Our Teams

Our Teams

Our jobs aren’t just titles. They’re careers in conservation and consumer innovation. We’re excited about what we do. Our teams work cohesively in an atmosphere of taking giant strides towards e-waste solutions, all while making time for the occasional ping pong or foosball tournament.


The marketing department is dedicated to building ecoATM as the leading reCommerce brand for the buying and resell of used tech. Each day is dedicated to global consumer marketing for ecoATM kiosks, including customer acquisition, e-commerce, brand, marketing communication, digital marketing, retail marketing, social media and public relations. This also includes our creative services such as graphic design and unique content.

Accounting & Finance

Our financial teams are the number wizards that keep our accounts in check while planning ahead for our bright future. The treasury team helps the business by supporting day to day cash management activities while our finance team plans and orchestrates both short term and long term goals to increase enterprise value. Our sales and operation planning department helps the business by developing and coordinating device operational flows to maximize device profitability.

HR / Legal / IT

Our HR team is committed to creating a fun work environment where employees can expand, grow and contribute to the company’s results and take their share for the collective success. We celebrate each team member’s unique qualities and look to live out our company values every day.

The Legal Department ensures that the company complies with applicable laws and regulations. In addition, our team amends existing laws or creates new ones to enable the Company’s operations throughout the United States. We also work closely with our law enforcement partners to protect consumers and deter theft. Finally, we oversee the Company’s efforts to protect our planet, identify and mitigate risk and keep our assets, facilities and people safe and secure.

Our IT department is responsible for all corporate computers, storage, networking and other physical devices. We corporate infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data including physical equipment, virtualization, email and information management systems.


The oil of the machine to our organization, the operations team is dedicated to keeping our company’s gears moving. This includes all processes from diagnosing kiosk health to deployment; and behind the scenes analysts who ensure the operations run smoothly.


Our sales department is a growing team consisting of multiple channels, including B2B, device sales, and kiosks. Each segment plays a crucial part in our business development while setting new levels of standards for our company.

Processing Center

Devices are collected by our kiosks and arrive at our Louisville, KY facility each day. They’re handled by a team of 350 team members to grade and prepare for sale or recycle responsibly. Our processing center team is a phenomenal group of people who work tirelessly, around the clock, to give second life to high-end valuable devices. 


The Engineering Department provides application software and hardware development services to support ecoATM. We're a cross functional team with a range of skills including software design and development, test, quality assurance, technical operations, software/database architecture, and project management. O​ur mission is to deliver high quality software applications and services to the business, frequently and predictably.​​

Support Services

Our Support Services Team is made of three powerhouse departments:
The call center team is our face for the customer. They support all customer interactions for ecoATM providing information on how to complete a trade-in, and helping to resolve any concerns. They also monitor the social media sites and emails from our customers. They want to be sure that every customer has a great experience!

The team supporting device trade-ins at the ecoATM kiosks remotely matches a live image of the customer at the kiosk with their state identification, and approves the sale. They work with our regulatory partners to ensure we comply with required regulations for sales at the kiosk.

The Machine Support call center teams strive to keep the ecoATM kiosks up and running. They work with our field partners to fix any kiosk issues and proactively identify ways to help optimize kiosk performance. 

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