Everything You Need to Know About the Google Pixel Fold

Everything You Need to Know About the Google Pixel Fold

With so many new smartphones on the market, it can be challenging to think of what might set them apart from the devices you already know and love. One of the most highly anticipated cell phones for the upcoming year is the Google Pixel Fold. This new foldable device could be the best Google Pixel phone once it hits the market — if it ever does.

We've combined the latest news surrounding the Google Pixel Phones for those excitedly awaiting its arrival. There is plenty of talk about the new device and how it will compare to other foldable phones. Keep reading to learn the most recent updates about the Pixel Fold!


Release Date

Like iPhones and Galaxy phones, Google's Pixel phones always keep shoppers waiting for the upcoming launches. It can be hard to keep this information a secret, especially as more customers are ready to get their hands on the newest design.

It can be hard to keep this information a secret, especially as more customers are ready to get their hands on the newest design.


Many rumors have circulated about the Pixel Folding Phone and its release date. Many sources suggest a different date, as it was first rumored to be released in late 2021. There was speculation about the new folding Google Pixel being revealed at a Pixel event in the fall of 2021, which also turned out to be false. Google didn't officially announce any new foldable devices during this time.

Since then, there have been many leaks and tips about when the phone will be released. Some industry blogs and analysts have claimed it might not be available to consumers until the Google Pixel 7 comes out in October 2022.


As of November 2021, there was a rumor that Google canceled the foldable Pixel phone entirely. This came from a tip that Google had canceled orders for parts for the device. More recently, in February 2022, reports showed that Google likely plans to release the Pixel Fold near the end of 2022.


Speculation that we would see the foldable Pixel phone by the end of 2022 was quickly overthrown when Google reportedly delayed the Pixel Fold until 2023 or indefinitely. With so many possible release dates, it can be difficult for consumers to keep an eye out for a trustworthy source as they wait to hear from Google themselves.

As of today, it's safe to assume the earliest we could see the Pixel Fold is spring 2023. Google will probably launch a few other products and devices to get excited about before then, like the Pixel Tablet.


Another hot topic surrounding the newest anticipated Google smartphone is the Pixel Fold price. Though many phones drop in price after about a year, some sources say it could be below $1,800. Most smartphones today, including iPhones and Galaxy phones, have a wide range of price tags, including those starting at:

  • iPhone 13 Pro: $999
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: $950
  • Google Pixel 6 Pro: $799
  • iPhone 13 Mini: $699
  • Google Pixel 5A: $449

Because Google has no other foldable device for us to compare, we can only guess what the price may be based on what's available on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Pixel fold phone's biggest competitor, is one of the most expensive phones you can get, costing about $1,799.

Of course, there are many other affordable options from Samsung, Google and Apple. These devices offer different features, abilities and storage options. While some of these options come with a hefty price tag, users can take advantage of trade-in options or buy pre-owned devices, like many of those listed above.

When it comes to the Google Pixel Fold price, most sources and tech blogs agree the range could be somewhere around $1,399 to $1,499. Many reports claim Google will keep a lower price than the Galaxy Z Fold phones as a cheaper alternative for similar features and design. If the $1,400 target price is accurate, the new Google Pixel Fold will be about $400 cheaper than the Samsung at launch.

Google will likely align itself with its competitor's latest offerings. For instance, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs less than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. As Samsung prepares to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 4, rumored to be released later this year, it's possible we could see more competitive pricing and details.

Official Name

Though none of these names are confirmed, reports say it's likely that the device will be called the Pixel Notepad.

Official Name

While many call the new Pixel phone the “Google Pixel Fold,” this isn't the name given by Google for the new device. In fact, there's been some speculation about the phone's official name ahead of its release date. Here are some of the names associated with the new Google Pixel phone:

  • Google Pixel Fold
  • Google Passport
  • Google Logbook
  • Pixel Notepad

Though none of these names are confirmed, reports say it's likely that the device will be called the Pixel Notepad. If true, the new phone will likely offer stylus support and mimic many of today's tablets and notepad features and capabilities.

Some of these rumored names came from Google's internal codenames, such as Passport, Pipit and Needlefish. These names might give clues about the Pixel Fold's official name when it finally launches. While these Google Pixel codenames and model numbers don't prove the new device's name or release, it proves Google is working on a foldable phone that we may soon see.


A highly anticipated aspect of the new Pixel phone is how the foldable design will work and what it will look like. Some sources say the most comparable device could be the Android 12L, a foldable tablet version of an Android phone with a full display on the inside and outside.

The Android 12L is more square-shaped than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones, which are taller and thinner. This could hint at what the Pixel foldable phone has in store in terms of shape and size. This news also lets users know that Google likely plans to model the design after certain popular and well-loved devices.

Patent Hints

Some details about the design plans for the Google Pixel Fold come from patent filings the company has made for a foldable device. One patent shows a device that hinges to reveal a larger screen and even slides out an additional display. Another patent shows a possible foldable device that could fold in three places for more viewing angles.

Unfortunately, relying on patents is tricky because some ideas and devices may never see the light of day. Though we can't know for sure whether these patents reveal the secrets of the Pixel Fold, they may hint at what Google has in the works. The patents may also show if the Pixel Fold could rival the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Display, Size and Shape

There are reports that Google has made a deal with Samsung, which makes display screens for companies like Apple. The report mentions that Google plans to use foldable OLED panels for the new phone. If true, Samsung may also provide Google with an ultra-thin glass layer to help make the phone more durable.

This report says that Google has ordered 7.6-inch screen panels, the same size as the internal screen on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and 4. Other sources claim Google's foldable phone might have a smaller 5.8-inch cover display.

According to these rumors, the Pixel Fold should look like a typical phone screen when shut but open like a book to reveal a larger, tablet-sized display.

Google's foldable phone patents also started a rumor that the new Pixel could have a clamshell design or one with hinges to create a Z-shape as it unfolds into full tablet size.

There are many different foldable designs Google may test, but it might choose something simple for its first foldable phone and advance from there.


Most smartphones on the market have many of the same features consumers love to see, such as:

  • Large storage capacity.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Wireless charging options.
  • Bluetooth.
  • High-resolution displays.
  • Versatile and adjustable features.
  • Apps and web browsing capabilities.

There are plenty of rumors about what features the future Pixel may have. Some predict extra emphasis on details like the camera and charging abilities.

This doesn't mean the Pixel Fold will have tons of different lenses — most Google phones before the Pixel 6 didn't have multiple cameras.


Google will likely want to match the capabilities of its previous camera phones but add slightly new features. This doesn't mean the Pixel Fold will have tons of different lenses — most Google phones before the Pixel 6 didn't have multiple cameras.

Because of the simplistic design of their previous phones, we predict Google will stick to a “less-is-more” mindset when developing the new phone's camera for the new phone. However, one rumor is that the Pixel Fold will have one rear-facing camera and two front-facing lenses. This design is simpler than the three rear cameras the Galaxy Z Fold has.

Google may still delight users with the simple Pixel Fold and make sure it takes the best photos of any foldable device on the market. It's also likely that the new Pixel phone will take videos and pictures on an ultra-wide view, like many other smartphones.

Stylus Support

While Samsung toyed with the idea of including a pen or stylus with Galaxy Z Fold phones, it ultimately decided to keep it more compact. Google may want to provide stylus support or similar features for the Pixel Fold, such as handwriting recognition. These details can completely change how users interact with the device. The stylus or pen could transform the phone from a basic device to an enhanced work tool for more than just wide-screen viewing.

Faster Charging

It's no secret that all smartphone users love fast charging and long-lasting battery power. The Google Pixel Fold will likely combine these features and improve the speed and power of the new device. The foldable Pixel phone is rumored to aim for double the wired charging speed of its Pixel 6 Pro and increase its wireless charging in the process.

Enhanced View

Once Google announces the Pixel Fold phone, we can keep an eye out for how watching videos and movies in the extended tablet mode will work. For instance, closing the phone might automatically continue the video on the outside display screen or even pause until it's in full-view mode.


The Pixel folding phone will likely have many new software features to support a foldable device's unique operating system. This system might include optimized apps for the foldable screen or custom foldable-friendly options for customers.

Multitasking Options

Google's new software features may resemble some of the Android 12L's capabilities, which take full advantage of the wide screen space on the foldable device.

There will also likely be multitasking options, such as adjustable taskbars and multi-window features. This means users may be able to switch between different interfaces and have two separate home screens to arrange as they want.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold offers multitasking options and dual home screens. Google may try to add these popular, user-friendly features to their new device since consumers seem to love them.

Users may also get to see more content from apps when opening them on the foldable device. This feature lets users quickly reveal or hide the taskbar and navigate without losing screen space.

Processing Power

Along with more intuitive displays and operating systems, the new Pixel Fold may also give users better processing power. This means users will have quicker loading times, downloads and more powerful performance overall.

Better processing power will allow the new phone to adjust to users' needs on every screen and display. Users can enjoy more speed and capabilities that smartphones with only one display can't beat. The updated processing power will also likely fix any hardware bugs or security issues previous Pixel phones might have had.

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