How To Prepare

Thinking about visiting an ecoATM® kiosk? Here are some tips on how to have the best possible experience.

1. Find the nearest location to you.

Can’t find a kiosk in your town? Don’t worry - we frequently add new locations so check back soon.

2. Prepare your device for resell.

Not sure how to do this? 

Visit our guide for step by step instructions on how to prepare phones for resell in 3 easy steps.

3. Remove any covers or stickers from your device.

These items can prevent ecoATM from recognizing your device properly.

4. Gather any accessories you’d also like to recycle.

Accessory Bins are located on the side of the kiosk. We can’t offer cash for these items, but won’t it feel nice knowing you recycled those too?

5. Still have questions about how this all works?

Visit our How It Works, FAQ, and Customer Service pages.