Best Black Friday
Phone Deals 2023

Best Smartphone Black Friday Phone Deals 2023

It's that time of the year again - Black Friday! While our inboxes are being flooded with deals from basically all retailers, it can be overwhelming to find the best price on what you're looking for. Smartphones in particular have a wide range of various discounts, model, contracts and much more.

What's also important is being aware of our consumption during the busiest shopping season of the year. Why not consider certified refurbished iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models and more for those wish lists you're currently tackling?

Check out our helpful guide below and score the best phone deals possible this season while contributing to a healthier planet through device recirculation!

What Black Friday Phone Deals Should I Expect?

With an array of retailers, various discounts and devices, you can expect to see several options for upgrading during Black Friday. You can expect the best deals of the year during this time for most personal devices. For several retailers, they will be offering the lowest prices possible during Black Friday. If you have any hesititation on whether or not to shop, now is the best time to buy a phone.

When do Black Friday Phone Deals Start?

They've already begun! Most retailers have already began their Black Friday phone deals, including the Cyber Week sale at Gazelle. Rather than having to wait until actual Black Friday or Cyber Monday, most retailers are already selling heavily discounted phones like the Google Pixel, iPhone models, Samsung phones and more.

If you're looking for the best possible deal, you'll want to consider purchasing a certified refurbished phone over a brand new phone. Not only is this in line with living a sustainable lifestyle, but you'll also be saving much more on your next smartphone.

Your best bet for the top Black Friday phone deals is online shopping from a trusted source.

Black Friday Refurbished Phone Deals 2023

While a brand new phone may seem tempting, opting for a refurbished phone is not only less expensive but will also align with sustainable practices as you're giving a used device a chance at second life! Here are our top picks for certified refurbished phones during Black Friday.

iPhone 14 Pro

A front runner in 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro is an excellent choice for any tech enthusiast on your shopping list. This model houses the powerful A16 Bionic Chip and a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR Display, perfect for anyone who enjoys social scrolling or utlizing their phone to multi-task.

While brand new iPhone 14 Pro models will be on sale during Black Friday, you can save even more money by opting for a certified refurbished iPhone 14 Pro from Gazelle, which are currently on sale with a 25% discount with promo code CYBER25. If you're looking for the latest for less, a certified refurbished iPhone 14 Pro is your best choice.

iPhone 13

Another solid choice in terms of modern design and features, a refurbished iPhone 13 is an excellent option for those looking to upgrade this holiday season.This model features a vivid 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display, powered by the signature A15 Bionic chip.

Opting for a refurbished iPhone 13 this shopping season will help to put more change back into your wallet. In fact, if you shop early Black Friday deals now, you could be paying as little as $405 for a refurbished iPhone 13. You'll be saving money and doing your part for the planet by choosing a recirculated device!

Samsung Galaxy S23

The latest and greatest of Samsung phones, the Galaxy S23. This phone is one of the best selling of the year, and for a reason. The Samsung Galaxy S23 is loaded with new and improved features that any Android user would be ecsatic to receive for the holidays.

There's no better time than Black Friday to score a good deal on a Galaxy S23, especially when the phone is already discounted. Make sure to check out all of your options and consider a certified refurbished Galaxy S23 for your holiday giftee this year.

Samsung Galaxy S22

For the Android fan on your shopping list, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is a fantastic choice for a holiday gift. The Galaxy S22 is one of the best Android phones on the market and offers most of the bells and whistles that Andriod fans use and love. This model features a 6.8-inch WQHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X Infinity-O display, the perfect size for anyone who uses their Android phone for work or play.

The best phone deal on a Galaxy S22 for Black Friday? Yes, you guessed it - shopping refurbished. You can grab a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S22 for as little as $350 when you shop with Gazelle and use promo code CYBER25 at checkout.

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Why Should I Shop Refurbished for Black Friday?

The excitement of all of the online shopping deals at your fingertips may make it difficult to keep in tune with best sustainabile practices during the holidays. Opting for refurbiished devices during your Black Friday shopping has several benefits:

  • Contributing to less electronic waste. By choosing a certified refurbished smartphone over a new phone, you're helping to limit the increase of electronic waste that enters our environment by giving that device a chance at second life.
  • Saving money. Choosing a refurbished phone for your holiday giftee (or yourself) is an excellent way to pocket savings.
  • More flexibility. While several major retailers will be offering sweet deals on smartphones during Black Friday, many of the carriers, if not most, will expect you to join their program through a contract. Shopping at a trusted online retailer, like Gazelle, allows you to select a carrier-locked or unlocked device that you have more flexibility with in terms of network.

Trade-In Your Phone This Black Friday

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Trade In Your Old Phone with ecoATM

Is a new phone on your Black Friday list? You might be able to reduce the price even more by trading in your used phone and using those funds towards Black Friday deals and other nice discounts during the holiday season.

You can make trade-ins in just under 10 minutes with ecoATM. If we can offer you cash for it, we will. Otherwise, we'll take it off your hands by recycling it for you. Use our online tool to price your device today. Then, find a kiosk near you to get started!