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How much can I sell my Samsung Galaxy® Fold for?

Ready to get a new phone and want to sell your Samsung Galaxy Fold? Sell today based on condition and other factors. The Price Your Device tool on our site is free and provides a quick quote on phones and other devices. Learn how to trade-in your phone for free and even get a great cash offer for your Galaxy Fold.

Our service gives you speedy payment options via PayPal or Venmo. Sell your device with confidence at the best price and contribute to a sustainable future. Get started by checking the amount with our free tool.

What is the process for selling my Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Selling your Samsung Galaxy Fold with ecoATM is a straightforward process. Begin by pricing your Galaxy device to receive an instant cash offer. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the ecoATM kiosk closest to where you are.
  2. Prepare your Galaxy Fold by doing a factory reset. Make sure you turn off all security features at the same time.
  3. Connect your device to the ecoATM kiosk for testing.
  4. Choose instant cash payment with an offer price or opt for recycling.

Enjoy a hassle-free process, contribute to electronic waste reduction, and get the best value for your Samsung Galaxy Fold today!

Can I sell a broken Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Certainly! Have a broken Samsung Galaxy Fold? No problem! At ecoATM, we accept most devices in any condition, including those with a cracked screen or poor functionality. Trade in your Galaxy Fold and receive competitive cash offers, factoring in elements like device condition and storage capacity.

Whether it's fully functional or not, enjoy a straightforward process and get paid in cash for your broken device. Experience easy trade – the free and secure solution for selling or recycling your Galaxy Fold.

Can I sell a locked Samsung Galaxy Fold?

Absolutely! You can sell a locked Samsung Galaxy Fold at ecoATM kiosks. We accept devices from any carrier. Keep in mind that the cash offer depends on the device's condition.

While a locked device may bring in less cash, our process ensures the best prices. Take advantage of our straightforward trade-in, receive cash, and contribute to responsible electronic waste disposal. Get started with a phone quote and sell your Galaxy Fold with confidence!