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Where can I sell my iPhone® 13 Pro?

If you want to sell your iPhone 13 Pro, the ecoATM kiosk nearest you is the answer! You don't need to find a buyer or have an uncomfortable meet-up with a stranger in a parking lot. We simplify the process — you bring in your working device, and we give you immediate cash.

Why should I use ecoATM to sell or recycle my used iPhone?

Our ecoATM kiosks are: 

How much can I sell my iPhone 13 Pro for?

Our offer will vary based on how well your used iPhone 13 Pro works and its physical condition. To get an idea upfront about the kind of offer you might receive, price your device first with our online pricing tool.

How do I use an ecoATM?

Each of our kiosks is automated and contactless for extra convenience. Here's how to use our service: 

  1. Find the closest ecoATM kiosk location. 
  2. Follow some steps to prepare your phone for testing
  3. Take your fully charged device and valid ID to your chosen ecoATM kiosk. 
  4. Connect your used iPhone 13 Pro to our system and wait for your offer. 
  5. Get paid on the spot or recycle in an environmentally responsible way.