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Do all parts of the screen light up correctly?




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How much can I sell my iPhone® 12 for?

Looking to sell iPhone 12 rather than use it as a trade-in? You'll get the best price if you sell it outright, but how much can you expect? At ecoATM, we want to offer the best price possible with every instant offer we make. We value your device based on specific factors. Those include:

  • Physical condition - Does the screen have cracks? Are there scratches?
  • Capacity - What's the storage capacity of the Apple iPhone 12? Higher capacity iPhone 12 models are usually worth more.

What is the process to sell my iPhone 12?

We make it simple to sell your Apple iPhone 12. Just visit one of our convenient kiosks and we'll give you an instant offer based on your iPhone 12 so you can sell with confidence. Plus, you don't have to worry about any tricky terms and conditions. However, you do need to do a few things before you sell your iPhone 12 to us.

Before you sell, start by turning off Find My iPhone. Next, reset your iPhone 12 to factory settings to erase your data from the phone. You should also use the online valuation tool available on our website to see the value of the iPhone 12 you're selling to get an idea of how much cash we'll offer you. The last thing to do to sell your phone is visit one of the convenient kiosks nearby and connect your phone. We'll analyze it and then give you an instant offer on your iPhone 12.

Once you receive our cash offer for your iPhone 12, you can decide whether to accept it or reject it. If you accept it and sell your phone, we'll pay you in cash for your iPhone 12 or send it digitally via PayPal or Venmo.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 12?

Are you dealing with a broken iPhone 12? We may accept a damaged iPhone for recycling, but we do not buy all broken iPhone 12 models. We're happy to consider phones with scratches and light cracks on the screen. If your iPhone 12 is beyond repair, we're happy to accept the iPhone for recycling to keep it out of the landfill and prevent environmental damage.

Can I sell a locked iPhone 12?

Chances are good your iPhone 12 is locked to one of several carriers, such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, or another of the popular US carriers. We will buy iPhones locked to an individual carrier, as well as unlocked iPhone 12 models.