Smartphone Safety

Public Awareness Campaign

With the purchase of approximately 150 million new phones per year and the growing rate at which we see the heavily anticipated release of newer and better smartphone models, it is evident the “era of the smartphone” has emerged, one which defines modern-day culture. Despite a smarter phone, consumers do not always practice smart habits when it comes to using these devices. Negative byproducts in recent times include:

• Cell phone theft. Increasing at a rapid pace, cell phone theft is often accompanied by force, violence, and physical or emotional trauma.
• Driving while texting or talking. This has lead to a steady rise in motor vehicle accidents.
• Distracted walking. As a result of consumers being “consumed” by their smartphones, individuals are putting themselves in vulnerable and dangerous situations.
• Loss of personal information. Smartphones carry our personal memories, photos and information, and yet many individuals do not secure their phones or information largely in part because they aren’t aware of the resources available to them.

As a market leader in device recycling and reuse as well as innovator in advanced and original technology, ecoATM is committed to promoting public safety and security of smartphones. We’re excited to introduce you, our law enforcement partners, to our emerging safety and security initiatives.

Cell Phone Safety Flyers

New York and San Francisco Police Departments have instituted an awareness campaign to help prevent theft. ecoATM was greatly inspired by their proactive distribution of safety and awareness flyers to pedestrians. We followed suit by creating our own public safety campaign beginning with the creation of similar flyers readily available to our law enforcement partners. Below, please find examples of our unique flyers created to inspire safer habits among consumers when using their cell phones.

Download a Flyer

These flyers were developed for use by our law enforcement associates as well as other cell phone safety advocates. The flyers can be personalized with your own department’s seal and information. If interested in ordering these ready-to-use flyers or your own, please email for more information.

Download Flyers Below