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The victim left their car parked and returned 15 minutes later to discover items removed from her car. One of the items was an iPad 2. Reporting officer entered the serial number in the Leads Online Website and had a hit a couple of days later.”

Police Officer Mitchell, Chicago PD, Chicago, IL 10/018

A phone was stolen, and it was reported that the last tracking location was at the Walmart, 1098 Frederick Blvd. I found in Leads Online where the same model of phone was sold at the ecoATM location there shortly after the larceny. The identifying numbers on the phone were showing as processing though. I called the number and talked to Lillian Godfrey. She helped me by putting a hold on the phone and asking that the phone IMEI number be compared to what I had given her. She said she would let me know if the number matches once someone looks at it.

Detective Hilton, Chesapeake Police, Chesapeake, VA 09/28/18

I received several notifications from Leads on Line that stolen iPad, from a school burglary, had been pawned at several of ecoATM's in San Diego County. The crime occurred on 08/30/2018 and the first notification came on 09/02/2018. The messages were generated the day after the suspects pawned them and detailed each suspect and the transaction. The photos, ID and thumb print were paramount in finding the suspects. Due to this quick and detailed information we were able to recover all the stolen iPad and arrest 3 suspects in the case.

CSO Warren, La Mesa PD, La Mesa, CA 09/27/18

My victim reported a theft of her school iPad. The iPad was found to have been sold through a mall kiosk. ecoATM provided me with the ID used for the sale and several photos of the seller. This was all done in a very timely matter.”

Detective Kuebler, North Tonawanda Police, North Tonawanda, NY 09/27/18

I have been in law enforcement for 26 years. Nicole Wagner was a breath of fresh air assisting me. She was able to secure the stolen property and it is being shipped back to me as of this writing.”

Detective Burke, Lawrence County District Attorney's Office, New Castle, PA 09/27/18

Contacted the phone number on the kiosk machine, got a quick response. The service was exceeded my expectations.”

Patrol Officer David, Las Vegas Police Department, Las Vegas, NM 09/26/18

I have always worked with Mr. Hunter Bjorkman and I am truly impressed with how fast he handles the claim and how professional he is. I put in a request to return a stolen cell phone and got a response within minutes. The stolen device was located and the process of shipping the stolen phone back occurred in 1 day. I cannot say enough good things about Mr. Bjorkman, your company and how well you treat law enforcement professionals. Keep up the great work!”

Detective Rader, Lexington Police Department, Lexington, KY 09/26/18

“On 9/21/18 I received a notification from Leads Online in reference to a stolen cell phone that was located at the ecoATM at 2000 Old Fort Pkwy here in Murfreesboro, TN. Lillian Godfrey assisted me with recovering the phone, she has been wonderful in responding to my inquiries in a timely fashion.”

Detective Miles III, Murfreesboro Police Department, Murfreesboro, TN 09/25/18

The victim had his truck stolen. The truck was found, but some items were missing from the truck to include his cell phone. The victim provided the serial and IMEI number to the phone. This information was put into LEADSONLINE. ecoATM cooperates with LEADSONLINE. Through that cooperation, I was able to determine the victim's phone was taken to an ecoATM on 9/6/18. I contacted the law enforcement assistant on 9/20/18, through the information provided to me on LEADSONLINE. The assistant stated she would be sending the phone back to me and would lock the subject that submitted the phone out of the system.”

Detective Roth, Bloomington Police Dept., Bloomington St, IL 09/20/18

Cell phone was reported stolen from an amusement park on August 19, 2018. On September 12, 2018 I received a Leads Online NCIC Notification that the MEID we entered as stolen was matched to a phone sold to an ecoATM on August 30, 2018. It appears that the delay may have been the result of what our officer entered as stolen was the Decimal version of the MEID, which is what the victim had supplied to him, and then either Leads Online or ecoATM did the conversion and the numbers matched.

Either way the conversion helped as we would not have received the hit otherwise. Upon contacting ecoATM by email I very quickly received a response indicating that they had the phone and would be mailing it to me. They also provided their transaction report with photos of the ID and of the suspect and answered some follow up questions I had. Within two days, on September 14, the phone arrived here at our office.

This case is still open and pending as we are proceeding with locating the suspect but without the great work by ecoATM in capturing these details of the phone and of the suspect this case would have likely been very difficult to follow up on.

Investigator Gibson, James City County Police, Williamsburg, VA 09/14/18

Multiple Cellular devices taken from packages inside the facility. Law Enforcement provided the names of potential suspects and they were able to pull 20 transactions for multiple suspects. UPS Security was able to match the serial numbers to the stolen phones.”

Area Security Manager Carney, UPS Corporate Security, Nashua, NH 09/14/18

I received a hit through Leads on Line regarding a stolen cell phone that had been entered into NCIC. The cell phone had been reported stolen at our department. The matter was handled immediately, and I am very satisfied.”

Chief Tina, Franklin PD, Franklin, LA 09/14/18

UPS Security uncovered incidents involving the theft of dozens of new iPhones from their distribution facility in Keene NH. Security contacted Macrimenet, a Police inter-agency email distribution network, who located records of the suspect selling five, (5) new iPhones at an ecoATM location in Leominster MA. I contacted the number listed on the "pawn report" and received a return call from Ms. Godfrey who not only confirmed the first report, but also observed suspicious returns (8), attributed to a female connected with the primary suspect. Following that, additional review located at least seven (7) more new phones sold by a third individual who is the female's "boyfriend". Lillian Godfrey could not have been more responsive, offering to put items on hold if they were still in company possession, and offering to return them to the police agency for prosecution. She provided kiosk photos and records of all of the questioned transactions and remains available to assist as needed. In 40 years in law enforcement I don't think I have ever received this level of cooperation and help from a privately owned business.”

Intelligence Analyst Neville, Massachusetts State Police, Maynard, MA 09/14/18

Our victim allowed a male subject use his phone where the male fled in a car with an unknown female. The victim used the track my iPhone app and observed his phone to be at Walmart in Olympia Fields, Illinois. Victim advised he knows the male to be Davion Riggins. A search of Leads Online revealed Riggins to have pawned a black iPhone 7 Plus at Walmart in Olympia fields approximately two hours after stealing the victims phone.”

Investigator Boren, Steger Police Department, Steger, IL 09/11/18

A cellular phone was taken from a person at an apartment complex. The suspect went to one of your ecoATM/kiosks in our city and sold the phone to the Kiosk. The information obtained from you and your kiosk was able to positively identify the suspect information.

Detective Hales, Duluth Police Department, Duluth, GA 09/05/18

Device stolen from a vehicle in Rock Hill. Device sold to ecoATM in Charlotte, NC. Once the IMEI popped up on Leads I notified my contact at ecoATM. Contact has changed positions, so he forwarded it to the new contact who in turn reached out to me. Overall this is what I have come to expect from ecoATM. Quick assistance and no hassle help. Thanks as always.”

Detective Smith, Rock Hill Police Department, Rock Hill, SC 09/04/18

There was a residential burglary where a cell phone and other items were taken. The cell phone was turned into the ecoATM. I received a notification from LeadsOnline. I verified with the victim the IMEI number from the phone listed by ecoATM with the victims. The phone was confirmed as the victims. I followed the prompts on LeadsOnline to place a hold on the phone. Charlyn Reyes from ecoATM sent me an email stating they have a hold on the phone and asked for a shipping address to send the phone to.

Police Officer / Detective Benham, Columbus Division of Police, Columbus, OH 09/01/18

Victim thought he lost his cell phone at Safeco Field. He later learned it had be sold to a kiosk. Victim filed a theft report in order to get the phone back. Information provided by ecoATM is exactly what is needed in order for further investigation to be completed.”

Police Officer Sprecher, Seattle Police Department, Seattle, WA 5/30/18

“Victims ex-boyfriend stole her cell phone and sold it at the ecoATM in Kearny. Regional affairs provided the second hand dealer report for charging purposes and mailed the phone back to this department to be returned to the owner.”

Ptlm. Arnesman, Kearny Police Department, Town Kearny, NJ 5/24/18

On 5/17/18, Sean Flaherty of ecoATM was contacted by a Detective at the Longview Police Department asking for assistance in recovering a device that was sold to ecoATM on 5/9/18, at the Longview Mall, by a person of interest in a homicide investigation. Mr. Flaherty promptly handled the request, and went one step further and sent all activity by the same person of interest to the Longview Police Department on the same date he was contacted. ecoATM Consumer Claims then located the device of interest and sent an email on 5/22/18 advising of the update. An e-mail later this same date from ecoATM Consumer Claims advised that the device would be shipped shorty via FedEx, and the device was received at the Longview Police Department on 5/23/18.

ecoATM was incredibly easy to work with and handled all requests promptly and efficiently, saving this Detective with the Longview Police Department time and effort.”

Detective Reeves, Longview Police Department, Town Longview, TX 5/24/18

A suspect in a homicide investigation abandoned and sold his phone at an ecoATM which could lead to solving the case. The ecoATM team was responsive and resolved the matter in under an hour to locate and direct the phone to our office. I wish all companies were as efficient and well run to support the apprehension of violent criminals as ecoATM. I have nothing but high praise for the professionalism and responsiveness for the ecoATM team.”

Detective R.M., Sheriff's Office in Washington State, Kelso, WA 5/24/18

Hunter was able to provide additional photographs regarding a sale of cellular phone to the ecoATM as the male depicted in the view is a suspect in numerous burglaries within our jurisdiction.

Detective Engel, Maple Shade Police Department, Maple Shade, NJ 5/22/18

A phone was stolen at a nearby restaurant. The suspect gave the phone to his friend to sell at the cell-phone exchange machine at the nearby Kroger's. With their assistance, I was able to retrieve the phone and return it to the owner in a timely manner. They also provided me with photo evidence of the suspect and his friend at the machine selling the phone. I was also able to get the identification of the "friend" who fled the scene before I could identify him as well as a picture that puts him with the phone and suspect that I caught. This will be an open and shut case thanks to ecoATM's assistance.”

Field Training Officer Hurt, Clarksville Police Department, Clarksville, TN 5/18/18

I contacted ecoATM and spoke with representative named Miguel who was helpful and provided me with information to forward for an investigation. I contacted Texas representative Sean Flaherty and left him a voice message requesting assistance. I later received and email from Samantha Griggs who provided me information that the cellular phone was being returned to our agency.

I have since received two other emails advising me the cellular phone is in process of being shipped to our agency. I am very pleased with the assistance and response which has been resolved in less than 5 hours.

Detective Chavarria, San Angelo Police Department, San Angelo, TX 05/18/18

“a subject of interest was obtained in a cellphone theft. I checked second hand dealer report (NEWPRS) and located the transaction at a local ecoATM. ecoATM law enforcement assistance assisted me greatly and provided valuable information that led to arrest.”

Detective Wegner, Mequon Police, Mequon, WI 5/16/18

IPad reported stolen 01/09/2018 in Medford, Oregon and sold to ecoATM on 4/24/2018 in Grants Pass, Oregon. I reported it to ecoATM on 5/10/18 and on that same date was notified that the IPad was located and would be returned to my department.

Community Service Officer Haynie, Medford Oregon Police Dept., Medford, OR 5/11/18

Received an NCIC hit on a IPad that was traded for cash at the local ecoATM located at Walmart. Sent an email to our Sr. Regulatory Affairs Coordinator Charlyn Reyes. Within the hour I am notified the item would be flagged and returned to the police department to return to the owner.

Detective Edwards, Jefferson City Police Dept., Jefferson City, MO 5/10/18

Suspect(s) forcibly enter the victim's home, removed several items to include the 3 cell phones sold at an ecoATM the same day. Upon locating the transaction, I completed the Confiscation Request with Leads Online and the process immediate started. I had a question and left a message on the (858) number. I was contacted the same day by Samantha Griggs the Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, who answered my question and confirmed the property would be located and returned ASAP. It is always a pleasurable and profession experience working with ecoATM. Thank You!

Detective Wilson, Plano Police Department, Plano, TX 05/10/18

My victim's 9 year old son left this phone at the donut stand on 04/29/2018 around 1212 hours. I then searched leads on line and I located this cell phone was sold at the ecoATM at Walmart in Griffin on 04/29/2018 around 0229 hrs. The enforcement team has been a great part in getting my victim's cell phone back in a timely manner.”

Investigator/ Corporal Jackson, Griffin Police Department, Griffin, GA 05/10/18

The item was stolen in OKC and reported to their department. It was sold the next day in our city and found on Leads Online. I sent an email with the information to Bjorkman on 05/08 and received notice from your business the next day.”

Detective Archer, Midwest City Police Dept., Midwest City, OK 05/09/18

Received notification through Leads Online that there was an NCIC hit on a stolen phone we had entered into Leads. That phone had been sold by our suspect at an ecoATM at Walmart in Homewood, IL. A rep walked me through live on the phone how to recover the phone. Within 5 minutes I was able to recover the phone. The following day another employee emailed all the info associated with the transaction that I would need for evidence. It was an awesome experience.”

Detective Pasciak, Warrenville Police Department, Warrenville, IL 05/09/18

“I sent a brief e-mail to Charlyn requesting the stolen items to be shipped to my police precinct. She contacted me within 15 minutes, via phone, to provide further assistance. She advised that I could personally pick up the stolen items from the kiosks, which I was not aware was possible before today. She sent me an e-mail with the transaction documents and photos related to each item. She also sent the instructions for picking up the stolen property to assist with time constraints.”

Detective Pritchett, Cobb County Police, Marietta, GA 05/07/18

My Victim had been at the location EcoATM by way of an AT&T GPS location and dialed her phone number and she could hear it ringing inside. I was notified and when I contacted Elia Elkins I was able to retrieved the phone from the EcoATM and return it to the owner. I have identified the Suspect and a felony warrant will be issued.”

Detective Williams, Northmoor Police Dept., Northmoor, MO 05/07/18

“Suspect was stealing phones from patrons at a nearby casino and obtaining money for them at your kiosk. Your information was easily accessible via "Leads OnLine" law enforcement search tool, and your company provided quick, accurate information and I was able to return my victim's property to them in a matter of three days. Lillian Godfrey needs a raise!!! Probably the most law enforcement friendly business I have ever dealt with.

Detective Sergeant Hembree, Citizen Potawatomi Nation Police Dept., Shawnee, OK 05/04/2018

Our victim's phone was stolen while she was at work. The victim provided the Serial number for the phone which I emailed to ecoATM. Within the same day, I received a response from your team indicating they found the phone and are shipping it to our police department. We will be making an arrest in this investigation due to ecoATM's great work. Thanks again....”

Detective Harbison, Mt. Lebanon Police Dept., Pittsburgh, PA 5/1/18

A vehicle was hijacked from an Uber driver in a Crash and run type incident. The victim had her cell phone in the car. R/O was able to track down her cell phone via leads online and also identify a suspect based on the eco ATM photos of the subject and his ID.”

Officer Barona, Cicero Police Dept., Cicero, IL4/27/18

An iPad was stolen during a burglary of a habitation. LeadsOnline showed the hit confirmation. I contacted the number listed on LeadsOnline and began the process of having the iPad returned. The process was simple and the person I spoke with was helpful. The iPad will be returned to the owner today.

Name and department withheld per request 4/26/18

“On April 17th, 2018, the victim in this case was attempting to sell his personal cell phone through a popular sales app. After meeting with a buyer, the buyer grabbed the cell phone from the victim and ran off. The suspect then enlisted the assistance of another person to sell the phone to ecoATM for the sum of $145.00.


ecoATM was instrumental in insuring the property was returned to the rightful owner and also blocked those involved in the crime from using the kiosks for any future criminal endeavors.”

Name and department withheld per request 4/25/18

“A phone was left behind in a rental vehicle at the Nashville Int'l Airport. A short time later the phone was submitted to an ecoATM. The owner of the phone reported it missing to the Metro Nashville Police Department who then forwarded the information to the Nashville Airport Police Department. We have access to LeadsOnline so I know if it was an ecoATM we would have the information readily available. Airport investigators discovered that the female who submitted the phone to the ecoATM was as temporary contract employee who cleaned cars for National car rental. An arrest warrant was submitted for theft against the temp employee. Information from ecoATM assisted investigators in identifying the theft suspect.”

Det. Sergeant Harding, Nashville Int'l Airport Police, Nashville, TN 4/25/18

I emailed my info to the ecoATM rep from my region. I wanted to determine if the property stolen had been turned into a kiosk. I wanted the serial number put on an alert should the phone be acquired by ecoATM. The rep from my region promptly responded to my request and provided info on how to proceed now and in any other future investigations.

Detective Payne, Indianapolis Metro PD, Indianapolis, IN 4/23/18

“All inquiries were handled quickly and professionally beyond investigators expectations.”

Detective Smith, New York Police Dept., New York City 4/20/18


Detective Gorbet, Little Rock Police Department, Little Rock, AR 4/19/18

Subject worked at the location and entered another co-workers vehicle without consent and stole several tools, a firearm, and the cell phone. I sent an email to ecoATM and within a short time period I received an email back in reference to them locating the cell phone and making preparations to send it to me.

Investigator Bradford, Wichita County Sheriff's Office, Wichita Falls, TX 4/18/18

There's an ecoATM inside the Walmart where the one of the stolen credit cards was used. It was simply a guess on my part that the suspect tried to trade-in the phone at this particular ecoATM. I called the number on the front of the machine, and was eventually put in contact with Nicole Wagner. Ms. Wagner made contact with me that same night, where I explained the situation to me. Given the IMEI number of the stolen iPhone, she was quickly able to tell me that this iPhone was indeed involved in a transaction at this particular ecoATM. Ms. Wagner was able to email me the Second Hand Dealer reports the next day, as the suspect did not try to sell until the day after the theft from the vehicle. I called Ms. Wagner as I had a technical question on the ecoATM machine itself. She called me back within a day and answered my question thoroughly.”

Officer Holland, Ithaca Police Department, Ithaca, NY 4/17/18

The victim reported his vehicle was broken into at the gas station in Council Bluffs, IA at about 2330 on the evening of 03-28-18. During this incident, his IPhone 8 and other items were stolen by an unknown suspect. I was notified via that about 15 hours after the theft and 16 blocks away from the incident location, the stolen IPhone was sold at the Walmart #3150 ecoATM by the suspect who was identified via the ecoATM.

I made contact with Hunter Bjorkman at ecoATM and left him a message in reference to placing a hold on the phone and the recovery process. A few short days later, the phone was delivered to my Police Department. Due to the short time frame between the theft and recovery of the phone as well as the information obtained from the ecoATM at the time of the initial transaction, I was able to obtain warrants for the arrest of the suspect for Burglary 3rd.”

Detective Andrews, Council Bluffs Police Department, Council Bluffs, IA 4/16/18

A cell phone was stolen and was later found to have been sold at the ecoATM. I contacted Mr. Flaherty and as always he was very professional and helpful in retrieving merchandise from your company. THANKS for all you do.”

Inv. Analyst Clarke, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando, FL4/12/18

Nicole Wagner was excellent and very quick to respond to the needs for the theft investigation. She provided the information for prosecution immediately. Terrific communication skills. Nicole is definitely an asset to your company. Ricardo Rodriguez was extremely helpful and a delight to speak with. Mr. Rodriguez recognized the need for an expedited response.

Officer Taylor, Longview Police Department, Longview, WA 4/10/18

“Once I located the cell phone and contacted your team they responded to my email very quickly and were very cooperative in providing me the seller information and in getting the phone back to us so we could get it returned to the victim.  Your team's assistance was invaluable.”

Detective/Sergeant Bass, Brownsburg Police Department, Brownsburg, IN 04/09/18

I searched a Web site called Leads Online to track the serial number of a stolen iPhone X. The results revealed the stolen cell phone was sold at an ecoATM at Walmart in Wichita Falls, TX. I then contacted Samantha Griggs via email, through Leads Online, for assistance in retrieving the stolen cell phone. Samantha was very helpful, as always, in retrieving the stolen property. Due to Samantha's quick response, I was able to interview the suspect immediately. I appreciate the support your company gives to law enforcement officials! Great job, Samantha!

Detective Osborn, Burkburnett Police Department, Burkburnett, TX 04/09/18

Cell phone stolen from a vehicle 4-2-2018. Victim reported the phone stolen that day and was entered into NCIC. Received a Leads on Line hit on 4-4-2018. I contacted ecoATM staff thru website at 11:58 Central time and received noticed at 12:31 Central time.

Detective Edwards, Jefferson City Police Dept., Jefferson City, MO 04/05/18

Suspect stole Apple iPhone and placed it into ecoATM. Victim tracked iPhone to the ecoATM. The ecoATM team was very professional and helpful. I did not feel like I had to jump through hoops to resolve the problem like other companies typically make you feel. The ecoATM team was to the point and extremely helpful.

Patrolman Wolfe, Indiana State University Police, Terre Haute, IN 04/05/18

Cell phone stolen in a shoplifting at a Sprint Store was sold at the ecoATM 30 minutes after. Rio Rancho Police Case # 18002215. Upon being notified of the stolen phone I contacted the number provided by LeadsOnline Database. After leaving a message I received a phone call from Nicole Wagner who was professional and quickly able resolve the issue. Couldn't be happier with the service provided. Thank you!

Sergeant Koschade, Rio Rancho Police Department, Rio Rancho, NM 04/04/18

I received a hit on a stolen cell phone that was taken in a burglary. I contacted my regional ecoATM employee who I have worked with before. The item is returned to me and a transaction report is provided. It is all done seamlessly and is much faster, easier than any other business I deal with.”

Detective Lusk, Puyallup Police Dept., Puyallup, WA 04/04/18

“eco/ATM was very cooperative in offering to return the stolen telephone to the victim or Gregg County Sheriff's Office. The stolen telephone was returned to this office very timely and without issues. Pending further investigation, the telephone will be returned to the complainant and criminal charges will be filed on the suspected parties involved. I would like to note, that the person who's ID was used was not the actual perpetrator and was unaware that the telephone had been stolen. The person who's ID was used was in belief that she was helping friends who did not have a valid ID sale a telephone that they no longer needed.”

Investigator Alford, Gregg County Sheriff's Office, Longview, TX 4/3/18

Notification of an NCIC hit through Leads Online. Contacted ecoATM provided credentials. ecoATM was very helpful. Awaiting shipment of phone.

Investigator Brunz, Scottsbluff Police Department, Scottsbluff, NE 4/2/18

“I received information that the suspect sold the phone to the ecoATM. I sent Sean Flaherty an email and he immediately responded that he would have the phone flagged and returned. He was very helpful and professional.”

Detective James, Waco Police Department, Waco, TX 3/27/18

Several vehicles were broken into around the Buckland area. Cell phones and rings were stolen. We received a serial # hit on the phone which led us to the first suspect. We ran the initial suspects fiancé through the system and found she pawned/sold the jewelry.

Deputy Schulze, Auglaize County SO, Wapakoneta, OH 3/26/18

“We have had a few cell phones stolen from our campus and sold to local ecoATM's. We have had a very cooperative experience with the reps that have assisted us.”

Detective Sergeant Thompson, MTSU Police Department, Murfreesboro, TN 3/26/18

“Thank you so much for the efficient manner in which you handled my inquiry, I wish all could be as easy for me. Saves time so I can move on to other matters.”

LOL Coordinator Haynes, B/T/U Detectives, Anderson, IN 3/23/18

“Suspect was said to have photos of the items he stole on his cell phone, I located where he sold his cell phone to ecoATM and I contacted Sean Flaherty who I had worked with before and he was quickly able to locate the cell phone and get it shipped to me, Great Job!”

Detective Kilburn, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, Milton, FL 3/23/18

“The suspect stole a tablet from the victim and deposited it into the ecoATM. After I requested a hold, the team promptly responded, advised me of the hold, advised me the suspect would no longer be able to use the ecoATM (which is awesome) and proceeded to send the tablet back to me at the PD.”

Police Officer Ashwill, Central Point Police Department, Central Point, OR 3/22/18

“. . ., I have used ECOATM on numerous occasions and have never had a bad experience. . ., Samantha Griggs and she has helped me on numerous occasions. Very helpful and polite. I would give her an excellent rating.”

Senior Police Officer Kalka, Houston Police Department, Houston, TX 3/22/18

“I have been assigned to Investigation Division at The Oxford Police Department for the past seven years. Approximately 4 years ago your company installed a kiosk in one of our local malls. We have had great service from your company and speedy returns from items that hit stolen. The kiosk has been a great addition to our city. Along with being another business in our city, EcoATM has helped solve multiple crimes with the quality cameras stills and ID photos. I would recommend you company to any City / Department.”

Investigator Webb, Oxford Police Department, Oxford, AL 3/19/18

“On 3/5/18 at the EMU Student Center, suspect grabbed cell phone from victim who proceeded to chase him and eventually caught up to him. Suspect pushes female victim down. Suspect identified and arrested on 3/8/18. I ran suspect's name through Leads Online and found he sold the phone to an ecoATM on 3/6/18 at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, MI. I placed a confiscation hold on the phone through Leads Online. I was contacted by ecoATM on 3/9/18 advising the phone would be mailed back to our department. ecoATM responded in a very expedient manner and communicated well.”

Detective McLennan, Eastern Michigan University Police Dept., Ypsilanti, MI 3/16/18

“Brian Fahey is always helpful and friendly. He also responds to our requests quickly.”

CSA Delgado, Albuquerque Police Dept., Albuquerque, NM 3/14/18

Provided a rapid response in issuing additional information in reference to the phone transactions and returned the phones as evidence in a timely manner.

Detective Kuykendall, Prince William County Police Dept., Manassas, VA 3/14/18

Sent email to Virginia contact Sean Flaherty of a stolen IPad being sold at the ecoATM station. Responded in a very short time located the IPad which was shipped and received on 3/13/2018.

Detective Emond, Stafford Sheriff's Office, Stafford, VA 3/13/18

The quick response with photographs and transaction details.

Detective McCarthy, West Bend Police, Town West Bend, WI 3/6/18

“Cell phone reported stolen. Contacted ecoATM via email and asked if they could check to see if they could find a record of it by IMEI#,as well as enter it as stolen. They checked and did just that noting a possible match from the date of theft at a local kiosk as well as note the number should it appear later. Quickly contacted me with the case numbers from ecoATM and were very responsive to me.”

Investigations Lieutenant Gregory, East Carolina University Police Dept., Greenville, NC3/6/18

“Phone was stolen during a Facebook meeting. The phone was later sold at an Eco Atm. Eco ATM was able to not only recover the stolen phone but provide the name of the suspect who stole it. I was also provided photographs of who was with the suspect when it was sold. Case would not be as strong if the eco atm would not have had cameras capturing surrounding people. In addition to this case, I have had additional cases charges due to the images captured during the sale.”

Det/Sgt. Robinson, Misahwaka Police Department, Mishawaka, IN 3/1/18

Victim tracked his phone to the kiosks machine and your company cooperated fully with obtaining the device and the victim was able to retain his phone.

Police Officer Roberds, Richmond Heights Police Dept., Richmond Heights, MO 2/23/18

“NCIC hit on Leads OnLine. E-mailed request to ecoATM at 12:03PM and received back a response at 12:30PM from Samantha Griggs. She had researched the request, located the cellphone and advised me of the procedure to be followed for recovery. I was impressed.”

Detective Watson, DeSoto Police Department, DeSoto, TX 2/21/18

Quickly and positively identified the suspect, and verified the item was indeed the item stolen from the city of Biloxi.

Patrolman Manning, Department of Police, Biloxi, MS 2/15/18

“Superb! Within minutes of contacting them I had return communication. The item had already left the ATM location but will be shipped to me as soon as possible.”

Detective Lewellen, Rapid City Police Department, Rapid City, SD 2/15/18

I had received a report of a stolen cell phone on 11/28/2017. The phone was entered into NCIC and Leads. On 01/11/2018, I looked at my NCIC hits and noticed there was a hit for a stolen cell phone. Once I contacted ecoATM, you were very prompt in responding to my inquiry and returning the phone.

Detective Stovall, Cleveland Police Department, Cleveland, TN 2/5/18

This was my first encounter with ecoATM. I didn't expect to have a fast response time. Samantha Griggs was very helpful and very professional.

Detective Chapa, Windcrest Police Department, Windcrest, TX 1/31/18

“My victim had his truck broken into at a job site on 11/3/17 in which his iPad and other tools were stolen. He did not report the incident at that time because he didn't have the serial numbers and believed nothing would come of it. He was contacted by ecoATM around 1/16/18 indicating that his iPad was sold to a Pasadena ecoATM. He at that point made a police report. I contacted Michelle with ecoATM who told me they located the owner information was etched on the back of the device so they went above and behind by contacting him.

The device was on my desk and back to the owner in 2 days. The suspect was known by me as I had arrested him just over a month ago for other burglaries. He also has several outstanding felony warrants. I was very impressed with ecoATM and the speed in which they helped with this case and no red tape.

Detective Oakley, Pasadena Police Auto Crimes Unit, Pasadena, TX 1/31/18

I ran the IMEI Number for Case# 2018-706 through Leads Online and I received a "hit" on the stolen phone. After confirming the description, the IMEI Number, and comparing the suspect description/photo still provide by victim, I requested the property. The response was almost instantaneous that the property was seized and being shipped to the police station. I found that the same suspect may have been involved with another theft. The IMEI number was still processing and I contacted Samantha Griggs to see if the IMEI Number matched with what I had. She confirmed it was and shipped the stolen property as well. This is at least the third time I have recovered stolen property from the ecoATM's and it has always been an easy process. Y'all rock! Thank you for all your assistance.

Detective Plumb, The Colony Police Department, The Colony, TX 1/29/18

Burglary occurred at a business. Interviewed suspects and they told me that they had took the phones to ecoATM at Kroger on Wabash Avenue in Terre Haute Indiana. I called ecoATM and now the phones are on the way back. It was an easy process. Thanks Samantha!

Detective Stevens, Terre Haute Police Department, Terre Haute, IN 1/29/18

On 12/23/17 we had an Armed Robbery resulting in a loss of approximately $16,000 of mobile devices. I checked with ecoATM to verify none of the devices have been turned into a Kiosk. The suspects were blocked and the device list with IMEIs were provided.

Detective Ireland, Franklin Police Department, Franklin, WI 1/25/18

“Contact with ecoATM was made on January 23, 2018, but unfortunately, I was unable to take the return call due to an unrelated death investigation that occurred early that afternoon.  Contact with ecoATM on January 24, 2018 resolved the issue with the single call. Much impressed, as this is the first time for me to personally interact with ecoATM. Why can't it all be this easy?”

Detective Kelly, Lewisville Police Department, Lewisville, TX, 1/24/18

An employee stole another employee's cell phone, and went to this ecoATM to sell it. I was provided great pictures and all the details, which helped solve my case. I appreciate the help.

Officer Ward, Reynoldsburg Police Department, Reynoldsburg, OH 1/24/18

Serial # to stolen IPad entered in NCIC. LeadsOnline got the information when the company ran it. The pictures are great!!!

Made contact with Charlyn and the IPad was returned, immediately.

Captain Preuninger, JSU Police Department, Jacksonville, AL 01/19/18

On December 27, 2017 at approximately 8:55pm CST two cell phones were stolen from the Decatur Indoor Sports Complex, 1295 W. Wood Street, Decatur, Illinois 62522 during an open gym basketball session. Theses thefts involved two different victims and two different suspects. The thefts were documented in Decatur Park Police Reports 12-009-17 and 12-010-17. Both stolen phones were described as Apple I-Phone 7s.

On 01/06/2018 two subjects were arrested for the above stated thefts. Both subjects admitted to taking the phones. Both subjects stated that they sold the phones at the above stated ecoATM.

Sergeant Hubbard, Decatur Park Police, Decatur, IL 01/10/18

Delivery driver was robbed and his cell phone was taken from him. Suspect sold the cell phone to an ecoATM located at the Walmart on Irby Street. 

“Charlyn and Hunter were very helpful and acted quickly in this matter. I am very thankful for their assistance”!!!

Investigator Jack, Sheriff’s Office, Florence, SC 01/08/18

Our agency was conducting an investigation of an attempted homicide in which one of the suspects was found to have sold two phones to an ecoATM location a couple of days after our incident.

I contacted a member of the law enforcement assistance team to request a hold on the phones and to have them sent to the police department. Within just a few minutes, I received a response from a team member who located the phones and was in the process of shipping them to our agency immediately. I have worked with ecoATM before on previous investigations and have always received superior service so I was not surprised by the prompt response in this case.

Detective Buemi, Arvada Police Department, Arvada, CO 01/05/18

I am a Detective with the Lexington Police Department. Reached out to Mr. Bjorkman reference obtaining a stolen cell phone that a suspect sold at an ecoATM. He was very helpful!

Detective Delimpo, Lexington Police Department, Lexington, KY01/05/18

Located a stolen IPad through Leads Online. Spoke with Samantha Griggs, who easily handled and explained the procedure, to which it was very easy.

Detective Haren, Pleasanton Police Department, Pleasanton, TX 01/02/18

An iPad Mini was stolen from a vehicle and sold at an ecoATM. The device was located using LeadsOnline. I requested a hold on the item and soon thereafter, the device was promptly shipped to Police Headquarters. The communication with ecoATM employee was excellent. The entire process was seamless and easy.

Detective McMullin, Springfield Missouri Police Department, Springfield, MO 12/28/17

A cell phone was taken from a local gym. The item hit in the LeadsOnline database after we queried the IMEI number as provided by the victim. ecoATM officials responded quickly to my request to verify the stolen phone.

Det. Sergeant Thayer, Downers Grove Police Department, Downers Grove, IL12/28/17

A cellphone was taken from a register where it had been left by the owner. Video evidence was obtained and a person of interest was identified. A check through showed the item to have been sold at an ecoATM the same day as it was stolen by a known associate of the person of interest.

Detective Kennedy, Bellmead Police Department, Bellmead, TX 12/21/17

This agency is investigating a Burglary to Motor Vehicle/Stolen Motor Vehicle and determined two offenders were selling possible stolen proceeds at ecoATM The still images and transaction slips captured the identify of two offenders who are part of a larger scale Burglary crew. I appreciate the timely response from Sean Flaherty and his assistance. Also, the manner ecoATM documents sales/pawn is great documentation for Law Enforcement in prosecuting cases.

Investigator Chojnowski, Arlington Heights Police Dept., Arlington Heights, IL12/19/17

A cell phone was stolen from a vehicle. It showed up later in a Leads Online hit. I called and confirmed the phone was still in the kiosk. The next week, I made it to the kiosk. I was easily able to get the phone with the help of Allen Tapia. It was returned to the owner.

Detective Dempsey, Greenville Police Department, Greenville, SC 12/18/17

“Phone was tracked to the kiosk. The ecoATM team was outstanding! After a required verification process and answering a few questions, the victim’s phone was recovered. Additionally they provided information that will streamline the process if we should ever have need to interact with ecoATM in the future”.

The only thing that ecoATM did NOT do was provide coffee and doughnuts while we waited on the verification process to be completed nor did they offer to come to Nashville and assist in locating the suspect. I have over 35 years in law enforcement and was VERY impressed with ecoATM and their staff. Can't say enough good things about the experience.”

Criminal Investigator Sexton, Belle Meade Police Department, Nashville, TN 12/15/17

“ecoATM helps police deter phone thefts, track lost devices.”

Loraine Burger, PoliceOne 10/30/2015

A subject reported his cell phone stolen at a gas station he owns. He stated he tracked the phone via a find my phone type application to the listed address. He also stated customers of his stated they heard the phone was turned in for cash at a Walmart.

The victim called us from the Walmart. I made contact with him and he stated he was told that an officer had to be present to open the machine. We called, and after verifying my identity, the employee on the phone walked me through opening the machine. The phone was not found; but it is possible the phone had already been collected. The employee did give me the time of the last pick up and it was four hours after the phone was noticed missing. I gave the victim the information to follow up with your company to determine if his phone was indeed collected.

In my 15 years’ experience, I have never had such an easy process to aid in recovering a lost device. I was sure a search warrant would be required to look for the device and I was pleasantly surprised upon making contact with your company.

Sergeant Landavazo, Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque, NM 12/8/17

Victim reported a burglary and provided a serial number for a stolen cell phone. The iPhone was located through LeadsOnline and sent back to me rapidly..... during a holiday week, no less by ecoATM! Thanks Hunter and Charlyn!!!

Investigator Brochin, Greenville County Sheriff's Office, Greenville, SC 11/28/17

Two phones were stolen from a vehicle and sold at this ecoATM. I contacted Mr. Flaherty and he was able to provide me all the necessary paperwork from these sales as well as send me back the stolen items that were a match to my victims via IMEI numbers.

Detective Davila, Richmond Police Department, Richmond, VA 11/16/17

The suspect in this case has been using Offer Up and then stealing / robbing victims. We are trying to rule out where the suspect is selling the phones so I figured ecoATM was a possibility. Your folks asked for a name and ID which I provided and was quickly told that he has no history with you.

Officer Lindstrom, Des Moines Police Dept., Des Moines, WA 11/14/17

The Suspect a former Comcast Employee stole several pieces of property from three women while having their cable installed. I asked ecoATM employee to check their database to see if the suspect pawned any items. Although the suspect did not show he pawned items but the service of ecoATM has always been outstanding. In past cases in 2014, I submitted some names for a search of the database, the suspects in those cases did pawn items at ecoATM and it solved some cases.

Detective Garay, Daly City Police Department, Daly City, CA 11/14/17

A large amount of phones were stolen in a burglary of Metro PCS in Woodburn, OR. The phones and devices were entered into LEDS/NCIC as stolen. This one was sold at an ecoATM in Wal-Mart. I was able to confirm that this was one of the phones which was stolen in the burglary. Once confirmed I placed a hold on the phone and it was sent to me the same day. I received it within three days. This was extremely quick.

Detective Asay, Salem Police Department, Salem, OR 10/06/17

“You guys are awesome, well Nicole Wagner is really the best, but you guys rock too.”

I gave Nicole Wagner the information and reference # and she got it done immediately. It was so easy and seamless, that I was actually confused because I was waiting for the other shoe to drop with Court Orders and Search Warrants. Then, no sooner did I get off the phone, I received the full transaction report with a great lead and identified suspect. Not to mention, I got my victims property back to her.

I can thank you guys enough

Detective Swiger, Tracy Police Department, Tracy, CA 10/04/17

Sean notified the victim of ecoATM's possession of a stolen iPad and sent the victim a form to forward to local law enforcement. The victim then provided the form to me. I filled out and returned the form to ecoATM. Sean sent me the iPad and later contacted me with information regarding several back-to-back purchases that the suspect completed at the same time that he sold the iPad. I identified other stolen purchases however, the items had unfortunately already been sold to other companies. The case eventually went to trial where the information Sean provided was suppressed due to a technicality. The trial ended in a mistrial.

I then contacted Samantha who provided me with a Certification of Fact which I hope will allow me to introduce the evidence in a retrial.

All the employees I dealt with during this incident were considerate and helpful. They genuinely showed interest and concern for assisting me in any way possible.

Detective Burrow, Jacksonville Police Department, Jacksonville, TX 09/27/17

A stolen cell phone was recovered. EcoATM provided a transaction history that identified the actor and placed him in possession of the stolen property. Trooper McNally, Pennsylvania State Police, Lancaster, PA 08/21/17

We were able to obtain a serial number from the victim and in turn when the kiosk reports were keyed in this information led us to the stolen property. Investigator Webb, Oxford Police Department, Oxford, AL 08/24/17

A stolen phone was pawned in Dekalb County. Dekalb investigators alerted Cobb County PD to the discovery since the theft happened in Cobb County. Charlyn Reyes responded quickly and answered all questions adequately. The handler responded quickly and answered all questions adequately. The handler made my job easier. Detective Walker, Cobb County Police, Austell, GA 08/28/17

Cell phones had been reported stolen in a business burglary and sold at ecoATM kiosk the same day. When the serial numbers of the phones were updated in RAPID the phones were identified as stolen by the serial number. I put the phones on police hold and received email the same day from ecoATM that the phones would be located and shipped to me. The email also included additional photographs from the transaction that were not available in RAPID, which are always helpful. Investigator Wickman, Salem Police Department, Salem, OR 08/30/17

They were extremely quick to assist and gave great instructions on how to access the storage bin inside the machine. Officer Powers, Glendale Police Department, Glendale, AZ 09/06/17

During investigation, officers discovered stolen property had been sold at an EcoATM location in Denton, Texas. Upon contacting ecoATM by phone, the CSR was extremely helpful. She placed holds on the phones and provided law enforcement liaison Sean
Flaherty's contact information. The facts that ecoATM reported for the second hand dealer report helped our agency obtain a search warrant that solved two thefts and
several burglary offenses in the area. Corporal McGregor, Pilot Point Police Department, Pilot Point, TX 9/22/17

Stolen cell phone investigation. Super quick and helpful assistance from you guys. Very impressed!!! Good to know there are businesses out there like yours. Officer Stein, Lebanon Police Department, Lebanon, OR 09/12/17

An elderly lady had her Apple IPhone 7 Plus stolen from her vehicle. Within one day I located a similar phone sold at an ecoATM through the Leads Online database. I was able to identify the individual who sold the phone who had an extensive criminal history as well as a parole violation warrant. The ecoATM was able to capture excellent photographs of the suspect as well as identifying information. I contacted ecoATM law enforcement affairs division and received an immediate response. They were able to confirm the phone was indeed the stolen one. Within two days I had the phone back at my station, the suspect in jail on a felony theft warrant, and returned the phone to the owner undamaged the following day. Captain Adams, Woodway Public Safety Department, Woodway, TX 09/08/17

The ecoATM Law Enforcement Assistance was timely in response to my investigation. Your assistance is greatly appreciated by the victim and in the apprehension of the suspect. Detective, Syracuse Police Department, Syracuse, NY 09/08/17

Suspect sold a stolen iPad. Charlyn Reyes located the item and shipped to my department within 5 business days, so that it could be returned to my victim. My victim was very happy. Detective Duval, Alpharetta Police Department, Alpharetta, GA 09/06/17

Items stolen from a locked locker and later a burglary to a motor vehicle were located through the ecoATM kiosk at the mall. The transaction report has led to identification and further evidence against at least 2 suspects in several cases still under investigation. Thanks to Samantha Griggs for her assistance.

Name and Department withheld 01/05/17

ecoATM, Nicole Wagner and Max Santiago, assisted with recovery of stolen phone and identification of suspect. This identification led to the arrest of an entire street robbery series across two states.

Detective Gossett, Chula Vista Police, Chula Vista, CA 01/17/17

The unknown suspect committed a burglary of motor vehicle and turned in an iPad that was taken from this burglary into a kiosk. I contacted Sean Flaherty at ecoATM who was extremely helpful. I am very pleased with the assistance of ecoATM.

Detective Castro, Colorado Springs Police Department, Colorado Springs, CO 01/18/17

The suspect in this case by the use of a firearm demanded the complainant’s property including his cell phone. After completing a leads on line search I found where the suspect in this case sold the complainants phone at ecoATM in Houston Texas on January 9th 2017 at 1:26pm. I emailed Sean Flaherty Sr. Regulatory Affairs Counsel on a Sunday and received a response back the same day. This is the second time I have had a robbery case where the suspect has sold the phone via the ecoATM and have had a great response and immediate assistance. Thank you for all the help.

Detective Edie, Houston Police Department, Houston, TX 01/29/17

I was assisted in a timely fashion and everyone I spoke to was very professional and helpful. It is very nice to work with a company like ecoATM that is happy to assist Law Enforcement. Thanks to Sean Flaherty for his assistance.

SRO Day, Bloomington Police Department, Bloomington, IL 02/08/17

Complainant came into the police department to report that his cousin stole his cell phone while they were driving in the car. He subsequently sold the cell phone at the ecoATM at a Walmart. The CCTV photos show the complainant standing next to the suspect as the phone was being processed. Money from the sale of the phone was provided to the suspect.

The “victim” was confronted with the photos of the CCTV footage and the fact he was present during the transaction. He was informed that his cousin could be arrested for the theft or consider charging him with fraud. The “victim” then decided he did not wat to be a victim anymore.

Hunter from ecoATM very quickly provided me with the CCTV photos which were instrumental when confronting the “victim” about the theft. Had I not had those photos, the “victim” may have gotten away with a fraud by getting the money and then getting his phone back at no cost.

Detective Eade, West Milwaukee PD, West Milwaukee, WI 02/20/17

Nicole Wagner emailed me about a lost phone message a processor found on the phone. Although the phone was sold in the County, it is actually a City of (Name Withheld) case. Rather than redirecting people, I called the number, contacted the victim and advised her to make a police report. As soon as I was able to provide the incident number to check Leads Online, I asked for the phone to be shipped to me for eventual return to the victim. As usual, very good communication by Wagner and quick results.

Name and Department withheld 02/21/17

A stolen cell phone was sold to an ecoATM in Suisun City. ecoATM handled the matter appropriately and in a timely manner. I was given all of the information I needed and was told the cellphone would be shipped to the police department so I could return the phone to the victim.

Detective Lisa Carlock, Suisun City Police Department, Suisun City, CA 02/23/17

A suspect recycled a cellular phone which may contain evidence in an ongoing stalking investigation.

Name and Department withheld 02/24/17

I was notified a stolen Cellphone was pawned at an ecoATM in Capitola. ecoATM provided us with the documentation, and is sending the cell phone to us.

Detective Evans, Capitola Police Department, Capitola, CA 03/01/17

It's great getting the State DL/ID required by seller at time of transaction along with the actual live photo of the subject at the kiosk; this allows us to prove who is conducting the transaction. Love that the fingerprint is required in case identity of the subject at the kiosk is in question; we have a viable print to compare to a subject if needed. Sean Flaherty - he's been great!

Detective/ P-1 Walker, Arlington Police Department, Arlington, TX 03/03/17

Stolen cell phone from vehicle on Manor Road. One of the items stolen was an Apple iPhone 4. I requested a check to determine if the phone was sold recently. I received an immediate response from Nicole Wagner. She was great!

Corporal Medveckus, Lower Salford Township, Harleysville, PA 03/09/17

The best service I have had with an outside company. I believe it was 12:14 pm I sent a request with a name and brief description of a robbery to Hunter. By 12:17 pm I had a report with all the phones my suspect had turned in. Absolutely incredible service and turnaround.

Sergeant Detective Rutledge, MBTA Transit Police, Boston, MA 03/14/17

My suspect stole a cell phone and sold it at one of your kiosks. I got a hit on Leads Online. I placed a hold on the item and received an email from Nicole Wagner within the hour. My larceny was solved swiftly and the response was fast.

Patrolman Smith, Auburn Police, Auburn, NY 03/17/17

Stolen phone and suspect were searched through your database and we were advised that your company had not purchased that device nor has the suspect sold anything to your company.

I received a correspondence from Hunter Bjorkman, Regulatory Affairs team, who confirmed that he had flagged the device as well as the suspect so that I will be notified if the device is sold to ecoATM. Thanks to Michael McCann and Hunter Bjorkman.

Det. /Sgt. Sokerka, Emerson Police Department, Emerson, NJ 03/20/17

Stolen cell phones sold at local ecoATM and I was assisted immediately by Nicole Wagner as she is making arrangements to send me the stolen items to the police station and flag the customers for future transactions. Very helpful.

Detective Dobson, Jeffersonville Police Department, Jeffersonville, IN 03/20/17

After using ICloud to track a stolen I-phone 6 to the ecoATM at Walmart, 7975 W. Peoria, Ave. Peoria. I contacted the ecoATM and after verifying the crime and my credentials, the remote Technician (M. McAllister) opened the machine and I found the stolen phone inside. I contacted Mr. Robert Bucci from ecoATM's Regulatory Affairs Counsel, I explained what happened and that this might not be the only phone stolen from the school. A short time later a second victim reported her phone was stolen, same time and same location. Mr. Bucci provided hard copies of the transactions complete with photos of two suspects and sure enough, the second stolen phone was sold at the same location. The second phone had already been picked up and was enroute to ecoATM. I contacted Mr. Bucci who immediately put a hold on the second phone and had it sent to the Peoria Police Department.

Police Officer Fernandez, Peoria Police Department, Peoria, AZ 03/23/17

Apple iPad stolen from vehicle on March 1, 2017. Suspect also stole victim's credit card. Suspect attempted to use victim's credit card on same day. Suspect then pawned victim's iPad at ecoATM on March 8, 2017. Security camera footage from businesses where suspect attempted to use victim's credit card matched photographs taken from ecoATM.

Contacted Nicole Wagner at ecoATM via e-mail with a property request generated by Leads Online. Received an e-mail less than twelve hours later that the device was being shipped to my department for return to the owner.

I had heard that working with ecoATM on stolen property cases was easy, but I never dreamed it was that easy. Thanks for the quick response!

Deputy Marshal Michael, Ellettsville Police Department, Ellettsville, IN 03/23/17

Suspect stole an iPod Nano from a vehicle and then sold it at the ecoATM located at the Market Place Mall. ecoATM representatives assisted us by locating the transaction in the database and providing us the information. They also assisted us by banning the suspect from future transactions. The representatives are always quick to respond to inquiries and offer assistance.

Detective Sergeant Baltzell, Champaign Police Department, Champaign, IL 03/27/17

Suspect in the auto burglary removed a cell phone from a vehicle. Suspect then turned in the phone to an ecoATM terminal for cash. Victim of the burglary and the Lamar County School District Police Department contacted ecoATM and were assisted in retrieving the cell phone. Also, suspect info was turned over to the police which lead to the arrest of the suspect.

Officer Green, Lamar County School District Police, Hattiesburg, MS 03/28/17

A stolen phone was sold to the ecoATM. I received a notification from LEADS. I sent a property recover notice to ecoATM and was notified immediately by Samantha Griggs, who advised me she was sending the property to me. Excellent customer service. I wish everyone we dealt with was as efficient as this.

Detective Sharp, Addison Police, Addison, TX 04/13/17

Victim was robbed at knife point while walking her dog. Unidentified suspect placed the knife against her neck from behind while threatening to stab her in the stomach if she turned around and faced him (victim is four months pregnant and advised suspect of such). He got away with her Apple IPhone 6S+ then fled on foot. Victim was unable to provide a description of the suspect at the time. AT&T located the cellular phone shortly thereafter in the area until it went offline. ecoATM was able to check their database and flag the device in the event that someone sells it. They acted swiftly and were helpful with the investigation. Thanks Michael McCann for your assistance.

Detective Bedoya, Englewood Police Department, Englewood, NJ 04/19/17

4 individuals threw a concrete block through the window of Verizon Wireless and stole numerous electronics items. I located four of the stolen items which were sold at an ecoATM. I contacted Charlyn Reyes and she assisted with getting the product back that was available as well as the transaction information. The process was very easy and handled very quickly and efficiently.

Detective Ervin, Fairfield Police Department, Fairfield, OH 05/02/17

Multiple rash of cellphone store smash and grabs. Doug Muldoon was fast to respond and forward all information to San Diego. The CA team responded with 2 hours.

Lieutenant Geissenberger, Pinellas Park Police Department, Pinellas Park, FL 05/10/17

I located where the suspect placed the phone inside of an ecoATM at Kroger in Covington, GA. I notified Ms. Reyes who was extremely helpful. Once the serial number on the phone was verified, she promptly sent the phone back to me. This is not the first time I have worked with Reyes, and I have to say, she is extremely professional, friendly, helpful, and prompt.

Detective Hipps, Covington Police Department, Covington, GA 05/16/17

Theft from Motor vehicle case. IPad that was taken in 20216 was sold to ecoATM a year later.

Our department finds stolen items sold to ecoATM through NCIC via Leads Online. This happens about once every ten days. We send email notice to Charlyn Reyes and she usually responds to us in under 30 minutes. The stolen item is shipped to our department and arrives within 2-3 days. Nobody else responds this quickly.

Investigator Fell, Omaha Police Department, Omaha, NE 05/18/17

Theft of a purse. Victim provided serial numbers and I was able to locate the phone had been sold at an ecoATM. I contacted Nicole Wagner at ecoATM and the phone is being shipped to the Police Department.

Detective Mertz, Richmond Police, Richmond, IN 05/22/17

A stolen cell phone was traced to an ecoATM kiosk. It was well handled by your technical staff in walking me through the process to open the machine and retrieve the cell phone. 

Patrolman Stevens, Elkhart Police Department, Elkhart, IN 05/23/17

Items stolen during the commission of a robbery were located and returned to the victims.

The second Hand Dealer reports from ecoATM assisted with the identification of the people of interest. Thanks Charlyn for your assistance.

Detective Pham, Huntington Beach Police Department, Huntington Beach, CA 06/01/17

Unknown suspect entered the victim's unlocked vehicle and stole several items. Two days later one of the items, IPad, was pawned at an ecoATM machine in Garland. Once notification was received through Leads Online, contact was made with Doug Muldoon from ecoATM who worked with Sean Flaherty and Samantha Griggs at recovering and returning the stolen property to the victim.

Police Officer Moore, Rowlett Police Department, Rowlett, TX 06/01/17

Our Robbery Unit posted two Locates on possible suspects involved in a Strong Armed Robbery at one of our parks. I used Leads Online to run the suspect's names and noticed they sold two phones to ecoATM hours after the robbery. The photos from the sale linked both suspects together even though one was trying to be out of view. One suspect confessed after seeing a copy of the transaction.

I contacted Charlyn Reyes with the ticket information and she was able to pull the phones and mail them back to us. It is nice to be contacted back so quickly when you have a high profile case to ensure the evidence is recovered. Officer's from the (Name withheld) Police Departments Pawn Unit have nothing but praise for the way Charlyn Reyes handles our calls and emails for assistance.

Name and Department withheld 06/06/17 - B

On 05/14/17, two unknown suspects burglarized a mobile phone business in TN, stealing over 20 phones and approx. $1,000.00 in cash. Some of the phones were "pawned" at an ecoATM location within a mile radius of the burglary scene. ecoATM was both prompt and thorough in providing investigators with information regarding the identity of the sellers. Excellent work, and the response time was most impressive.

Name and Department withheld 06/08/17 - A

Victim tracked stolen phone to ecoATM and contacted police. I obtained information of person who sold the phone. ecoATM provided information on the subject. Arrest was made.

Detective Wegner, Mequon Police, Mequon, WI 06/09/17

Multiple tablets were stolen, tablets were recovered in the ecoATM's. Got assistance with the recovery of tablets and ID of the suspects.

Detective Hoell, Mequon Police, Mequon, WI 06/09/17

A stolen cell phone ended up at the kiosk and your Hunter was able to get all the info on the phone and the suspect. 

Detective Jezzi, Metro Nashville Police Department, Nashville, TN 06/14/17

Located stolen phone sold to one of your ecoATM kiosk. Nicole Wagner was very helpful in shipping the phone to my police department.

Detective Thompson, Cabot Police Department, Cabot, AR 06/15/17

69 Year Old Female found murdered inside her home on May 20, 2017. Her Phone/Vehicle were missing and found in the possession of the Defendant. Phone calls were made on the victim's phone, which led us to the ecoATM customer who deposited the phone. Nicole was able to assist us with the information for this case. 

Deputy Investigator Vera, Harris County Sheriff Office, Houston, TX 06/15/17

We had seized a phone with a search warrant. When we analyzed it, we discovered it was in "retail" mode. Believing it may have been stolen from a retailer, I contacted Max Santiago who I knew through the FBINAA. Max not only sent me reports from NMPR and, he provided information on how we could apply to get access.

Lieutenant Birr, Salem Police Department, Salem, OR 06/19/17

Commercial burglary occurred in our city. Hunter with ecoATM arranged to return the stolen cellphones involved and assisted with collecting evidence for this case such as photographs of the seller, and ID of the seller of these items.

Detective Braswell, Raleigh Police Department, Raleigh, NC 06/19/17

Victim reported to police that a beach bag containing (2) iPhones was stolen off the beach. A check of the ecoATM’s listed in our pawn data system revealed a female pawning the exact make of cell phones approximately 90 minutes after the theft was reported. Female was later arrested by a neighboring agency. Female was interviewed and admitted guilt in the original theft in our jurisdiction after the information of the sale and her picture was presented to her.

Detective Lynch, North Myrtle Beach DPS, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 06/28/17

A purse and contents were stolen from an elderly victim in a robbery. Unfortunately it was after the 30 day window that we learned the victim's IMEI number for her stolen cell phone, and that the phone had been sold at an ecoATM. Hunter Bjorkman and Doug Muldoon at ecoATM quickly assisted, and I got very quick response with the information I received.

Detective Beam, Myrtle Beach Police Department, Myrtle Beach, SC 06/28/17

A cell phone was stolen and sold to an ecoATM. Sean Flaherty was extremely helpful and provided me with the dealer report ASAP. Doug Muldoon followed up with me and made sure I obtained everything I needed.

Detective Seggi, Orlando Police Department, Orlando, FL 07/05/17

An Apple IPhone 7 32GB was stolen from a patient at a medical care facility on July 1, 2017. However, the phone was not reported stolen until July 6, 2017. I was able to quickly locate the phone by Serial Number through Leads Online and showed the item being sold to ecoATM in our city. I contacted Robert Bucci advising him of the incident and location of the stolen phone. He was very quick in his response back via email. I have dealt with ecoATM at least four if not five times and each time I have been very pleased with how the company works with Law Enforcement. Thank you!

Patrolman Brown, Whitehall Police Department, Whitehall, OH 07/06/17

Armed Robbery -Items listed on a Leads Online search were located. I contacted ecoATM who had a representative responded immediately and assisted to make the process of shipping the items easy and quick. The photos of the seller and identification provided will assist in further investigation of this case and hopefully prosecution. The owner was extremely grateful to hear his items will be returned to him.

Detective Krass, Chicago Police Department, Chicago, IL 07/11/17

On February 11th, 2017 five suspects armed with handguns forced entry into a residence where several friends were gathered. The suspects stole several items including a cell phone from each of the victims. Five days later I was assigned the case for further investigation. I reached out to ecoATM Representative Hunter Bjorkman and provided him the IMEI number for one of the stolen cell phones. Hunter quickly searched the ecoATM system and located not only the transaction for that phone, but two additional transactions attempted by the same suspects. Using video and other information collected by ecoATM, one of the suspects was identified, charged and has plead guilty to armed robbery and home invasion. The remaining suspects have also been identified and the investigation in ongoing.

Detective / Major Case Team Marks, Kent County Sheriff Department, Grand Rapids, MI 07/17/17

The victim in this case was at a restaurant eating lunch. The victim left her phone on charge in her vehicle and when she returned to her vehicle from lunch, she discovered her phone was stolen. Ms. Nicole Wagner (ecoATM) really made my job easy. Ms. Wagner was very professional, quick in her response time, and helpful during our contact.

Investigator Grammer, Tuscaloosa Police Department, Tuscaloosa, AL 07/21/17

The victim left his phone in his unlocked car on 06/27/17. He reported it immediately and had the serial number. We were able to enter it into the NCIC system and LEADS Online. During my check of the Leads Online system for a possible sale of the phone I got an almost immediate hit that the phone had been sold on 06/28/17. I contacted the phone number listed through the LEADS hit. I spoke to an extremely helpful member of the law enforcement team who was able to confirm that the phone was still in the processing facility and that it could be mailed to my Sheriff's Office so it could be placed into evidence and used for the court case. In addition I was told that the suspect had sold four other phones at the same time in different locations that also may be stolen.

Investigator Barrall, Sarpy County Sheriff's Office, Papillion, NE 07/26/17

A phone reported stolen in our jurisdiction in early May, 2017 was later sold at a local ecoATM. Once the phone was received at a processing center, the IMEI number was uploaded to the ticket number. The following day, I checked our reporting system,, and discovered the NCIC hit on the stolen phone. Upon contacting Nicole Wagner with ecoATM she was able to process a claim and promptly provided all needed information regarding the seller of the phone and facilitate the return of the stolen phone. The cooperation with ecoATM was excellent.

Sergeant White, Texarkana Police Department, Texarkana, AR 07/26/17

A local business was burglarized during the early morning hours of 6/23/17 where an IPad air was stolen. I uploaded the information into Leads Online which generated a transaction by the suspect who sold the IPad at an ecoATM. In comparing the video obtained from the business to the still shot photographs from ecoATM I was able to identify them as the same subject. The suspect will be charged with Commercial Burglary and Conspiracy. ecoATM was able to locate the IPad in their inventory and is in the process of shipping it back to me, so that I can return it to the victim. Great JOB ecoATM. Thank you for your help.

Detective Sweitzer, Albuquerque Police Department, Albuquerque, NM 07/26/17

Known vehicle burglary thief had stolen items from 15+ vehicles, exceeding $10,000 in value.

Contacted Nicole Wagner at ecoATM re: CAPSS pawn/buy hit on a suspect, who conducted three back-to-back ecoATM transactions. Positively identified Suspect from Ms. Wagner's ecoATM information.

Master Investigator Salisbury, Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Perris, CA 07/26/17

A number of Henrico citizens reported their cars had been broken into and electronic devices taken.  Detectives were able to obtain serial numbers from the respective owners of the devices and cross referenced them with LINX. After consulting LINX they determined a number of those devices were sold to ecoATM kiosks in the area by the same person. After obtaining ecoATM transaction records, which include photographing the seller, detectives were able to determine the identity of the perpetrator. The Commonwealth of Virginia used those records to tie the defendant to the stolen property and secured four felony convictions as a result. Those convictions would not have been possible without ecoATM records.

Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Kregar, Henrico County CA's Office, Henrico, VA 08/07/17

Investigated Burglary/Theft. Received info that a specific named suspect sold an Apple iPhone 7 to ecoATM from burglary. Provided location/ date and summary of incident to assistance team (Nicole Wagner) and had an answer and confirmation on suspect with images and all necessary details within minutes of the request. It was the fastest response I ever received in my 23 years in law enforcement!! This information corroborated witness statements. Confirmed the suspect and captured images showed other co-defendants were present at the kiosk. Very appreciative. Thank you

Detective Aston, State College Police Department, State College, PA 08/08/17

The suspect in the theft was unknown, but on 7/31/2017, we received a hit on the serial number through Leads Online. I processed the hit to prepare our detectives for recovery of the item, and contacted ecoATM with the case number, item information, location, etc. They immediately responded to confirm they received the information, and within days I received not only confirmation that it was located and shipped, but it also arrived within a week. The staff that have assisted me so far have been very helpful and professional. I appreciate all you do, and I know the victims do too! Thanks Charlyn Reyes and Nicole Wagner!

Administrative Specialist II Rosa, Seattle Police Department, Seattle. WA 08/09/17

Suspects lured a victim to a hotel room. When the victim arrived, they pointed a deadly weapon at him and demanded his property. Two of the suspects had been identified. The third suspect, who had not been identified, attempted to sell the victim's phone at several ecoATM locations. The photographs and driver license image greatly assisted in identifying the third suspect. Thanks to Max Santiago, Doug Muldoon and Sean Flaherty

Detective Hertzog, Killeen Police Department, Killeen, TX 08/10/17

Not just on one date, this person is of interest in a homicide made 12 transactions at an ecoATM. The photos ecoATM took are going to be critical in showing the unique clothing/shoes he was wearing as they are going to be what was worn the day of the homicide. They sent us the photos of the transactions in a timely manner. Great customer service. Thank you

Forensic Supervisor Weathers, Fulton County Police Department, Atlanta, GA 08/11/17

“I made contact with Mr. Flaherty in reference to the larceny of this item. Mr. Flaherty was courteous and efficient in processing the claim. In a matter of days he was able to locate the item and facilitate its return to our department.”

Officer Mala Bansal, Strasburg, VA Police Department

“Louisville Metro Police found the subject at the casino with the help of ecoATM.”

"A female reported her close friend missing after no one had seen or heard from her in about a week. Through investigation, I learned the missing female had a gambling problem and no one had seen or spoken to her in 7-8 days. A quick LeadsOnline search revealed the missing female had sold a cell phone at an ecoATM machine at a Kroger store located near Jack's Casino in Cincinnati, OH around the same time she was reported missing. I contacted law enforcement at Jack's Casino and they were able to locate the female. She had been at Jack's Casino daily since she was reported missing. I was able to resolve this missing persons case quickly and put her friends and family at ease."

LeadsOnline - Detective Mike Lauder, Louisville Metro Police Department, Kentucky

“Oxford Police work with ecoATM and LeadsOnline to solve homicide in first 48”

"A dead body was found inside a house because of a welfare concern. No suspect or evidence was found on the scene. We pinged his cellular device to a town 100 miles south of my jurisdiction near a Walmart. We could not find the phone. For two days the phone did not move. I logged onto LeadsOnline and put his ex-lover's name into LeadsOnline search because the lover was from that town where the cell phone pinged. We also had a recent report of a disturbance between the two in my jurisdiction. Once I searched his name, it showed he sold the cell phone to the ecoATM inside Walmart. Plus, Walmart video showed he drove the automobile of the murder victim to Walmart. The vehicle was stolen after the murder. With this evidence he confessed."

LeadsOnline - Investigator Hardie Meeks, Oxford Police Department, Mississippi

“ecoATM and LeadsOnline help capture kidnapping suspect”

"We had an aggravated robbery and kidnapping occur with a suspect armed with a handgun. We were able to identify 3 of the 4 suspects and were only provided initials for the unidentified suspect who was the one armed with a handgun. During interviews other suspects advised that the unidentified suspect sold a cell phone in a ecoATM prior to the robbery. A LeadsOnline search identified the armed suspect selling a phone prior to the robbery, thus identifying the suspect and providing video of all suspects together prior to the robbery. The ID led to a warrant being issued for the outstanding suspect for aggravated robbery and kidnapping."

LeadsOnline - Sergeant David Adkins, New Lebanon Police Department, Ohio

“ecoATM help Newport News Police and U.S. Marshals Service find homicide suspect”

"In October, I was asked for assistance, by the U.S Marshalls Fugitive Task Force, to help locate a homicide suspect. The suspect had left the area and the U.S Marshalls had run out of places to look. I entered the suspect's name in LeadsOnline. The search revealed that the suspect had a few entries, but nothing recent. A search, with the help of the association’s icon, was entered and revealed a name of a family member. That name was entered into LeadsOnline, which resulted in a recent ecoATM transaction in Northern, VA. When that transaction was viewed, not only did it show the family member, but the homicide suspect was standing next to him. The transaction had a valid address listed for the family member. Based on the ecoATM transaction, LEO's in that jurisdiction were notified of the situation and responded to the family members address the next day. The suspect was arrested and transported back to Newport News for prosecution. Without the partnership and technology that LeadsOnline and ecoATM provides, this homicide suspect could have been on the run for a while. This case is one of numerous success stories that the Newport News Police Department could provide to LeadsOnline. The Newport News Police Department is grateful for the hard work and dedication that LeadsOnline provides all Law Enforcement, so that we can have success stories like this one. "There is no greater Love than this, one who will lay down his life for a friend" LEO-FIRE-MILITARY "

LeadsOnline - Detective William Nesbitt, Newport News Police Department, Virginia

A Moore woman pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor embezzlement charge Tuesday after she stole two iPads from the Moore Public Library in 2015. According to a Moore Police report, Brandi Nicole Gilley, 31, checked out the iPads under her children's names and sold them at an ecoATM kiosk in July and August. LeadsOnline, a technology service helping law enforcement catch criminals, showed Gilley sold the iPads the same day she stole them from the library.

LeadsOnline - Moore Police, Oklahoma

A search through LeadsOnline lead to the arrest of a 19-year-old who allegedly stole a cell phone from a man's back pocket in March. The incident happened on the morning of March 13 at West Towne Mall. The 18-year-old victim from Cross Plains told police he was leaving the mall when someone ran up and grabbed his phone from his back pocket. A MPD officer utilized LeadsOnline and found the phone had been pawned at an ecoATM located inside Woodman's Food Market, at 725 Raymond Road.

LeadsOnline – Madison, WI

"A man was looking at cell phones in a local store when another man stole his current cell phone when he left it lying on the counter by accident. The suspect took the stolen cell phone to the ecoATM nearby and sold it. We received an NCIC Hit on Leads Online that gave us the ID of the suspect and helped us get a warrant for his arrest."

LeadsOnline – Det. Rodney Curd, Beavercreek Police Department, Ohio

"I received a report that our local high school was broken into. The suspects took an iPod from the desk of one of the teachers, and I showed the teacher how to look up her serial number through her iTunes account. I plugged in the serial number on LeadsOnline and 'Voila,' my suspect now has a name and a face. By the way, he was a former student at the high school, and his brother still is. They perfectly matched the description of our suspects. The great thing was that it wasn't recovered at a secondhand shop. Our local mall has a new machine called ecoATM, where you can insert an old electronic device, and it will give you money for it. Thank goodness, the company that owns the machine is hooked up with LeadsOnline! This is yet another time you have solved a case for me. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks!"

LeadsOnline - Det. David Coffman, Newton Police Department, North Carolina

"There was a larceny of electronic equipment, iPads and iPhones. Using LeadsOnline, I was able to locate one of the stolen iPhones within 10 hours of it being stolen. It was traded into a local ecoATM. Thanks to the quick locate, I was able to retrieve the property and warrants will be forthcoming."

LeadsOnline - Det. Stanley Styron, Greenville Police Department, North Carolina

“Theft from vehicle results in recovered electronics and identifying of suspect” "While investigating a theft from a vehicle, I used LeadsOnline to find two of the stolen items (iPad and iPhone) had been sold at a metro area pawn shop and at the ecoATM in a local mall. After contacting the two sellers of the stolen items, information was gathered on the two suspects who committed the actual theft. At this time, arrest warrants are pending and four people will be arrested in connection to this incident. Without LeadsOnline, this case would have likely been inactivated with no arrests."

LeadsOnline - Officer Corey Fifer, Denver Police Department, Colorado

"Thanks to LeadsOnline the Pickerington Police Department found a victim's iPhone 5s that was stolen and sold at an ecoATM. The phone has been returned to the victim and the suspect was positively identified at the ecoATM by photo, thumbprint, and an image of his Ohio ID."

LeadsOnline - Det. Bryan Bragg, Pickerington Police Department, Ohio

“Pick-pocketed phone recovered from local ecoATM” I located a possible NCIC hit for a stolen Apple iPhone. The phone was sold at a Burbank, California ecoATM machine that flagged the serial number. The victim completed an online police report stating she was the victim of a pick-pocket while hanging out at a night club. EcoATM staff where advised, and the iPhone was recovered without incident. Once confirmation of ownership was made, the iPhone was returned to the victim." 


LeadsOnline -Officer Brent Dawson, San Francisco Police Department, California

“Two crooks arrested with the partnership of ecoATM and LeadsOnline ““I located a potential NCIC Hit via LeadsOnline. I confirmed that the item was stolen and obtained the contact information for ecoATM. I then contacted ecoATM and was advised that the item was sold at the ecoATM in Eastridge Mall in Gastonia, North Carolina. ecoATM returned the phone to me via FedEx Next Day Air along with information on the person who sold it. Investigator Spizzo and I conducted a small amount of investigative work, confronted the suspect and obtained a confession as well as uncovered another suspect. Investigator Spizzo and I then interviewed the second suspect and obtained a confession from her as well. These arrests would not have been made had it not been for LeadsOnline. The reporting officer exhausted all leads that he had, but I was able to recover the property as well as make two arrests. Thanks, LeadsOnline!"

LeadsOnline - Sgt. Spencer Cline, Newton Police Department, North Carolina

"Another case solved!!!! At the beginning of the school year we had four iPads stolen from a classroom. We obtained all serial/model numbers from the school. The serial numbers were put into LeadsOnline, and the hits kept on coming. The suspects went to the mall and used an ecoATM to sell the items. The system takes a picture of them, their ID and their fingerprint. This is so awesome!!! Two big hits in one month. Thanks Leads!!!" 
LeadsOnline - Corporal Clarence Reid, Wetumpka Police Department, Alabama

"I found a stolen iPhone sold at an ecoATM kiosk”. The iPhone had been lost by the owner hours before. The suspect was identified and digital pictures of the ecoATM transaction captured him with a female adult and female juvenile. The suspect was on probation for domestic violence for a brutal domestic violence incident. He was restrained from the victim and her children who were coincidentally with him during the transaction. The suspect was eventually arrested following a probation check-up and confessed to breaking the restraining order. In addition, the suspect confessed to taking the phone while at the same restaurant the victim had originally reported." 

LeadsOnline - Officer Brent Dawson, San Francisco Police Department, California

"I was working two separate theft cases and even had surveillance video of the suspects. I could not locate any photos of the suspects from the past several years to compare to the surveillance video until I received notice from LeadsOnline that my suspects had sold a phone at an ecoATM. I was able to compare the images captured by the ecoATM to the surveillance video and make a positive identification. Two cases closed by LeadsOnline." 
LeadsOnline - Inv. Zach Hicks, Bedford Police Department, Texas

"I was assigned a case in which a house was burglarized. While burglarizing the house, the suspect heard the resident inside the home and fled the scene. When the suspect fled, he left a backpack containing his driver's license. A check of LeadsOnline revealed an ecoATM transaction in his name. As with all ecoATM transactions, there were multiple photos of the suspect at the time of the transaction. In the photos uploaded to ecoATM, the suspect can be seen wearing the backpack which was recovered at the scene of the burglary. It will be hard for him to argue in court that this was not his backpack now." 
LeadsOnline -Det. Kevin Satterwhite, Pasadena Police Department, Texas

"LeadsOnline helped us quickly identify two individuals who were breaking into vehicles. LeadsOnline showed us that these two suspects were selling phones to numerous ecoATM kiosks. This information helped prevent future thefts because the suspects were identified and arrested quickly." 

LeadsOnline - Sgt. Eric Gossman, Warner Robins Police Department, Georgia

"Toward the end of last year, we were being swarmed with vehicle break-ins in our area and had no suspect descriptions. My only lead was one vehicle that had a checkbook stolen out of it and I was later able to pull up a picture of the guy who tried to cash one of the checks at a local bank branch. After randomly looking through LeadsOnline for similar property that had been stolen from the break-ins, I noticed a female that had turned an iPhone in at one of the local ecoATM's. Low and behold, she was on camera standing next to a guy who greatly resembled the same one that was on camera at the bank. I was able to identify the suspect in both pictures and was able to successfully close several UB&E cases with the arrest."

LeadsOnline - Det. Jason Threlkeld Miamisburg Police Department Ohio

“A picture's worth a thousand words” "A thief had stolen a woman's cell phone from a grocery cart. She called ecoATM and gave them her phone's IMEI number. ecoATM called her when her phone was sold to one of their kiosks. The lady came and made a police report and I found the phone at a kiosk in a neighboring city. ecoATM took several HD pictures of the thief from different angles, as well as a scan of his ID card and his thumb print. All of this was available to me when I logged onto LeadsOnline. Needless to say, the thief admitted to the theft and the sale of the stolen cell phone." 

LeadsOnline - Detective Justin Howard, Birmingham Police Department, Alabama

“Thief makes rookie mistakes resulting in arrest” "I am supervisor of the Crime Analysis Unit at the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office. In March, a black male entered a business. The suspect went straight to the electronics department where he attempted to remove several iPads from the displays unsuccessfully. He then took a tool from his clothing and removed 3 iPhones from the displays, concealed them in his pants, and left the store without paying. On the same day beginning at a different time. The same black male and another black male subject went to the ecoATM located at the Santa Rosa Mall in Mary Esther, Okaloosa County, FL (adjoining county) where they placed the 3 stolen iPhones in the Kiosk and in return received $159. The serial numbers matched the stolen phones. The male suspect who stole the phones from the business had on the same clothing and necklace that was seen in both video surveillances from the business and the photographs taken from the ecoATM."

LeadsOnline - Kathy Stinson, Crime Analyst Supervisor, Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, Florida

"During a recent burglary to a residence investigation, I placed several suspects on a watch list. Within a few days, I received notification that one of the suspects had sold two of the stolen cellphones at an ecoATM. ecoATM reported the purchase immediately to LeadsOnline and I was able to recover the stolen property, along with obtaining detailed information from the vendor. LeadsOnline helped to speed up the investigation by providing real-time data that was valuable in the recovery and prosecution of the case."

LeadsOnline - Investigator R.T. Taylor, Granite Quarry-Faith Joint Police Authority, North Carolina

"In April, I checked LeadsOnline for any recent NCIC hits. I saw that an iPad that had been reported stolen during a forced-entry burglary and had been sold to an EcoATM machine. I was able to return the stolen property to the original owner, and an arrest was made for Theft by Receiving Stolen Property and Theft by Deception. The interview with the person who sold the item solidified my probable cause, and arrest warrants are out for the person who committed the burglary. Without LeadsOnline, the property would never have been found, and the case would remain unsolved."

LeadsOnline - Detective Nicholas Lawson, Glynn County Police Department, Georgia

“Manchester Crimewatch: Charges pile up for Nashua man accused of theft” Dornhofer faces two sets of receiving stolen property and theft by deception charges. One set of misdemeanors alleges he had in his possession a $600 Samsung cell phone stolen from a woman on June 27, 2015, that he sold at the Eco ATM at 300 Keller St. for $90 the same day.

LeadsOnline - Manchester, New Hampshire

“Internet helps in arrest of Madison man, police say” A Madison man in jail on theft charges was arrested Tuesday for allegedly burglarizing a fraternity house in February and selling a stolen Kindle Fire at an ecoATM that buys used cellphones, tablets, etc., the sale found online by police.

LeadsOnline – Madison, Wisconsin

 “LeadsOnline aids in identifying narcotics suspect” LeadsOnline unexpectedly gave our agency a suspect's photograph. An undercover narcotics officer came into the Tactical Information Office and asked the other officers to look up a DL photo of a suspect to write five felony drug delivery warrants. Unfortunately, the TIC officer was having software issues at that time. It always seems to happen at just the wrong time. I asked the undercover officer to let me give it a try in LeadsOnline with the hope that the suspect had sold a cellphone to ecoATM. So, what you ask? ecoATM are the self-serve green kiosk in malls where customers can sell their used cellphones. ecoATM requires a valid driver's license, and they also photograph the customer and the cellphone and attach the photographs to the LeadsOnline ticket. When I searched for the suspect I found an ecoATM ticket with a small camera icon. I clicked on the camera and there our suspect was with her smiling face. Since the ticket has the suspect's driver's license information and her image, the narcotics officer completed the warrants for her arrest."

LeadsOnline - James Dunnam, Fort Worth Police Department, Texas

 “Man Cashes in stolen cellphone, faces jail time” Court records show Rafael Joyner, 18, was charged Nov. 25 with one count of possession of stolen property; information in his case was not available for review until Thursday, when a warrant was issued for his arrest.

LeadsOnline - Detective Mark Mason, Oklahoma

“ecoATM helps SFPD catch jogger robber” A crook who robbed a jogger of her iPhone along The Embarcadero last month was caught after using an ecoATM at Westfield San Francisco Centre. The machine exchanges phones for cash but not without the seller's identification, according to police.  The crook provided his ID while using the machine about 20 minutes after robbing the jogger, police said. After finding out he lives in San Bruno, inspectors went to his home on June 23 and found the suspect in his front yard. The suspect, who was on active felony probation for a prior carjacking conviction, was booked into County Jail on several felony charges, according to police.

LeadsOnline – San Francisco, California

“LeadsOnline and ecoATM help identify a jewelry shoplifter” "I was investigating an incident involved shoplifting numerous pieces of jewelry valued at over $200. The victim had security cameras and decent footage of the female suspect. The victim was able to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect left in, which belonged to a male. Through my investigation, I was able to find a female matching the description of the suspect. Initially, the only pictures I could find of the female were old, making it difficult to identify her as the suspect in the incident. Through LeadsOnline, I was able to find a recent pawn by the female in which she sold a cell phone at ecoATM. Because ecoATM takes pictures of the individuals, I now had an updated photograph which led to identifying the suspect. LeadsOnline has been an invaluable investigative tool, not only for finding stolen items but personal information on potential suspects, photographs, and current information. Thank you."

Tom Haynie, Medford Police Department, Oregon

“EcoATM helps police deter phone thefts, track lost devices.”  “Retail thieves identified easily with help from LeadsOnline” "Here's one that's a bit unusual. I received an email from a loss prevention person at one of our department stores with surveillance photos of a couple who had been shoplifting game controllers from the store. She was asking if anyone could identify the two suspects. I used LeadsOnline to identify nine potential individuals. I narrowed the list to two based on relative age of the individuals in the surveillance photos. I found that they both had been selling, not only game controllers, but also cell phones to the ecoATM machines at our mall. Knowing that ecoATM takes photographs of people transacting business at their kiosks, I pulled up the ecoATM tickets with attached photos and had perfect pictures of both suspects with their identifying information, drivers’ licenses and thumbprints. One of the photos even showed both suspects together at the kiosk."

Loraine Burger, PoliceOne

“Cell phones were stolen by an acquaintance. Recovered by ecoATM.”

Det. Michael Justice, Cobb County Police

“We received a Leads Online hit on a cell phone entered into NCIC due to a theft. Within 109 minutes of the hold being placed, I received an email from Robert Bucci with ecoATM advising me that the phone would be forwarded to our department as soon as it was received by the distribution center. I was extremely happy with the speed in which Mr. Bucci contacted me!”

Investigator Angela Gates, Richmond County Sheriff's Office, GA

“Female stole convenience store clerk's cell phone and sold it at the mall in Lafayette, IN

Robbie and not sure who the other security person was but he was awesome also. He helped open the machine allowing us to retrieve the phone.”


Chief of Police, Jeffrey S. Phillips, Rensselaer Police Department

I wanted to let you know that your cooperation and prompt attention helped Corporal J.E. Kincaid solve the petit larceny case regarding the Galaxy S5 cell phone.  Warrants were obtained and the accused was arrested. Thanks again! 

Brenda Capehart, West Virginia State Police

"I wanted to share a success story in regards to ecoATM and thank you for assisting our agency. 

During the last part of January and the first part of February 2015 we were getting hit really hard on Auto B&Es. It was very obvious the same offenders were committing these crimes. We had nearly 45 cases involving over 60 vehicles broken into and various items stolen. We also had one home broken into and 3 vehicles stolen. 

I located a phone on ecoATM matching the description of one stolen the prior day. The victim did not know her serial number or IME number. I called and spoke with one of your representatives, I think it was Sean Flaherty. He later returned the phone to me and it was our stolen phone.  Not only was I able to release the stolen phone to the victim but I definitely had the right suspect (Offender). 

On February 9, 2015 I was contacted by Winston-Salem Police about an incident in their jurisdiction. According to them, four males were breaking into vehicles and the home owner walked out and confronted them. One of the offenders shot at the home owner and shot into his home. I was able to give them the name and address of my offender. They went and questioned him and the three others admitted their involvement. (It should be noted the home owner shot at is a Police Officer and serves on a federal agency task force). 

All four of these offenders were charged in our city and Winston-Salem the following are the numbers:

49 counts of Auto B&E
34 counts of Larceny
8 counts of Larceny of a Motor Vehicle
2 counts of B&E Residence
3 counts Poss. of Stolen Property
3 counts of Obtaining Property by False Pretense
1 count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill
16 counts of Discharging a Firearm
I count of Poss. Of a Firearm by Felon
I was also able to recover $3,450.00 in stolen property. 

Leads Online and ecoATM have been very good investigative tools for us. In closing I want to thank you, your employees and your company for the constant help you provide Law Enforcement across the country. "

Det. Alan Cox, Kernersville Police Dept. NC

“It was wonderful interacting with you and your company yesterday! I cannot thank you enough for your time and assistance related to our investigation. You and your company are assisting us in making a very successful arrest, resulting with victims who are very satisfied, which is unfortunately almost never a result."

Criminal Investigator Corporal Daniel Erdman

“I have contacted them for assistance in some cases a couple times. In March of 2015 ecoATM extended an invitation to us from the CVPD Criminal Investigations Unit for a day trip to their headquarters. They showed us how they operate and how they are very Law Enforcement friendly. I was surprised to hear the many different ways they can assist Law Enforcement. Not just in locating a cell phone. We were impressed with their operations. They were very hospitable.”

CSO Nicole Hobson, Chula Vista, CA Police Department

“We received a LeadsOnline hit on a cell phone entered into NCIC due to a theft. Within 109 minutes of the hold being placed, I received an email from ecoATM advising me that the phone would be forwarded to our department as soon as it was received by the distribution center. I was extremely happy with the speed in which [ecoATM] contacted me!”

Investigator Angela Gates, Richmond County, GA Sheriff’s Office

“A phone was stolen from a building and was sold at an ecoATM in Burlington, VT the following day. ecoATM was successful in helping me track down the phone and ensure its return to the rightful owner.”

Officer Ellerman, Burlington, VT Police Department

“[ecoATM] assisted me with a stolen item. [ecoATM] was very helpful & proficient.”

Lieutenant Detective Donald Parhm, The University of Southern Mississippi, MS Police Department

“We were notified through LeadsonLine by ecoATM that they had received the cell phone which they learned had been entered into NCIC as stolen. We researched and found where 5 cell phones had been reported stolen from a business on 06-29-15. Our Detectives contacted ecoATM and confirmed the information. 3 of the 5 phones were returned and the suspect was charged in the case.”

Captain-Investigations Commander Greg Wipfli, Midwest City, OK Police Department

“After a series of armed robberies targeting college students the suspects were identified and arrested after an armed robbery on 4/17/16. The group was connected to a total of 9 armed robberies. Once the names were acquired I searched Leads on Line and discovered that one of the associates actually sold a phone to ecoATM in Clemmons, NC shortly after a robbery.  [ecoATM] assisted me on many occasions with identifying the phone in question and mailed it to me. Without delay. Outstanding.”

Detective WC Tyndall, Greensboro, NC Police Department

“I had a stolen IPad that needed to be recovered for a victim. The incident was handled efficiently and professionally. I could not have received any better service from [ecoATM]. Thank you for all your help.”

Detective Boerste, Louisville Metro, KY Police Department

“I noticed a large amount of phones being sold to ecoATM by [a subject]. I contacted his employer and found they were missing several phones from their inventory.  I contacted [ecoATM] and [they] sent me all the information in reference to the stolen phones as well as a good number of phones back to the original owner.”

Inspector Dana Swanson, Oklahoma City, OK Police Department

“Victim was eating at the IHOP on 4/25/16 close to the store closing time. After leaving and going to another business location, he realized he had left his phone on the dining table. He tried calling IHOP, but received no answer. Within hours of his phone being missing, he stated that someone was able to bypass his security passcode and was accessing his personal email accounts and his banking accounts. They also reset the passwords and security questions. In addition, his bank advised him some unauthorized internet transactions were attempted but were denied by the bank. Approximately 3 days later someone sold the phone at the ecoATM at Walmart #2005 (which is right around the corner from the IHOP).  By ecoATM having multiple high quality photos of a potential suspect, requiring photo identification and verification of serial numbers our agency was provided with a great lead in this otherwise inactive case. Thanks once again ecoATM for your great service! And thanks for working in conjunction with Leads Online.”

Administrative Assistant, CID Deena Chavis, Kannapolis, NC Police Department

I received an alert from LeadsOnline and verified that the serial numbers matched and that the number entered was in fact a serial number and not a UPC number. I contacted [ecoATM who] located the phone because it had been collected and then made arrangements to ship it to our Police Department.”

Sergeant Eric Gossman, Warner Robins, GA Police Department

“A cell phone was reported stolen in Phoenix, Arizona. It was sold at an ecoATM in Glendale, Arizona. An ecoATM representative contacted Phoenix P.D. and informed us that they had the phone.”

Detective Bruce Greenberg, Phoenix, AZ Police Department

Subject committed a residential burglary and upon gaining entry into the home during the early morning hours, stole three cell phones, two iPads and a man’s wallet.  Upon checking LeadsOnline, we discovered the suspect sold the three cell phones at a nearby kiosk. This gave us a terrific lead in the case and allowed us to track down the suspect. We were assisted by [ecoATM] who was very helpful in locating the cell phones and getting them back to us and ultimately back to our victim. The suspect was charged with Burglary and Residential Burglary.”

Detective Sergeant Frank Lara, Riverside, IL Police Department

Item located at ecoATM location, shipped back to police HQ.”

DFE David Smalley, Bensalem, PA Police Department

“While attempting to locate suspect, Detective Nesbitt entered the name of a known associate of suspect. The associate's name came up in a ecoATM transaction. When the transaction was viewed, the homicide suspect was standing with the associate during the transaction.  That led to a phone call being made to the local PD. Suspect was tracked to as relatives house in that area and he was arrested without incident.”

Master Police Detective William Nesbitt, Newport News, VA Police Department

“I am extremely satisfied with the service.”

Detective Chuck Haley, Spokane, WA Sheriff’s Office

“A cell phone iPhone 6 was stolen and sold in Lovejoy, Georgia Walmart to ecoATM. I called and spoke with [ecoATM] who without hesitation assigned a claim number and got the ball rolling to get this stolen property back to its owner. Great Job.”

Detective Tommy Brown Sr., Statesboro, GA Police Department

“Cell phone was stolen from a vehicle and sold to the ecoATM at Kroger Newport, Kentucky. I submitted a request for confiscation and within a day I received confirmation that the phone would be shipped to me at my police department.  [ecoATM] handles all of my requests quickly and professionally.  [ecoATM] is an asset to law enforcement.”

Detective Larry Hoppius, Newport, KY Police Department

“Subject sold stolen phone through EcoATM. I contacted EcoATM and they are returning the phone to Sheriff's Office.”

Detective Roy Pesson, Calcasieu, LA Sheriff’s Department

“In just one day [ecoATM] assisted me, the matter was resolved and my case was closed.”

Patrolman James Erwin, Irondequoit, NY Police Department

S stole V's phone, tried to convert it at Verizon to personal use, couldn't, and sold it to ecoATM.  ecoATM gave me the S info, and sent the V back their phone.”

Officer Andrew Polik, Vacaville, CA Police Department

The victim locked and secured her vehicle in the parking lot of her apartment complex on May 19, 2016 at approximately 1735 hours and at approximately 1100 hours on May 20, 2016, victim discovered her vehicle had been burglarized and an Apple IPhone 5c among other items were stolen. Victim provided a description of the cell phone as well as the IMEI number. ecoATM handled the matter in a very professional and efficient manner.”

Management Analyst Desiree Perry, Fresno, CA Police Department

“I cannot say enough positive things about the service I received from [ecoATM]. Top notch staff!”

Police Officer Danielle Hartmann-Wilson, Milford, OH Police Department

“On 6/20/16 I was contacted by Det. Joe Gallagher of the Glendale, AZ Police Department. Who saw that the item, that was sold at an ecoATM, was listed in NCIC. The item matches the item that I reported stolen. The actors in the pictures are appear to be the same actors who stole the cell phone. After making contact with the ecoATM, [they] were very helpful in tracking down the device and returning it to UMPD so that we could get it back to the victim.”

Detective Jerome Staquet, Upper Merion Township, PA Police Department

“We had multiple burglaries to schools in the San Diego Unified School District. The loss was over $450k. I had been working with [ecoATM] on a multi-agency project [where ecoATM loaned us iPhones to use as bait devices].  [ecoATM] was very supportive and helpful.  We were able to identify several suspects. The main suspect just plead our and received 4 years and 4 months in state prison thanks for [ecoATM].”

Detective Jay Gresham, San Diego Unified School District, CA Police Department

“Two persons involved in the theft of five iPhones that were then sold at two ecoATM locations.  [ecoATM] provided the quickest resolution I've ever dealt with for a pawn type situation. When I called [ecoATM they] already noted my release request through LeadsOnline. [ecoATM] offered to mail either me or the victim the recovered phones. Excellent work!” 

Detective Craig Lamp, Kent, WA Police Department

“Victim was robbed of his cell phone in the entranceway to his apartment building by two suspects that fled the scene by vehicle. Victim cancelled his phone service prior to police arrival. AT&T was able to provide IMEI # for phone, at which point I contacted our Maryland ECOATM LE representative, who was able to flag the device and query the database for any possible transactions. At this point the phone device has not been located, however, ecoATM has assisted this investigator in the past which has led to recovery of stolen property and the successful prosecution of those responsible. ecoATM continues to be a valuable resource for Law Enforcement investigations, as it is a very efficient and reliable system. ecoATM employees continue to support Law Enforcement requests with thorough communication and timely responses; [ecoATM’s] dedicated professionalism reflects greatly upon your company.’ 

Detective Steve Davalli, Baltimore County, MD Police Department

“The staff assisted me with locating the victim's phone and providing me with suspect information.”

Patrolman Senni, Burlington Township, NJ Police Department

“Our community had a rash of property being stolen out of vehicles. My Department worked on tracking a stolen credit card being used at Giant in Carlisle Pa. It was discovered the same people on the video at the Giant Store using the card had went to the ecoATM and deposited two phones. Some of the property stolen from the vehicles were cell phones. With getting the phones back and receiving the report showing who did the transaction we are now prosecuting four people for the many thefts in our Community and neighboring Communities.” 

Chief Thomas Day, Mt. Holly Springs Borough, PA Police Department

“Very quick response.”

Detective Andy Norton, Bellevue, WA Police Department

“Person who cashed in the cell phone was a boyfriend of the alleged cell phone owner, who took the phone without permission.  ecoATM already assisted this officer in providing a transaction report. Thank You.”

Sergeant Ron Raymond, Chartiers Township, PA Police Department

“Victims auto was broken into and the suspect eventually sold the cell phone to ecoATM machine in local grocery store. [ecoATM] (guy is all over it!) contacted me to advise he had the victim's cell phone and what did I wish to have done with it. Contacted the owner was given some more details and asked [ecoATM] to send it to me. After having victim check phone etc. I will be processing criminal charges against to guy that sold it to you guys (of course with the assistance of the reports [ecoATM] supplies).”

Ohio – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“Office of Technology Services ordered a cell phone from Verizon Wireless. The phone was shipped on 1/27/16, arrived on our campus on 1/29/16 and reached its destination on 2/1/16. The cell phone wasn't in the Fed Ex Box when opened. A report was completed by this Officer, Cpl Merritt. The box and left over contents were sent to the MD State Police Crime Lab for Forensic testing. On Monday, 8/8/16 I received confirmation that prints recovered belonged to a subject.  It was learned that [the subject] while working as an employee for Fed Ex in PA had been stealing cell phones and re-taping and shipping the boxes as in this case. My report wasn't written as a theft due to not knowing if the theft occurred on our campus. [Subject] was taking the phones to a kiosk in PA and either using a friend to cash in the phones or he used his own ID. In this case, the ESN number for our phone was one that the [subject] cashed in at this ECO ATM. Great job by [ecoATM]!”

Corporal Glenn Merritt, Towson University, MD Police Department

“ecoATM contacted the school I am assigned to after a cell phone which was turned in had a message to call the school if found. After contacting them I learned someone had sold the phone at a kiosk in Horton Plaza. I did not have any reports of stolen cell phones that fit the description. I emailed [school] staff in March regarding the phone, but no one responded. In the summer, ecoATM contacted me again. I sent out another email to [school] staff. This time a part time staff member contacted me. She had left her cell phone at a fast food restaurant less than a mile away from the school. When she went back to pick it up it was gone. She never reported the cell phone lost or stolen. Through ecoATM persistence I was able to get the phone mailed back to the owner.”


“This iPhone was taken in a theft and sold the same day as the offense. I sent a message and the phone was put on hold. The assigned detective will follow up with the case. [ecoATM] has always been great in helping me and placing items on hold for me.”

Detective Charles James, Dallas, TX Police Department

“Routine hit via LeadsOnline search. [ecoATM] was great. Arranged to FedEx the stolen cellphone back to us. Provided jpeg photos of the transaction.”

Detective Joe Watson, DeSoto, TX Police Department

“Stolen phone was sold to ecoATM.  ecoATM was able to locate the phone and provide all the transaction details all within the hour after I called. GREAT customer service and easy to speak with!”

Trooper Michael Piscitelli, Pennsylvania State Police

“[ecoATM was] extremely professional, polite and efficient. Their service and information was extremely helpful to our case.”

Nevada – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“The help via emails was great. When I got to the machine I called the company which assisted me with opening the machine to retrieve the cellphone. Instead of having to wait to have the phone sent back I was able to retrieve it before it was sent to the company.”

Investigator Timothy Renault, Redding, CA Police Department

“Student reported her Samsung Galaxy S7 stolen during lunch. Entered the following day on GCIC / NCIC. Notified by Gwinnett Police that ecoATM had it. Recovered phone from kiosk, returned to owner. Prosecution pending.”

SRO J W Mashburn, Gwinnett School Police, GA

“Cell phone was reported stolen on 7/21/16 @ 0330 hours and later sold by a suspect on 7/21/16 @ 1158 hours. By using LeadsOnline the match was located. After notifying ecoATM representative, the response was quick and very efficient. The representative was provided all case information and the phone was flagged to be shipped to The Seattle Police Department.”

Administrative Specialist II Felicia Montano, Seattle, WA Police Department

“[ecoATM] was able to provide me with all the information regarding the suspect and when the transaction had occurred.  [ecoATM] also sent the iPhone to us.”

Detective David Gonzalez, University of Houston – Clear Lake, TX Police Department

“[ecoATM] was more than helpful.  [ecoATM] explained the process on how the transactions are completed.  [ecoATM] flagged the phone I'm looking for as being stolen in case it comes at a later date.  [ecoATM] also followed up with an email, letting me know that the phone in which called about finally had a serial number listed, and was not the phone I was looking for. I appreciated [ecoATM’s] time and effort.”

Master Police Officer/Detective Jon Hartle, Fairfax County, VA Police Department

“Phone stolen from restroom inside Walmart, sold later to the ecoATM at same Walmart. I received the hit through LeadsOnline and contacted ecoATM. [ecoATM] was great to work with! Received the phone back quickly and identified the suspect through forensic analysis.”

Detective Jack Spencer, Evansville, IN Police Department

“[Suspect] sold three stolen phones to an ecoATM.  [Suspect] works for AT&T Wireless and stole numerous phones from his employer. He confessed that he took them directly out of the box and walked out of his store into the mall and sold them to an ecoATM. [Suspect] was caught on the ecoATM camera still wearing his AT&T shirt.”

Detective Alex Asay, Salem, OR Police Department

Suspect attempted to sell an improperly obtained cell phone at the ecoATM at Mission Viejo Mall but claimed the transaction was rejected because there was gum in the machine.”

Detective Ed Kim, Irvine, CA Police Department

“This Detective was following up with an ongoing felony theft investigation, and was informed of the possible suspect’s name. This Detective used the LeadsOnline network to locate the person selling the stolen items to the ecoATM during the time frame of the theft.  This Detective then completed a request to hold the identified/stolen property, via LeadsOnline and then almost immediately received an email from ecoATM. [ecoATM] advised that [they] held the stolen property and requested my reply for a forwarding address to mail them to me, so that I can return them to the victim. The ecoATM staff, has ALWAYS cooperated fully with this Law Enforcement Agency and ALWAYS friendly and professional. Recovering stolen property from businesses is always a struggle, however, ecoATM is a pleasure to work with. I personally, have never been more appreciative, as I am with ecoATM Staff. Thank You for your continued assistance!!!”

Detective William White, Toledo, OH Police Department

“[ecoATM] was instrumental in assisting with our investigation. [ecoATM] provided two iPhones for us to use in testing a cell phone thief. Thanks to [ecoATM’s] assistance, we were able to apprehend the individual. The case is pending criminal prosecution.”

Special Agent Angela Foltz, U.S. Postal Service, OIG, Philadelphia

“Victim lost phone which was recovered by an unknown male. The victim was contacted regarding the return of the item, however, the male requested a sizeable reward for the phone's return. If payment could not be met, the male was going to sell the phone for self-profit. ecoATM was helpful in entering the phone's serial number and flagging the item in the event it's sold in the future, which would result in the recovery of the property and its return to the proper owner. Thank you!”

Corporal Vincent Medveckus, Lower Salford Township, PA Police Department

“Burglary occurred on 9/5/2016, phone stolen.  Stolen phone sold on 9/7/2016.  ecoATM employee contacted victim & advised stolen phone was sold/recovered.  OCP contacted ecoATM & received photos of seller & ID of seller.  Charges filed with Okla. Co D.A. Phone returned to victim.”

Inspector Graham Robertson, Oklahoma City, OK Police Department

“I saw the three items on the Nespin Pawn list and I emailed [ecoATM], and [ecoATM] responded to me almost immediately. [ecoATM] advised the items listed in the transactions I sent will be shipped to my department via FedEx, and the suspect will be suspended from further transactions with ecoATM.  If I get the items as fast as [ecoATM] emailed me, this will be the best interaction I have ever had with any business in getting the stolen property returned to its rightful owners. I really appreciate this company’s cooperation with law enforcement!”

Detective Todd Ventres, Holden, MA Police Department

“We spoke to a suspect who possibly had child porn who told us that he sold the phone to the [ecoATM]. We contacted your company as a result of a training session you provided. After a phone call to [ecoATM], [ecoATM] sent me a report which provided GREAT information and said [they] would ship the phone to us, which we received quickly. Your company provides outstanding info and has amazing customer service. THANK YOU”

Detective Hirota, Sacramento, CA Sheriff’s Department

“The cell phone was taken from a customer's vehicle, while the customer was getting a system check at a local dealer. Cell phone had been left in the glove box and was discovered by the suspect when he was changing the in-cab air filter. The IMEI number was entered into Leads-on-Line the day the incident was reported. As soon as I received the hit, I notified [ecoATM]. [ecoATM] was very professional and very helpful. I have had to use this service before and have never been disappointed with anyone I have had contact with. Keep up the good work and thank you for your assistance.”

Arkansas – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“A victim was robbed at gunpoint and forced to drive two suspects to ATM machines throughout our city forcing the victim to withdraw funds from his personal account. Suspects ended up taking victims phone and selling it at an ecoATM.  Responding patrol officers contacted ecoATM and collected valuable evidence from the machine including the stolen phone. Members of ecoATM were instrumental in assisting patrol officers and detectives who ultimately arrested the two suspects. On a side note one of the suspects had used the ecoATM on a prior occasion. After determining he sold a stolen phone he was prohibited from future sales. Our concern was how and if the subject would be alerted of law enforcements involvement. The fact that the suspect wasn't alerted to Law Enforcement’s involvement in the prior case contributed to his ultimate return to the same ecoATM. Only this time he brought his accomplice in this incident.  Kudos to your organization and to your team.”

Investigations Specialist Steve Smith, Glen Ellyn, IL Police Department

“By far the easiest. Was very impressed by how fast the whole conversation was and how quick I received the information. Thank you!!!”

Detective Megan Samano, Corona, CA Police Department

“A stolen cell phone was entered into TCIC/NCIC via the serial number of the phone. The phone was sold to the EcoATM. The procedures in place by EcoATM and Leads on Line, determined the phone was a stolen phone.  Sgt. Garbacik contacted the representative of EcoATM about the stolen cell phone being in the possession of EcoATM. EcoATM quickly responded, and located the phone. Arrangements were made to return the phone to Sherman Police Department, and ultimately to the rightful owner. Without the prompt and courteous service of EcoATM the phone would not have been located and returned to the proper owner.”

Sergeant Garbacik, Sherman, TX Police Department

“I have worked with [ecoATM] many times, always been great to work with!”

Detective Trisha Walker, Arlington, TX Police Department

“I found numerous stolen iPods sold at ecoATM locations around Salt Lake County. I contacted ecoATM regarding the matter and provided the suspect information along with the database transaction records. I received the ecoATM reports extremely quickly from ecoATM with no issues. This is very rare for me and I was very impressed with their operation.”

Detective Brad Bailey, Cottonwood Heights, UT Police Department

“Items stolen from a locked locker and later a burglary to a motor vehicle were located through the kiosk at the mall. The transaction report has led to identification and further evidence against at least 2 suspects in several cases still under investigation.”

Illinois – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“[ecoATM] assisted with recovery of stolen phone and identification of suspect. This identification led to the arrest of an entire street robbery series across two states.”

Detective Glenn Gossett, Chula Vista, CA Police Department

“The unknown suspect committed a burglary of motor vehicle and turned in an iPad that was taken from this burglary into a kiosk. I contacted ecoATM and everyone I spoke with were extremely helpful. I am very pleased with the assistance of ecoATM.”

Colorado – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“The suspect in this case by the use of a firearm demanded the complainant’s property including his cell phone.  After completing a leads on line search I found where the suspect in this case sold the complainants phone at ecoATM.  I emailed [ecoATM] on a Sunday and received a response back the same day. This is the second time I have had a robbery case where the suspect has sold the phone via the ecoATM and have had a great response and immediate assistance. Thank you for all the help.”

Detective Kenneth Edie, Houston, TX Police Department

“Prompt reply to request concerning stolen merchandise.”

Detective Brian Corrado, Colorado Springs, CO Police Department

“I was assisted in a timely fashion and everyone I spoke to was very professional and helpful. It is very nice to work with a company like ecoATM that is happy to assist Law Enforcement.”

SRO Scott Day, Bloomington, IL Police Department

“Complainant came into to PD to report that his cousin stole his cell phone and turned it into an ecoATM. CCTV photos showed the complainant standing next to the suspect as the phone was being sold.  [ecoATM] very quickly provided me with the CCTV photos which were instrumental when confronting the “victim” about the theft.  Had I not had those [photos] the complainant may have gotten away with fraud by getting the [cash paid out] and being able to keep his phone.”

Detective Kevin Eade, West Milwaukee, WI Police Department

“[ecoATM] emailed me about a lost phone message a processor found on the phone.  I asked for the phone to be shipped to me for eventual return to the victim.  As usual, very good communication by [ecoATM] and quick results.”

Washington – Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

“A stolen cell phone was deposited into an ecoATM at a Walmart in Suisun City.  Gazelle-ecoATM handled the matter appropriately and in a timely manner.  I was given all of the information I needed and was told the cellphone would be shipped to the PD so I could give it back to the victim.”

Detective Lisa Carlock, Suisun City, CA Police Department

“[ecoATM provided] evidence in a stalking case.  A suspect recycled a cellular phone which may contain evidence in an ongoing stalking investigation.”

California - Name & Agency Withheld Upon Request

"On a related note, I must say that working with ecoATM has been a wonderful experience. The most I’ve had to wait for recovered property has been two business days. My office’s prosecution rate where ecoATM has provided information has been 100%! Makes my job so much easier! Keep up the good work!"

Det. Evants, Southwest Ohio

"It's great getting the State DL/ID required by seller at time of transaction along with the actual live photo of the subject at the kiosk; this allows us to prove who is conducting the transaction. Love that the fingerprint is required in case identity of the subject at the kiosk is in question; we have a viable print to compare to a subject if needed."

Detective Trisha Walker, Arlington, TX Police Department

State DL/ID required by seller at time of transaction

"I wanted to share a success story in regards to ecoATM and thank you for assisting our agency. 

During the last part of January and the first part of February 2015 we were getting hit really hard on Auto B&Es. It was very obvious the same offenders were committing these crimes. We had nearly 45 cases involving over 60 vehicles broken into and various items stolen. We also had one home broken into and 3 vehicles stolen. 

I located a phone on ecoATM matching the description of one stolen the prior day. The victim did not know her serial number or IME number. I called and spoke with one of your representatives, I think it was Sean Flaherty. He later returned the phone to me and it was our stolen phone.  Not only was I able to release the stolen phone to the victim but I definitely had the right suspect (Offender). 

On February 9, 2015 I was contacted by Winston-Salem Police about an incident in their jurisdiction. According to them, four males were breaking into vehicles and the home owner walked out and confronted them. One of the offenders shot at the home owner and shot into his home. I was able to give them the name and address of my offender. They went and questioned him and the and three others admitted their involvement. (It should be noted the home owner shot at is a Police Officer and serves on a federal agency task force). 

All four of these offenders were charged in our city and Winston-Salem the following are the numbers:

49 counts of Auto B&E
34 counts of Larceny
8 counts of Larceny of a Motor Vehicle
2 counts of B&E Residence
3 counts Poss. of Stolen Property
3 counts of Obtaining Property by False Pretense
1 count of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill
16 counts of Discharging a Firearm
I count of Poss. Of a Firearm by Felon
I was also able to recover $3,450.00 in stolen property. 

LeadsonLine and ecoATM have been very good investigative tools for us. In closing I want to thank you, your employees and your company for the constant help you provide Law Enforcement across the country. "

Det. Alan Cox
Kernersville Police Dept. NC

Det. Alan Cox

"Thank you again for the great cooperation from you and your company"

St. Tammany Sheriff’s Office, St. Tammany Parish, LA

I wanted to let you know that your cooperation and prompt attention helped Corporal J.E. Kincaid solve the petit larceny case regarding the Galaxy S5 cell phone.  Warrants were obtained and the accused was arrested. 

Thanks again! 

Brenda Capehart

Office Assistant, West Virginia State Police

Office Assistant, West Virginia State Police - Brenda Capehart

I would like to say that I greatly appreciate the effort and time you and your organization have put forth in terms of assisting me with my investigation. If more companies worked with the police as your company has, I'm convinced there would be less crime in the world. 


Officer Kyle Walker

"I would like to thank  you for your assistances. You’ve made my job so much easier. Your response time was unbelievable and quicker than any other company I had to deal with when trying to retrieve stolen property. I would like to give you an A+.  Every experience I’ve had dealing with your company had been a pleasure and I wanted you and your company to know that. Due to your help, I was able to clear a case by arrest, get the victim’s property back and will list your company as a victim of Theft by Deception so your guys can get restitution for your lost.                                                                     

Thanks again"

Det. T.F. Spangenberg

"I want to tell you that you are the BEST company I have ever worked with as a Detective.  If banks were like you, we wouldn't have any check or credit card frauds because we would be able to arrest these people.

Thank you!"

Detective Chris Pingree

“ecoATM and its staff are a well-oiled machine that has put a great deal of thought into the complex business of buying back cell phones and electronic equipment.  ecoATM has considered everything from the high tech and secure machines, live staff reviewing transactions, multilayered documentation of transactions, the environment, property hold and return policy, and a great partnership with the Law Enforcement community.”

Detective Gary Redfern

“I really appreciate your cooperation and quick response in this matter.  I wish all companies, banks, etc. were as helpful as ecoATM."

Willowick Police Department, Willowick, OH

“Thank you for the rapid response. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have dealt with ecoATM and each time you guys make the process efficient and police friendly.”

Detective M. Kelly

“The first kiosk in the State of Mississippi (I believe) was installed in Northpark Mall, in Ridgeland MS. Since the kiosk was installed and people began to use it to recycle their devices, the communication with ecoATM staff has been wonderful. The company reached out to us prior to the installation with the date of install and educated us on procedures in the event a stolen device was located in an ecoATM. The partnership with LeadsOnline is a wonderful tool for investigators since all transaction information is uploaded to their database and shared with law enforcement agencies. In the event a stolen device is located in an ecoATM kiosk, the procedures for and support from staff is super easy and efficient."

Lieutenant John R. Neal

“Thanks for the information that you provided, this is the first case I have dealt with EcoATM and I am thoroughly impressed with the technology that your company utilizes as well as the excellent and prompt cooperation in the investigation.”

Detective M.P. Smith

"Thank you so much for the information.  I have been beyond impressed with you and ECO ATMs assistance throughout the process.  I have been a police officer for over 14 years and have never had this much support through any similar process.  Thanks again for your help."

Officer Marcos Pulido

“It was wonderful interacting with you and your company yesterday! I cannot thank you enough for your time and assistance related to our investigation. You and your company are assisting us in making a very successful arrest, resulting with victims who are very satisfied, which is unfortunately almost never a result."

Criminal Investigator Corporal Daniel Erdman