Employee Privacy Policy


To provide employees and applicants for employment with a comprehensive description of ecoATM, LLC’s (the “Company”) online and offline practices regarding the collection, use, disclosure, and sale of personal information and of the individual’s rights regarding their personal information. For the purposes of this policy only, the term “Employee Data” applies to both applicants and employees.


Company collects Employee Data in a variety of ways, including but not limited to the following:

  • Self-disclosure by the individual, such as on job applications, employee onboarding documentation, employee timekeeping and payroll documentation, employee benefits documentation, employee requests for leaves of absence, employee requests for use of paid sick leave or other paid time off, employee requests for accommodation, employee performance reviews and self-assessments.
  • Third parties for reference checks, including but not limited to the individual’s former employers.
  • Third party background check agencies
  • Timekeeping software.
  • Internal or third party tracking of usage of Company email systems.
  • Internal or third party tracking of usage of Company telephone systems.
  • Internal or third party tracking of usage of Company computer networks.
  • Public agencies including tax authorities, the California Department of Fair Employment
    and Housing, the California Labor Commissioner, the California Occupational Safety
    Administration, and if applicable to the position, the California Department of Motor
  • Workers’ compensation carriers.
  • Law enforcement agencies.
  • Litigation.


Company uses Employee Data for legitimate business purposes. Company uses Employee Data for a wide variety Human Resources functions including but not limited to recruiting; hiring; onboarding; administering benefits, attendance, leaves of absence, and requests for reasonable accommodation. Company uses Employee Data for operational functions, including management of employees. Company uses Employee Data for tax payment and reporting purposes. Company uses Employee Data, when needed, in response to public agency or law enforcement requests, as well as in litigation.


Employee Data may be disclosed to third parties as is helpful to carry out the Uses set forth above. For example, Employee Data is shared with our third-party payroll provider and our benefits providers. Company takes reasonable security measures to safeguard Employee Data.


Company does not sell Employee Data. For more information about the Company’s Employee Privacy Policy, please contact Human Resources at HR-Help@ecoatm.com.