will improve in quality and resolution to create a more powerful cellphone camera.

Like the Pixel 6, the P50 will feature new camera functions to create better images and videos. The rear camera also got an upgrade, allowing users to take higher-quality selfies that they can post across their social media accounts.

The phone also sports dual stereo speakers for a better sound that will fit every situation. The glass is dust resistant, but the entire model is waterproof, making it safe to bring with you to the pool, beach or out in the rain. To help combat eye strain from technology, the designers included a screen dimmer that doesn't compromise the high-quality graphics.

Mircosoft Surface Duo 2

In September, Microsoft® announced they would launch their latest phone, the Surface Duo 2, in late October 2022. This foldable model will have visible hinges that connect two separate screens. Also, with this upgrade, users can pre-order the Surface Slim Pen 2 that they can use with their phones.

The upgrade's screens will increase to 5.8 inches each, with the total display equalling 8.3 inches. The phone will use a Snapdragon® chip like many other phones for high functionality. It will have better device storage than previous models, too.

This model will have several new features, including three new camera lenses on the rear in addition to the front-facing camera. A fingerprint identification system will be on the power button, and the phone will have stereo speakers for listening to music or watching videos.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone

Maintain Your Productivity

Protect Sensitive Information

Save Money on Repairs

Benefits of Upgrading Your Phone

Whether you have an upgrade plan or choose to get a new phone on your schedule, upgrading your cell phone regularly can have several benefits for your phone's functionality and costs.

Maintain Your Productivity

Phones wear out over time, both internally and externally. Manufacturers improve and update operating systems regularly to ensure optimal functionality of their products. However, over time, cell phone models are no longer compatible with the newest operating system updates. This can lead to slower loading times and the phone not working as it should. Some apps may also only work on the most recent operating systems.

Hardware degrades over time, too, which can affect your phone's productivity. Phone batteries, for example, lose 80% of their capacity to maintain a full charge after the first 500 charges. You may find yourself limiting your phone use to save battery or bringing your charger with you everywhere. Upgrading your phone can give you a fresh start with your battery.

When you upgrade your phone, you also gain access to some of the newest advancements in technology. Each year, phone manufacturers work hard to improve their devices, adding new and exciting features that increase functionality and impress their users. Foldable phones are one of the newer trends, and they allow users to have bigger screens without the bulkiness. When you invest in a new upgrade, you can ensure you aren't missing out on the latest innovations.

Protect Sensitive Information

When phones don't have the newest operating systems, they may not be protected from malware and viruses. Signs of malware or viruses on cell phones include:

  • Apps that randomly crash.
  • A battery that quickly drains even when you're not using the phone.
  • Frequent overheating.

Each of these can affect your phone's functionality as well as the safety of your personal information. That's why having the most up-to-date operating systems is essential.

If your phone no longer supports newer operating systems, it might be time to upgrade.

Save Money on Repairs

As your phone gets older, features may not work as well, and you may have small scratches and other damage. These issues can be harder to replace on an older phone. Technology becomes obsolete, and manufacturers may stop carrying replacement parts.

Trying to replace an aging phone might even be more expensive than simply buying a new one. Many new phones also include warranties, allowing for some repairs to be done for free or at a reduced cost.

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Trade-In Your Phone With ecoATM

If you are considering upgrading your phone, you may want to wait until the release of the newest options in 2022. With release dates spread throughout the year, you can decide which model you like best. Many manufacturers also offer multiple versions of their latest model with each launch. Some phone options are even available in different colors, so you can choose the one that fits your style.

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