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How much can I sell Samsung Galaxy® s8 Plus for?

The model, carrier, and condition are a few major factors affecting the value of your Galaxy S8 Plus. The resale value of your cell phone depends on the brand, market demand and storage space. We will offer the best price estimate possible for used cell phones.

We guarantee that you get a fair payment for your pre-owned device. As a company committed to environmental sustainability, our goal is to minimize electronic waste by providing competitive pricing. If your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is in good condition, bring it to our kiosk and receive an instant quote.

What is the process for selling my Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus?

Sell or recycle your old cell phones with us. It is a simple and hassle-free process; all you need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Visit our website and enter the details of your old cell phone, including the model and carrier. You would also note its condition, such as whether it has a cracked screen, scratches, or water damage, to get the best offer price.
  2. Factory reset the cell phone to remove apps and personal data. Fully charge the device as well.
  3. Now, bring your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to one of our kiosks for a thorough evaluation.
  4. Sell your old phone to us and get a fair price. We offer instant cash or digital transfer through PayPal or Venmo.

We also recycle non-working cell phones.

Can I sell a broken Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

You may sell your broken or cracked-screen Samsung Galaxy s8 at one of our kiosks. We offer prices that vary depending on the condition of your cell phone. However, we may not buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus in all conditions.

Fully functional devices tend to get a higher value estimate. We will responsibly recycle your non-working cell phone to reduce electronic waste.

Can I sell a locked Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

Yes. Since we accept devices from all carriers, including T-Mobile and Verizon, you can sell your locked Galaxy S8 Plus at our kiosks. Find out if you can trade in your Galaxy S8 Plus by checking our website today.