The Best Smart Phones of 2022 for the Holidays

The Best Smart Phones of 2022 for the Holidays

The holidays are just around the corner. If you're looking to buy a new phone for yourself or your loved ones, you need a device with the power to multitask. Every phone has a unique battery life, camera quality and storage capacity. It can be difficult to determine which one is best.

Luckily, there are plenty of quality smartphones available today. You can find the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Spoil a family member or gift yourself a phone with the essentials for $500 and under this holiday season. In this guide, we'll highlight some of the top phones 2022 has to offer. We'll also show some of the best phones to fit your budget.

Whether you have a small list or shop for everyone you know, it can be hard to find a gift that works for everyone. 

Why You Should Consider Tech Gifts for Your Loved Ones

November and December are for planning, buying, wrapping and giving presents. Whether you have a small list or shop for everyone you know, it can be hard to find a gift that works for everyone. While you can get away with more general, affordable gifts for your coworkers, you might want to splurge a little more on your spouse, best friend or favorite family member.

Tech gifts, including smartphones, are always sure to delight. Gifting someone a phone lets you offer a present that will last. There are many options for buying new phones today, particularly with Black Friday deals. You can choose from a brand-new, pre-owned or slightly upgraded device.

The best new phones on the market will certainly impress, but you can find reliable phones with great features for almost any budget. By buying your loved one a new phone, you can be confident they will get years of use out of it, whether for work, school, hobbies, or other activities.

What Are the Best Phones to Gift in 2022?

There's a phone out there for everyone and dozens of devices that put the whole world at your fingertips. From high-resolution pictures to sleek designs to wireless charging, you can find the best 2022 cell phones to gift for the holidays below.

Best iPhones 2022

Here are the best iPhones of 2022 to snag for your loved ones: 

1. iPhone 14 Pro Max
2. iPhone 13  

Best iPhones 2022

The Apple® iPhone is one of the most popular cell phones for personal and business use. All of these devices have a distinct set of features and benefits, but the newer models are definitely something to rave about. Here are the best iPhones of 2022 to snag for your loved ones:

1. iPhone 14 Pro Max

The newest addition to the iPhone lineup, the 14 Pro Max, is one of the most stunning devices. This iPhone has a larger screen and nearly 15-hour battery life to meet many different lifestyles. One of the new features on this phone lets users put customized widgets on the home screen for easy access. The iPhone 14 Pro Max also has a beautiful camera with deeper focus control when taking pictures or videos.

The autofocus feature keeps images smooth and gives selfies a huge quality boost. This iPhone is also the first on the market to offer crash detection. If your loved one is in a car accident, the iPhone 14 Pro Max can automatically alert emergency services. This capability alone may make the hefty price tag worth it.

2. iPhone 13

For the best everyday phone, the iPhone 13 is an excellent choice. This relatively recent release has high-quality rear cameras and impressive performance. The iPhone 13 is a reliable option for having more control over app tracking and new screenshot and text abilities.

If you or your loved one currently has an iPhone 12 or earlier, they may deal with an inefficient battery. The iPhone 13 has a much better battery life and faster 5G connectivity. The iPhone 13 also has Cinematic Mode to transition focus in real-time when taking videos automatically.

Best Android Phones 2022

There are over a dozen Samsung Android phones your friends and family will love. Here are the best Samsung phones of 2022:

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

For the best-in-class display and built-in pen for more efficient work, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the ultimate phone for power users. This device features 70% less latency for faster, smoother performance. For those in your life who are constantly on their phones or need them for school and work, this smartphone may do just the trick.

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra offers brighter and more saturated colors so users can easily read and see in direct sunlight. Finally, this Android phone charges faster and has an improved camera design for nighttime. Whether your loved ones are relaxing at home or on a busy business trip, this device is a fantastic choice for overall quality and capability.

2. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the best Android phone for multitaskers. This foldable phone is perfect for those who read or stream movies on their device. The taskbar makes it easier and faster for users to access content between apps.

This device also has improved cameras, a bright display and slimmer hinges for a perfect pocket-sized phone. The main feature is the foldable design that lets users open the device into a tablet. This makes the screen bigger, which is better for watching videos or working.

Best Google Pixel Phones 2022

Google Pixel phones offer unique features and designs to delight loved ones this holiday season. Here are the best Google smartphones of 2022:

1. Google Pixel 7 Pro

The newest Google Pixel release is the 7 Pro. This device has a fresh design made of recycled materials and an all-day battery life. The Pixel 7 Pro also has exceptional camera improvements, so users can take vivid photos and videos from a long distance. As with most smartphones, the Pixel 7 Pro has dust and water resistance.

This device can be a top pick for music lovers and those who stream shows on their phones, thanks to the great stereo speakers. If you're looking to gift a Google Pixel this year, the Pixel 7 Pro is an absolute powerhouse, yet lightweight enough for daily use.

2. Google Pixel 6 Pro

Though it's not the newest Google smartphone, the Pixel 6 Pro is one of the best mobile phones of 2022 because of its large size and impressive screen. This device has an advanced camera system that reduces motion blur in photos and videos. Additionally, it offers great battery life and fast performance.

Gifting this smartphone to a loved one will enhance their everyday tasks, like working on the go or gaming. The Pixel 6 Pro also lets you digitally remove unwanted items from photos.

• iPhones 

1. iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
2. iPhone 13 Mini

• Androids

1. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro
2. Samsung Galaxy A53

• Google Pixels 

1. Google Pixel 5a With 5G
2. Google Pixel 6a

Best Budget Phones of 2022 for the Holidays

Best Budget Phones of 2022 for the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, expenses can quickly stack up. Though it's the season of giving, you have to break the bank. If you want to surprise your friends, family or significant other with a new phone, you can do so on a budget.

You can even get your hands on some newer models with just as many exceptional features as the latest releases. Some of these devices may even be found for less than $500. Let's look at the best budget smartphones you can snag this year:


Some brand-new iPhones can cost up to $1,600. While pricier models may have all the bells and whistles, you can still find quality Apple devices in a more reasonable price range. Here are two budget-friendly iPhone options:

1. iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

The 2022 iPhone SE is a powerful option for the cost. Its thin, lightweight design and faster connectivity make it an ideal budget-friendly choice. This device has a smaller screen than recent releases, but it's still one of the best bargain smartphones out there.

The iPhone SE 2nd Gen also maintains the Touch ID feature and all-day battery power. Additionally, this cell phone is water resistant and will get software updates for years to come. For the price, it maintains excellent build quality and speedy processing. The iPhone SE is also 5G compatible, so your loved one can benefit from faster connectivity and enhanced Wi-Fi.

2. iPhone 13 Mini

Like the iPhone SE, the iPhone 13 Mini is a smaller smartphone that still packs a powerful punch. This pocket-friendly device is one of the cheapest models in Apple's lineup. However, it doesn't compromise processing power or camera abilities. Though the battery is not as strong as the iPhone 13's, this mini model is still highly functional. The phone maintains a solid performance and has the same overall power as the iPhone 13 model.

Compared to the iPhone 12 Mini model, this device has a slightly larger battery and better camera. Additionally, the 13 Mini has a base storage of 128GB. That is pretty big, considering the phone's size and price. The iPhone 13 Mini is perfect for someone who isn't glued to their phone all day, but still wants the quality features that come with the other new iPhones.


Android phones are popular for many reasons. They have a wide range of features, like iPhones, that are ideal for any type of lifestyle or preference. Here are some of the best budget android phones of 2022:

1. Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

The Galaxy XCover Pro is ideal for those who use their phone for work because of its incredible durability. This device can withstand moisture, drops and harsh weather conditions. The XCover Pro can even respond to wet gloves, so your loved ones can still activate their touch screen during snowy or rainy days.

Though this smartphone is certainly built for rugged use, it maintains a compact and sleek design. It can also be used for many business needs, like high-speed connectivity or scanning.

2. Samsung Galaxy A53

If you have a photography lover in your life, the Samsung Galaxy A53 has a remarkable camera and bold screen for its budget-friendly price. This device has a larger display screen with crisp visuals for taking photos or streaming media.

The Galaxy A53 is a popular budget Android phone because of its excellent software support policy and long battery life. The A53 charging speed may be a bit slower compared to other models., but the phone still offers a premium experience and long shelf life. To top it off, this device is dust and water-resistant.

Google Pixels

Though there are fewer Google Pixel phones than iPhones and Samsungs, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the best Google Pixel cell phones of 2022 to consider on your holiday budget:

1. Google Pixel 5a With 5G

The Google Pixel 5a with 5G connectivity offers a lot of power for its price. This device has a reliable camera and long battery life. Users also benefit from high dust and water resistance, perfect for those who travel often. This phone only comes in one color and storage capacity configuration. Yet, its primary benefits make up for the lack of design options.

The Pixel 5a's Google software experience is supported by the latest version of Android. This means it gets the same consistent updates as other Google Pixel phones and receives them first. Due to the release of newer Pixels, this phone generally comes at a much lower price. The Pixel 5a provides a high-capacity battery that can last up to two days. It also has fantastic 5G support for better connectivity.

2. Google Pixel 6a

One of the most affordable Google Pixel smartphones is the Google Pixel 6a. This phone performs well and has a good camera and battery life for its budget-friendly price. Due to its custom-built chip, the 6a will be a dependable phone for your loved one to rely on for years to come. This device comes with five years of security updates and a high water resistance capability. If you're looking for a budget phone that will last, the Pixel 6a could be the perfect choice.

Though the battery size is on the smaller side, its overall performance is better than you might think. This mobile phone has the best all-around package of essential features and also contains some new ones. For instance, the 6a comes with improved night photography and an eraser tool for removing certain elements from a picture.

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