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What Samsung® Devices Can I Sell?

If you’re looking to sell or recycle your Samsung device, we’re here to help. Currently, ecoATM accepts the following Samsung devices: 

  • Galaxy smartphones 
  • Galaxy tablets 
  • Galaxy mp3 players 

How Much Is My Samsung Device Worth?

The price we offer is based on a few different factors. The age, brand, model, and level of wear all impact pricing. We also consider the current market value when gauging the amount to give you our best possible price. 

If you have an old Samsung device that is not worth anything, we are happy to take it out of your hands and have it recycled or upcycled free of charge. Find information on pricing and more on our FAQ page and learn which of your devices are worth the most money.  

Why Sell My Samsung?

There are several benefits to selling your Samsung Galaxy device with ecoATM: 

How Do I Sell My Samsung to ecoATM?

You can easily sell your Samsung devices with our three-step process. Our selling operation is straightforward:  

  1. Find your closest ecoATM kiosk and connect your Samsung device to the kiosk.
  2. The kiosk will examine your device and give you our best available price.  
  3. If you decide to sell, you get cash on the spot.