ecoATMs & IMLA, the True Facts

ecoATM takes consumer safety & device security seriously. We partner with law enforcement, technology leaders & legislators to propel innovation in how we interact with our mobile devices. On October 30, 2013, IMLA had a seminar regarding ecoATM but refused to allow ecoATM to speak at the seminar and actively shut off the microphones for ecoATM during the Q&A portion of the seminar. Please see the letter below regarding the true facts about IMLA's assertions.

Our kiosks have cutting edge security features including live verification, ID scanning & fingerprinting. We have the most comprehensive transaction reports provided to law enforcement on a daily basis to account for all buy-back and second hand dealer business. We also check against stolen device databases and comply with local regulations for second hand dealers.

Although ecoATM has faced bans in some jurisdictions, the information presented by the IMLA was partial and inaccurate and based upon technology and processes we were using in 2010. Working with our law enforcement partners and in-house law enforcement advisors and Directors, ecoATM has greatly enhanced our technology and processes to screen for suspicious or stolen devices. We are welcomed by law enforcement, legislators & the community in over two-thousand locations. We have faced ban legislation in a handful of jurisdictions in which we did not operate. Please review our assets to learn more about recent issues, research, & how our machine works.

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    Bonnie Garcia
    Director of Legislative Affairs, ecoATM