How to Switch From Android to iPhone

How to Switch From Android to iPhone

So you've decided to join the world of Apple. Great choice! iPhones have a lot to offer. But with everything you hold dear on your old Android, you might be hesitant about starting fresh. Thankfully, you don't have to. Apple has made it very easy to transfer data from Android to iPhone. With the help of a handy app, you can move most of your data in no time.

Whether you just need to know how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or move loads of data, the process is easy. We'll walk you through it. We'll also discuss a few other things you might want to know about switching from Android to iPhone, like what you can transfer and when the best time to buy is. Let's dive in!

Why Switch From Android to iPhone

Ease of use
Camera systems
The Apple ecosystem

Why Switch From Android to iPhone

Still considering the switch? Don't let the idea of a complicated setup process scare you away from Apple. It's not nearly as tough as you may think it is to switch from Android to iPhone. Additionally, you can enjoy everything the iPhone has to offer without losing your data. Let us entice you with some of the reasons people love their iPhones:

  • Speed: iPhones are lightning-fast. Apple stays ahead of the competition and usually beats Android by a long shot in performance tests.
  • Ease of use: iPhones are great for those who aren't very tech-savvy. Techies love them too, but iPhones are easy to understand and use. Apple also offers a wide range of accessibility tools. You can make the text larger and create custom shortcuts.
  • Security: iPhones are generally more secure than Androids. Apple has a tight lockdown on how its software and app store works. The Face ID feature is very sophisticated, too. Android has somewhat looser security practices. Android phones are also a more popular target for hackers since most phones in use are Androids.
  • Camera systems: iPhones are known for having great cameras, even in lower-cost models like the iPhone SE. The hardware and software work together beautifully for sharp, colorful photos and video.
  • The Apple ecosystem: Many iPhone users also have other Apple devices, like MacBooks, AirPods, iPads or Apple Watches. The iPhone works seamlessly with all of them. You can easily transfer files, send texts and connect between Apple devices.
  • Support: Apple has stellar support services available for new iPhone users. Friendly service agents can help you use your device. If you need a repair, Apple-certified agents offer trustworthy service that the manufacturer supports.

Is It Easy to Switch From Android to iPhone?

Switching from Android to iPhone is very easy, thanks to an app called Move to iOS. You download this app onto your Android, and it walks you through the process. You can transfer your data in just a few clicks. We'll discuss it in more detail later but know that Move to iOS makes it easy to move data from an Android phone.

A topic that might be a little more challenging is getting used to using the iPhone. It can feel like a big shift if you're familiar with Android. Thankfully, iPhones are incredibly user-friendly. They're known for being easy to navigate and delightful to use. Designers love the interface, which uses context to offer the right tools at the right time. Apple Maps might open when you get in the car. Your music might start playing when you put your headphones in. iOS is very intuitive and makes it easy to switch.

iPhones are also nice for Android users because they retain some popular features. On your iPhone, for example, you can swipe across the keyboard to type and use a tap-to-pay wallet. The whole thing might feel more familiar than you think.

Apple also offers tools to help you learn how to move from Android to iPhone. The Tips app guides you through some of the cool features of your iPhone. Apple support is always there, too.

Some apps will transfer over if they are free and available in both the Google Play store and the App Store. You'll need to move music, books and PDF files manually.

What Can You Transfer From Android to iPhone?

The Move to iOS app transfers almost everything you'll need to move, including:

  • Accessibility settings.
  • Calendars.
  • Contacts.
  • Display settings.
  • Files and folders.
  • Message history.
  • Photos and videos.
  • Web bookmarks.
  • Mail accounts.

That list covers a lot, but maybe not everything. To transfer apps from Android to iPhone, you may need to redownload them from the App Store. Some apps will transfer over if they are free and available in both the Google Play store and the App Store. You'll need to move music, books and PDF files manually. We'll walk you through that, too.

Remember that many of your favorite apps are probably cloud-based. That means you can log into them and access your data from anywhere. Say you use Spotify or Pandora to listen to music. You won't need to transfer your songs manually or through Move to iOS. Instead, you'll simply need to download the app on your iPhone and log in. All of your songs should be there automatically. Other apps that might work like this include:

  • Email, such as Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Spark.
  • File managers, like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and Box.
  • Games and social media apps.
  • Notetaking apps like Evernote, Microsoft OneNote and Notability.

Coming to iPhone from a Google device? Your files are probably already stored in Google apps. These include Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. You might be able to bypass data transfer altogether if your data is in the cloud.

What to Do Before Restoring Your iPhone

Android phones come from many different manufacturers. Getting a good deal on one is like getting a good deal on most other products. You might just need to keep an eye out for a sale. iPhones are a bit different. Apple announces new models once a year. That means you can time your purchase to get a better deal.

You generally don't want to buy an iPhone between June and September since Apple typically releases new iPhones in September. After September, you can buy the latest model and know you have the newest tech for another year. This is also a great time to buy an older iPhone. After new models are released, the old ones often drop in price.

Buying used or refurbished is better after September, too. You probably won't see as much difference, but the timing still helps. The lower prices on older models affect the used market.

For year-round iPhone deals, keep an eye out for sales around holidays, like Black Friday. Apple doesn't usually offer steep discounts, but other retailers and online sellers might.

What to Do Before Switching From Android to iPhone

Before you switch from Android to iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Back up your phone: A backup can keep your files safe on your computer if something goes wrong during the data transfer.
  • Make sure you know your passwords: You'll need to log into your apps. Knowing your passwords or resetting them can make the process easier.
  • Make sure your Android data will fit on the iPhone: Phones have a limited amount of built-in memory. You may also have a microSD card in your Android that gives it additional space for data. Look up the instructions for your Android device to find out how much storage you've used. Make sure that amount is less than the amount of storage available on your iPhone. Say you bought an iPhone with 256 gigabytes of memory, but you used 270 gigabytes on your Android. You would need to delete some files to make room.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on on your Android: This is necessary for wireless data transfer.
  • Erase your iPhone if you have already gone through the setup process: If you need to transfer Android to iPhone after setting up your iPhone, you'll need to erase it and start fresh. Erase your device in Settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Transferring Data From Android to iPhone

Now you're ready to transfer data. You can do this manually or with Move to iOS. Move to iOS is by far the easiest option, so use it if you can. For other types of data, use the manual methods outlined below.

How to Transfer Data From Android to iPhone With Move to iOS

For this method, you'll just want to grab a charging cable and your phones. You'll keep them plugged in and next to each other the whole time.

Here's how to transfer from Android to iPhone with Move to iOS:

  1. On your iPhone: Start setup on your iPhone. Follow the instructions. You'll eventually land on the Apps & Data screen. Once there, tap the button that says Move Data from Android. A QR code should pop up for you to scan on the Android, or you can search for Move to iOS in the Google Play store.
  2. On your Android: Open Move to iOS.
  3. On your iOS device: Tap Continue. A 10- or six-digit code should appear. Your iPhone will also create its own Wi-Fi connection at this point.
  4. On your Android: Enter the code. When the Wi-Fi network pops up, tap Connect to join it. A Transfer Data screen should appear. From here, you can select the content you want to transfer. Once you've selected everything you want, tap Continue.
  5. On both phones: Watch for the loading bar on your iPhone to complete. Your Android phone might say the process is finished sooner. Still, leave both devices alone until the iPhone is finished loading. Keep them plugged in and near each other.
  6. On your Android: After the iPhone shows the process is finished, you can tap Done on the Android phone.
  7. On your iPhone: Tap Continue. Finish setting up your phone according to the on-screen instructions.

Just like that, your files are ready to go.

Manually Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

• Plug your Android into your computer
• Select the photos and videos you want to transfer
• Disconnect your Android phone and connect your iPhone
• Launch iTunes

Manually Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

If you need to move data manually, you'll need your computer, USB charging cables and an app or two. Follow these steps to transfer your photos and videos:

  1. Plug your Android into your computer: On the phone, you should get a notification. Click on it and select Transfer files. If you're using a PC, the phone will appear in your file browser like a USB drive. From here, you can find your photos and videos under DCIM > Camera. On a Mac, download and run Android File Transfer. Follow the same steps to find your photos and videos in the Finder.
  2. Select the photos and videos you want to transfer: Drag and drop them into a new folder on your computer.
  3. Disconnect your Android phone and connect your iPhone: Download and open iTunes on your PC or Mac.
  4. Launch iTunes: Select your device in the sidebar and click on the app for the files you'll be transferring. Options include photos, books, music, movies and more. Click Add and select the files from your computer. They should appear on your iPhone.

If iTunes doesn't have an app for your file, upload them to your iCloud account. You can log into iCloud on your phone and download the files that way.

What to Do With Your Old Android Phone

Before you throw out your old phone or trade in with your carrier, stop and consider what else you could do with it. Trading in or recycling your old phone does two things. Depending on its age and condition, you might be able to get cash for it. Trading or recycling also keeps your phone out of our natural environment. 

Electronic waste is a huge problem. Your trusty phone is built with many different materials, and some of them pose a danger to our health. Tossing phones in the trash allows these materials to enter the environment. Luckily, you can avoid this by disposing of your phone in the right way.

Another benefit of trading or recycling your phone comes from its value. Just because you're ready for a new phone doesn't mean your Android doesn't have any life left in it. You can extend the life of the phone by putting it in the hands of someone else.

The easiest way to do this is through ecoATM. ecoATM has over 5,000 kiosks across the United States. These kiosks will check your phone. If it's worth cash, you'll get paid on the spot. If it isn't worth anything, we'll responsibly recycle the device. When we recycle devices, we follow strict quality standards and salvage as much material as possible to give your phone new life.

Your switch to iPhone can mean new life for your used phone.

Find an ecoATM Kiosk Today

Don't let your used Android collect dust in a drawer. But don't throw it away, either.

Find an ecoATM Kiosk Today

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So far, ecoATM has collected over 37 million devices. We'd love to add your used Android to the list. See what your phone is worth with our online pricing tool. Then, find an ecoATM kiosk near you to trade it in or recycle it today!

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