2023 Apple Event: What We Know About the Rumored iPhone 15

2023 Apple Event: What We Know About the Rumored iPhone 15

September is upon us, which means one of the biggest times of the year for Apple lovers and techies alike: the fall Apple Event. Each year brings new OS updates, devices, and future plans from the tech giant. Most importantly for some is the yearly new iPhone release.   

Will the new 2023 iPhone model (rumored to be the iPhone 15) be worth the purchase? We’ve gathered what we know so far to help you make the best decision possible when it comes time for the release. 


The Rumored iPhone 15

The newest addition to the iPhone family, this model is rumored to have some sweet aesthetic elevations, functional upgrades, and possible price hikes. 

An Enhanced Camera Setup

Nearly every year, we’ve seen upgrades and new additions to the iPhone camera system. It’s been widely whispered throughout the internet over the last few months that the higher models of the rumored iPhone 15 – think Pro and Pro Max – will have a periscopic zoom lens. This will extend beyond the current 3X zoom that is currently offered on iPhone models. 

The New A17 Bionic Chip

The rumored iPhone 15 Pro models are said to be powered by the new A17 Bionic chip. While exact details are still unclear on the A17, it’s rumored to be much more powerful and efficient than previous chipsets. 

Goodbye Lightning, Hello USB-C

While the rumored base model of the new iPhone may still have the lightning charging port, it’s been said that the Pro models will now have a USB-C charging port instead. This is a more universally accepted charging port option that both MacBooks and some iPads already feature. 

Less Bezel, More Action

The obsession with the shrinking bezel continues as rumors swirl around a much smaller bezel on the rumored iPhone 15 models. The skinny on the shrinking bezel is that the thin border surrounding the display is rumored to be about .7mm thinner than previous iPhone models. 

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