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Do all parts of the screen light up correctly?




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How much can I sell an iPhone® 6 for?

Did you know that you have the possibility to earn money for a pre-owned iPhone 6 through the ecoATM kiosk? Even though Apple now considers these to be legacy phones, some of them still have value. We can offer you a fair market price for your device or allow you to recycle it in the kiosk.

The price that you'll get for your iPhone 6 is based on the device condition, whether it powers on, and other factors. We’ll make a detailed assessment and offer the best price for a used iPhone.

What is the process for selling my iPhone 6?

There are easy and straightforward steps you can use to sell iPhone 6 models with the ecoATM.

  1. Take a look at the Price Your Device tool on the website and see what the fair estimate is for your device.
  2. Make sure to prepare your iPhone 6 prior to visiting the kiosk by backing up and deleting your data. You'll also need to turn off Find My iPhone if it is still activated.
  3. Head over to your local kiosk. Use the Locator tool to find a kiosk near you.
  4. Visit the kiosk and connect your device. Our kiosk will assess your iPhone 6 and create an offer that you can use to get cash, or payment with PayPal or Venmo. If the iPhone has no monetary value, we'll happily recycle it for you.
  5. Click the button to accept, and you're done!

Can I sell a broken iPhone 6?

We buy devices in various conditions. We have bought devices that are chipped, dented or cracked, or have screen damage. We have also purchased devices that won't power on. We will assess every part of the phone's condition and functionality, even if it's a damaged iPhone, and make an instant offer accordingly. You'll get a better price for an old iPhone in good working condition, but others may also be sold or recycled.

Recycle or get quick cash for your iPhone 6 with an easy selling process, all while keeping electronic waste out of the landfill.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 6?

If your device is carrier-locked, no problem. You can still sell your iPhone 6 for cash or recycle it through the kiosk. Submit information through the Price Your Device tool and you'll see what you're likely to get as a trade-in value or sale price for a pre-owned Apple iPhone 6 or other device.