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How Much Samsung® Trade-In Value Can I Get For My Phone?

There are several factors that impact he trade-in value for your Samsung phone. These include your phone's storage capacity, condition, and the age of the model. You can expect higher trade-in device credit for a newer product, especially if they are part of the latest Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy Z lines.

To find the trade in value of your old device, use the EcoATM Price Your Device tool on our website. The tool assesses the value of your Samsung device by considering its age, storage, and other factors.

We make device trade-ins simple with our EcoATM kiosks around the country, which offer your choice of instant credit or cash via multiple payment methods. Selling to EcoATM is the best way to get a great Samsung trade-in deal in little time, all while helping the environment and reducing electronic waste.

What's the Best Samsung Trade-In Program?

There are many phone carriers that offer trade-in options; you could even sell your old device to Samsung. That said, many buyers will only let you trade in your old phone for credit to buy a new phone.

However, you might want to buy an affordable, eco-friendly refurbished phone instead of making a full retail purchase. The may also have a restrictive list of models that currently qualify for trade, only accepting devices from a new smartphone line of recent years.

Trading in your Samsung phone through EcoATM is the best option. It's quick, convenient, simple, and secure. Just follow these steps to get your trade-in credit applied to your payment method of choice in no time.

  1. Estimate Your Device's Value: Use the Shop Samsung app or our Price Your Device tool to get a preliminary estimate of what your device might be worth.
  2. Prepare Your Device: Fully charge your device, remove all accessories, and perform a factory reset to delete all of your personal information. You can do this by going to Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset.
  3. Locate an EcoATM Kiosk: Use the EcoATM online locator tool to find one of our thousands of kiosks.
  4. Complete the Trade: Connect your phone to the kiosk, which will assess your device and offer you an instant trade-in credit. You can then select to receive payment in cash, PayPal, or Venmo, or apply the value as a trade-in credit towards a new qualifying Galaxy device.

Can I Trade In a Broken Samsung Phone?

EcoATM does accept broken Samsung devices for trade-in, but at a reduced value. If your phone has faulty parts, severe cracks on the screen, lacks a functioning display, or other normal wear and tear, it can still be traded in.

The price offer will be adjusted based on the severity of the damage and the device's condition, since we'll need to repair your trade-in device before we can resell it. Devices that cannot be sold will be responsibly recycled.

Can I Trade In a Carrier-Locked Samsung Phone?

Yes, you can trade in a carrier-locked Samsung phone at EcoATM. We accept devices locked to carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and others.

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