Hardware Shines at Wonderlust, But iOS Remains Apple’s Secret to Success & Device Longevity

San Diego, CA, September 20, 2023

Billed as Wonderlust, this year’s launch event for Apple’s flagship products saw a slew of announcements for the iPhone 15 product series including a more powerful camera and improved processing power. Apple also announced the iPhone 15 models would come equipped with a USB-C charging port, meeting the standardization directive laid out by the European Union passed in 2022.

Not surprisingly, the hardware upgrades took the lion’s share of attention, yet iOS 17 serves as the unsung hero along with Apple’s approach to software optimization. This latest operating system for the iPhone reaffirms Apple’s commitment to porting their legacy of invention and innovation in the hardware space over to software.

While Apple has become known for its big splashy new products, it’s the subtle (and not so subtle) user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) improvements that have been the primary driver of their most recent dominance. At face value, their commitment to simple digital design elegance is on full display, however this iOS version, like those before it, makes a massive leap in how to transition personalized experiences between Apple devices and engage with the world around you through a technology lens.

Most of these great new features are not exclusive to the iPhone 15. Older iPhone models going as far back as the XS and XR also get access to almost everything that iOS17 has to offer. 

Apple's commitment to supporting older models has resulted in the iPhone holding its post-sale value longer than any other device on the aftermarket. For those consumers looking to upgrade to iPhone 15 and get the most out of the new OS, ecoATM enables an economy of reuse while providing a financially rewarding and environmentally responsible way to sell and recycle their older Apple device in exchange for cash. For those who want to enjoy iOS17 without the hefty price tag, Gazelle accepts these devices as well and offers Certified Pre-Owned iPhone models that are perfectly capable of supporting nearly all new features.

Their approach to UI/UX development underscores Apple’s dedication to delivering not just cutting-edge technology, but technology that remains relevant and performs optimally throughout its lifecycle. With the release of every new iPhone, there is an inevitable surge in older device disposals when many consumers are enticed to upgrade to the latest and greatest. ecoATM and Gazelle offer a simple and safe way to sell these devices while helping to reduce dangerous e-waste from entering our landfills.

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