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    Who is ecoATM?

    ecoATM is a convenient and simple way to recycle or sell your used phones and other devices. Our kiosks are located across the US and offer instant cash in exchange for used devices. 

    Which devices does ecoATM accept?

    ecoATM currently accepts the following devices for recycling or payment:​

    • Cellphones​
    • Mp3 players​
    • Tablets

    How can I sell my cell phone for cash?

    We're here to help. Selling your device on your own can feel tedious, but we think it should be easy. With our simple process, you'll have cash in minutes.   ​

    To sell a device with an ecoATM kiosk, simply:   ​

    1. Place your device in the ecoATM kiosk.   ​

    2. Wait for ecoATM to assess your device and give you an offer.   ​

    2. Receive cash instantly once you decide to sell.  ​

    You can unplug at any time before you accept our offer if you change your mind. Before you visit us, clear any data from your phone and remove the SIM card. View our How To Prepare page for step-by-step guides for Androids and iPhones. 

    What are the benefits to recycling and trading in devices?

    Many people try to sell their phones online through marketplace groups or online listings. You might find it challenging to get an offer or find someone serious about purchasing. ecoATM can take the struggle out of selling your phone and give you the cash you want more quickly.  ​

    • The benefits of working with ecoATM include:   ​
    • Convenience: You don't have to wait for your payment or search to find someone interested in your phone. ecoATM removes the work of selling your phone and gives you instant compensation.   ​
    • Sustainability: Trading in your phone for recycling or reuse is more sustainable and helps to keep harmful electronic waste out of landfills. Our goal is to reward people who choose not to throw out their electronics.   ​
    • Trust: Our price offers are clear. We're always happy to answer any questions.