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How Much Can I Get for My LG® Aristo 5?

The resale value of your LG Aristo 5 depends on several factors. These factors include the condition of the device, features, scratches, cracks or other visual flaws, and storage capacity. To find out exactly what your LG Aristo 5 is worth, use the EcoATM Price Your Device tool on our website. This tool assesses the current market value based on the details you provide.

Selling your used phone to EcoATM not only provides you with some extra cash but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste. Every phone sold to us is either refurbished for a second life or recycled responsibly, helping to save valuable materials from landfills.

How Can I Sell My LG Aristo 5?

Selling your LG Aristo 5 through EcoATM is a simple, convenient, and secure process. Here's how it's done:

  1. Estimate the Sale Value: Use the Price Your Device tool on our website to get an estimated value for your LG Aristo 5.
  2. Prepare Your Device: Fully charge your phone and remove any accessories. It's important to factory reset your phone to erase all personal information; go to Settings > System > Reset Options > Erase all data (factory reset).
  3. Locate a Kiosk: Find the nearest EcoATM kiosk using our online locator tool. We have thousands of locations in popular retail areas, with security to protect your information and device in the selling process.
  4. Sell Your Device: At the kiosk, connect your phone, and it will assess the device and provide you with a guaranteed instant price offer. You can choose to accept the offer and receive payment in cash, PayPal, or Venmo, or decide to keep your device.

Forget finding buyers on your own, printing a prepaid shipping label, and the hassle of haggling over offers. ecoATM gives you maximum trade in value on your old device.

Can I Sell a Broken LG Aristo 5?

Yes, EcoATM accepts LG Aristo 5s that are not in perfect condition. Whether your device has functional issues, physical damage, screen discoloration, scratches, or severe screen cracks, it might still hold some value once we refurbish it for buyers.

However, such conditions significantly affect the price you'll receive compared to a fully functional phone. Keep your device in optimal condition to receive the best possible trade in price.

Can I Sell a Carrier-Locked LG Aristo 5?

EcoATM will accept devices that are locked to a single carrier such as Verizon or T-Mobile. We specialize in recycling devices, including those bound by carrier restrictions out of the box.

Get started with a free quote and sell your LG Aristo 5 today!