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What's the Device Value of my iPad® 5?

The value of your iPad 5 is determined by a few factors. Namely the model, condition, and storage capacity of the device.

Get an accurate quote for your iPad 5's trade value using the EcoATM Price Your Device tool on our website. This tool considers all the specifics of your iPad to provide a price based on current market values. Selling your pre-owned device through EcoATM not only gives it a second life but also supports environmental sustainability by reducing electronic waste and carbon emissions related to industry.

How Can I Sell My iPad 5?

The security, simplicity, and efficiency of ecoATM makes this the go-to method for selling your iPad 5. Start by following these instructions;

  1. Estimate Value: Visit our website and use the Price Your Device tool to get an estimate of what your iPad 5 is worth.
  2. Prepare Your Device: Fully charge your iPad, remove all accessories, and ensure it is free of your personal information. Perform a factory reset by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to remove your iCloud and other personal details.
  3. Locate a Kiosk: Use the EcoATM locator tool to find one of our thousands of kiosks.
  4. Connect Your Device: Connect your iPad 5 to the kiosk where it will be inspected. You will then receive an offer based on device value.
  5. Get Paid: You can sign off on this offer and get paid in cash, PayPal, or Venmo, or opt for recycling.

Forget the hassle of finding buyers, shipping fees, and all of the stress that comes from selling to people on your own. Trade in your old device for cash with ecoATM.

Can I Sell a Broken iPad 5?

EcoATM accepts iPads that are in poor condition or don't work correctly. If your iPad 5 has faulty parts, significant wear and tear, or a cracked screen, you can still sell it, although you might receive a lower price.

The final prices will depend on the specific issues and the condition of the iPad. Since we aim to recycle phones by selling to new customers, we'll need to account for the cost of repairs in the purchase price.

Can I Sell a Carrier-Locked iPad 5?

EcoATM will purchase carrier-locked devices. If your iPad 5 is locked to a carrier like Verizon or AT&T, you can still sell it to us.

Get started with a free quote and sell your iPad 5 today!