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What’s the best way to sell my iPhone ® 12 Pro?

The best option for selling your iPhone 12 Pro will rely on what you’re looking for in exchange. ecoATM is an excellent choice if you’re looking for immediate cash payment and a sustainable option for your used devices. 

How do I sell my iPhone 12 Pro to ecoATM?

Selling your iPhone with us is a simple and straightforward process: 

  1. Price your iPhone 12 Pro ahead of your visit to the kiosk if you’d like to save time 
  2. Prepare your iPhone 12 Pro by signing out of Find My iPhone and removing all personal data 
  3. Locate your neighborhood ecoATM  
  4. Allow the kiosk a few minutes to analyze your iPhone 
  5. Accept the offer and walk away with cash in hand  

Does ecoATM only offer instant cash?

No, we also offer digital payment via PayPal and Venmo. Please have the correct email address for your preferred payment platform handy when it comes time to accept your offer at the kiosk. 

My iPhone 12 Pro won’t turn on. Can I still take it to the kiosk?

We encourage you to still bring in that sleeping iPhone 12 Pro! You may still receive cash payment for it, and we even offer additional payment digitally if we’re able to power the device on after you sell it.