How to FaceTime Between iPhone and Android

How to FaceTime Between iPhone and Android

If you want to video chat with a friend on your smartphone, you may have questions. Can an iPhone FaceTime Android devices? Can users participate in video calls together if they have phones from different brands? We're breaking it down for you.

While the FaceTime app is only on Apple devices, there are a few ways you can include individuals with various kinds of phones in a call. We're providing easy-to-follow steps for enjoying video chats across different operating systems.


Learn more about how to FaceTime on an Android and some other video chatting apps you can use with your friends.

FaceTime With Android and Windows Devices

Explore these frequently asked questions about FaceTiming with Android and Windows devices:

Can you FaceTime on Android?

The answer to this question is a little complicated. Android and Windows devices use a different operating system than Apple products, which use:

  • iOS
  • macOS
  • iPadOS

Android and Windows phones do not have FaceTime preinstalled like iPhones. But, users with these types of smartphones can still join in on video calls. They will need an Apple user to start the call and send them an invitation to join.

Can You Download FaceTime on Android?

Users can't start FaceTime from Android to iPhone devices. But, you can join someone else's video call from a phone that does not use iOS. 

Can You Download FaceTime on Android?

You cannot download FaceTime on Android devices. It is an Apple application that is not available on the Microsoft Store or the Google Store.

Users can't start FaceTime from Android to iPhone devices. But, you can join someone else's video call from a phone that does not use iOS. You will need an Apple user to send you an invitation link.

How Does FaceTime Between iPhone and Android Work?

An Android can FaceTime with iPhones if the Apple user starts the call and sends the others a link to join. Android or Windows users should make sure they have the latest version of either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

When they click on the link in their email or text messages, it should open on their device's internet browser. The Apple user will then need to approve anyone who tries to join the call.

Once everyone is approved, the users can enjoy chatting over FaceTime.

Does FaceTime Look the Same on Android and Windows Devices?

FaceTime looks surprisingly similar on both Apple devices and internet browsers. All users will be able to control the following functions while on the video call:

  • Turn their cameras on and off
  • Mute and unmute their microphones
  • Choose the input device
  • Switch the camera view
  • Turn on full-screen mode

Accessing FaceTime from a browser will limit other features. Non-Apple users will not be able to do the following:

  • Share your screen: iPhone and iPad users will be able to share their screens with everyone else on the call. This feature is useful for showing friends new websites and content.
  • Use SharePlay: Users can watch videos or listen to music together over a FaceTime session with a feature called SharePlay.
  • Voice Isolation: Apple devices let you filter out background noise with the Voice Isolation setting found in the Control Center.
  • Portrait mode: Up-to-date Apple software lets users enable Portrait mode. This setting can blur your background so your friends stay focused on you during a FaceTime call.
  • Live Captions: A new feature on iPads and iPhones is Live Captions for FaceTime. As people chat, you'll see subtitles pop up on the screen.

These features are available on Apple devices with the latest software update.

Can your Android FaceTime iPhone Devices From a Web Browser?

While you can join a FaceTime meeting from your web browser, you will not be able to initiate a call. The only way to do this is with an Apple device that is up-to-date with their iOS software.

Do You Need Wi-Fi to FaceTime With an Android?

Any participant in a FaceTime call through an internet browser will need access to either Wi-Fi or cellular data. The FaceTime platform prioritizes stable Wi-Fi connections to improve a call's overall quality.

Are There Other Ways to Video Call Without FaceTime?

FaceTime calls are not the only way to video chat with different devices. You can find various apps that allow all kinds of smartphones to initiate and join video calls.

We will dive deeper into some of the most popular alternatives to FaceTime later on.

How to Start a FaceTime Call With an Android

1. Open the FaceTime App
2. Tap Create Link
3. Choose How You'll Share the Link
4. Join the Call
5. Accept Waiting Visitors

How to Start a FaceTime Call With an Android

You can initiate an iPhone-to-Android FaceTime call with a few quick instructions. Ensure your Apple device is up to date before getting started for the best call quality.

Then, follow these steps for how to FaceTime with Android phones:

1. Open the FaceTime App

The first thing you need to do is launch your Apple device's FaceTime app. Once it is open, look for a button that says Create Link. It will be toward the top of your screen with a link emoji symbol above it.

2. Tap Create Link

Tap the Create Link button. You will see a screen pop up from the bottom of your device with different options.

Consider giving your video call a unique title. You can do this by tapping Add Name under where it says FaceTime Link. Giving the call a title can be for fun or an added security measure.

3. Choose How You'll Share the Link

After you've named the call, it is time to decide how you will send your invitation link. You can choose to send it using one of the following options:

  • Messages
  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Social media

You can also copy and paste the link manually somewhere your contacts will be able to access it.

4. Join the Call

Next, you need to join the call. You will see any active call links under Upcoming in your FaceTime app. Select the call you want to join. You will come to a screen that has your camera on. Choose the settings you want for your camera and microphone. Tap the green Join button.

5. Accept Waiting Visitors

If a user does not have an Apple device, you will need to accept them into the call. When they try to join, they will go to a waiting room. They will wait until you allow them into your video chat. Once you hit the checkmark next to their name, it will give them access to the call. Now it is time to start enjoying your FaceTime session together!

Joining a FaceTime Call as an Android or PC User

Entering a video call from a web browser takes a little time and effort. You may need to coordinate with others in the call beforehand to get it right. Follow these simple steps if you are an Android or PC user joining a FaceTime call:

  • Step 1: Ensure you have the latest version of either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your device. If you have an outdated version, the browser may not support the call.
  • Step 2: Once you receive a link inviting you to join your friend's FaceTime call, tap on it. This should make your internet browser open automatically.
  • Step 3: Your device should prompt you to enter your name. Be sure to use something recognizable so you are accepted into the room. Once you've typed your name, tap the Continue button.
  • Step 4: Wait to join the call. You can't become active on FaceTime from a web browser until someone accepts you. You will see a screen that says, "Waiting to be let in."
  • Step 5: The person who invited you must approve your entry into the call. Once they do this, you can enjoy FaceTiming with friends!

Considerations for Joining a FaceTime Call From an Android or PC

Explore these key considerations for joining a FaceTime video call from a web browser:

  • Battery life: FaceTime can drain your device's battery. Make sure you have a charger nearby before getting on a call.
  • Data: You can enjoy FaceTime while using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Data rates may apply if you do not have access to an internet connection.
  • Controls: If you want to turn your camera or microphone off for the call, you can change these settings before hitting the green Join button.
  • Security: Always make sure you know who is going to be on the call. This is the most basic security measure you can take to protect yourself.

8 Alternatives of FaceTime for Android

1. Facebook Messenger
2. Google Meet
3. Skype
4. Snapchat
5. WhatsApp
6. Viber
7. Lobby
8. JusTalkv

8 Alternatives of FaceTime for Android

Android and iOS devices can connect over video in additional ways. If you want to know how to video call on Android phones or tablets without using FaceTime, check out these apps:

1. Facebook Messenger

If you're looking for a simple alternative to FaceTime, check out what Facebook Messenger has to offer. You can use this platform to video call Android or iOS devices. Users on PCs can also join from their computers.

It is a free platform that anyone with a Facebook account can use. Many people are already signed up, so getting started is often an easy process. You can download the app and log in. Then, you will be able to video call with other users from your smartphone.

2. Google Meet

You can also use Google Meet to make video calls instead of using FaceTime. The app has both paid and free versions. If you want to call friends to chat, the free option has everything you'll need. Anyone with a Google account can easily use this platform. You will not have to make a Google Meet profile or sign up for something new.

One of the advantages of using this option is its integration. You can share documents from other Google apps like Sheets and Docs on the call. It can make planning with friends and family very simple.

3. Skype

If you are looking for an alternative to FaceTime, check out the Skype app from Microsoft. This platform lets you video call with friends in a couple of different ways. You can call others who have an account. Or, you can use a feature named Meet Now that allows you to send a meeting link similar to inviting an Android to a FaceTime call.

You can use the Skype app on major smartphone operating systems and Microsoft devices. You can also see when your friends are calling in real time by turning on your device's notifications.

4. Snapchat

Another fun option is the Snapchat app. Users can call friends in seconds with the built-in video chat feature. This platform can support up to 15 participants on one video call, and you can play with silly filters while you chat. The app is easy to use and completely free.

To make a call, you'll select a conversation with one of your contacts. Then you will click on the small video camera icon and wait for your friend to answer your call. All major operating systems, including iOS and Android, can support video chatting through the Snapchat app.

5. WhatsApp

The WhatsApp platform is a very popular messaging service you can use to make video calls to your contacts. The app supports texting and voice calls as well. It is well known for its advanced privacy features.

The app is entirely free of charge. In addition to accessing it on the web, you can download WhatsApp on devices with the following operating systems:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

You may be surprised to learn how many people are signed up. Many contacts may already use this platform to call and text their friends and family members.

6. Viber

You can also download the Viber app on your smartphone to make video calls. It is a free platform with a few in-app purchase options. Luckily, you can make video calls without any payments.

Viber is a Rakuten platform that has been around for over a decade now. Users can also send text messages and voice calls with this app. Conversations are protected on this platform thanks to its security features.

 7. Lobby

Lobby is another exciting alternative to FaceTime. Smartphone users can make an account and call friends for video chatting and hanging out. You can enjoy one-on-one conversations or invite an entire group.

This app is free and available for all major operating systems. Some of the coolest features on this platform include the following:

  • Screensharing
  • Playing games
  • Listening to music together

8. JusTalk

An app called JusTalk is another good platform to use instead of FaceTime. It allows users to video chat with friends in group meet-ups.

A few fun aspects of JusTalk include doodling on screen or choosing a playful background. The app and video call capabilities are free. But, you can make in-app purchases for special customization and access to different themes.

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