What to Expect From iPhone 14

What to Expect From iPhone 14

It's almost that time of year again! New iPhone season us upon us, and Apple® is set to release their most advanced smartphone yet. The brand hasn't shared anything about the upcoming iPhone 14 series but we will know a release date and some details about the latest models at an upcoming Apple Event on Wednesday, September 7th. 

We want to help you get ready for the launch and share everything we know so far. Analysts and fans are expecting some cool and innovative updates.


Learn more about what's new with the Apple® iPhone 14 series!

When Is the iPhone 14 Coming Out?

Apple is set to share the official iPhone 14 release date in the USA at its Apple Event on September 7, 2022, in Cupertino, California. We won't know all the details about the new series until the announcement. Apple Events are the company's way of revealing new products and any changes made to old ones. They like to keep updates about their tech under wraps until these meetings.

Expert analysts and insiders like Dan Ives and Ming-Chi Kuo often leak details about new products early. Until Apple officially shares the product specs with its customers, there are usually rumors about:

  • Colors
  • Features
  • Sizes
  • Cameras

Apple is set to share the official iPhone 14 release date in the USA at its Apple Event on September 7, 2022, in Cupertino, California.

Apple Events are very popular and attract millions of viewers to see what's new with the brand. They can create a lot of buzz about upcoming products.

The event begins at 10 a.m. Pacific time. Customers can tune in online by streaming on Apple's website or on the Apple TV app.

All we know about the upcoming event is that its tagline is "Far out" and they are expected to be revealing the iPhone 14 series. The company is rumored to share the release of other new products as well, including:

  • AirPod Pro earbuds
  • Three Apple Watch Series 8 models

Apple let customers place preorders for products announced at these events in the past. Many believe consumers will be able to place orders for new iPhone 14 models as soon as Friday, September 9, 2022.

After the Apple Event, new models typically hit stores and get into consumers' hands within a month.

The New iPhone 14 Models

Apple® iPhone 14 is said to come in four different models, including:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max

The standard iPhone model is usually the most basic in the series. These will likely be available at the lowest price point.

Max models are a new installment. Apple Experts think the iPhone 14 Max will be very similar to standard devices but in a larger size. Previous iPhone generations have not included Max models, only Pro Max.

The Apple® iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will likely cost more. These models usually have an additional camera and some extra features like more storage options.

Analysts expect the Phone 14 Pro devices to come in the same size as standard options. Pro Max models are the most high-tech of the series with maxed-out features as the name suggests.

A Look Back at iPhone 13 Models

Before diving deeper into what to expect from the iPhone 14 release, let's look back at the last series.

The iPhone 13 generation came out last year on September 24, 2021. The release included these models:

  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max

Apple also released the third generation iPhone SE at the same time. Compared to older options, the Apple® iPhone 13 series featured:

  • Improved battery life
  • Better chipsets
  • More advanced cameras
  • Brighter display
  • New software

The 13 series is available in an especially wide range of color options, including:

  • Green
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Midnight
  • Starlight
  • Red

Apple's revenue rose by over 9% after the iPhone 13 release and was a huge success for the business. Now, back to the new iPhone 14 series.

What Will the iPhone 14 Look Like?

One of the first things people want to know when Apple releases a new iPhone series is what it will look like. Size and colors are two very important factors for shoppers.

A few different rumors about iPhone 14 specs have been going around. Here is what analysts expect these models to look like:

The iPhone 14 series will likely have similar size measurements to the iPhone 13 series, but the new lineup won't include a mini option as the 13 does.

iPhone 14 Size and Display

The iPhone 14 series will likely have similar size measurements to the iPhone 13 series, but the new lineup won't include a mini option as the 13 does. Apple swapped the 5.4-inch mini for the iPhone 14 Max instead.

We can expect the standard iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro to have the same 6.1-inch display. The iPhone 14 Max and the Pro Max will be the largest models with a 6.7-inch display.

The iPhone 14 displays are getting some interesting updates. The first is the elimination of the notch at the top of the front screen. It seems like Apple will have the display light up around the front camera and sensors. This maximizes the screen space. Some rumors suggest this upgrade will be for Pro and Pro Max models only.

Another change for these new models is an always-on display (AOD). It lets the phone show information like the time and date while it's asleep. AOD is handy, and some other smartphone brands have used this feature for years.

iPhone 14 Design

Analysts expect the iPhone 14 series to have a similar design to the iPhone 13 models. Apple typically makes major design changes to its devices every three years. New models will likely have the same sleek body with flat edges. We can expect only minor updates.

Apple might include an improved cooling system. It may use vapor chambers to keep the devices from overheating. We can expect upgraded cameras that may mean a larger camera bump than previous models. Another anticipated update is the FaceID sensor. Analysts believe it will go under the front glass instead of having a cutout like in older models.

What Colors Will the iPhone 14 Series Be Available In?

People love to guess what the new iPhone colors will be. Apple has been able to keep quiet about the color options for the new series. We do not know if the brand will introduce new options or stick with familiar colors.

However, there are two rumored colors that have made a stir online – deep purple and bronze.

It seems deep purple might be an option this Fall. The iPhone 11 and 12 are available in light purple. This rumored purple is a darker shade. A bronze option named Sunset Gold may also be on the table.

Apple has not confirmed any of these colors, so we will have to wait until the Apple Event.

What Will iPhone 14 Cameras Be Like?

The new release will likely feature the same number of cameras as the iPhone 13 series. The standard model and iPhone 14 Max will have two options. The Pro and Pro Max will have three options. Each lens will probably stay in the same place on the back of the device, as well.

The iPhone 14 series cameras might be the most impressive yet. While the iPhone 13 had 12-megapixel lenses, the new release might have 48-megapixel lenses. The iPhone 14 Pro and ProMax might be the only models to get this upgrade, though.

Analysts also think the new iPhones could have a larger sensor and capture more light for better photos.

Improved Front Camera

Front cameras are likely getting some upgrades. Apple may improve auto-focus for the selfie camera for better photos and FaceTime calling functions.

Video Recording

The 48-megapixel lens and sensor will help users take better videos. New iPhone models may be capable of 8K video recording. The older iPhone series did not have this feature, despite their advanced photo quality.

If the rumors are true, the iPhone 14 series could have professional editing options. Improved video controls could be a huge selling point for this release.

What iPhone 14 Features Will Be New?

Some of the iPhone 14's new features are part of the new iOS update expected to come out later in 2022.

Introducing iOS 16

• Lock screens
• Focus
• Mail
• Keyboard haptics
• Battery level widget
• Messages
• Apple Pay Later
• FaceTime
• Fitness app

Introducing iOS 16

Apple shared dozens of new features and enhancements to iPhone and iPad software on its website. Here are some of the key changes:

  • Lock screens: The first iOS 16 update users will notice is the new lock screen options. You will be able to switch between different lock screens whenever you want. Users can choose from fun new fonts and colors.
  • Focus: iOS 16 will let users set Focus schedules by time or location. They will also be able to choose lock screens for different Focus settings. An example is if you are using Work mode, you can choose a screen featuring all the data you need at glance.
  • Mail: The update also includes new mail features. Users will be able to undo send before an email goes to the receiving inbox. You can also create schedules for sending your messages. A new reminder tool will help users come back to emails they need to respond to.
  • Keyboard haptics: This technology helps you feel a small vibration when you type. Some users prefer this feature because it helps confirm they have hit the keys.
  • Battery level widget: One of the features iPhone users want most of all is to see the percent of battery life they have. The iOS 16 update will let you see your battery level with a widget on the lock screen. Users will also be able to add widgets for alarms and the weather.
  • Messages: New message updates include the option to edit texts and undo send. iOS16 will help people who forget to reply to messages by adding a feature that lets you mark them as unread so you can come back later.
  • Apple Pay Later: The Apple Wallet is also getting an upgrade. Users will now be able to make four equal payments for purchases over six weeks. Pay later lets users budget better and pay less upfront.
  • FaceTime: FaceTime is also getting some major upgrades with iOS 16. Soon users will be able to turn on live captions while on video calls. A new tool will let people on the call collaborate on different apps. The new feature handoff will make it easy to switch the call between Apple devices.
  • Fitness app: iOS 16 will let all iPhone users track their fitness goals with a new and improved app.

Apple sometimes releases new iOS updates with the launch of new iPhones. We can expect to learn more about the update at the event.

What Will iPhone 14 Pricing Be Like?

Varying reports about iPhone 14 price make it challenging to know what to expect. Multiple rumors claim Apple will add $100 to the price of their iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max devices. A few reasons for this price hike could include:

  • Supply chain costs
  • Inflation
  • New features

The brand has not confirmed any news about higher prices.

Another rumor claims Apple is going to freeze its launch prices and sell iPhone 14 models at the same starting prices as the iPhone 13 series. We think Apple will announce the prices for new models at the Apple Event soon.

Other Considerations for the New iPhone 14 Series

  • Chips: Analysts believe the standard iPhone 14 and the Max will have the same A14 chip that the iPhone 13 models used. The Pro and Pro Max models might include a new A16 chip inside.
  • Biometrics: The new models will likely have better sensors for Face ID than the previous iPhone series. Rumors about the iPhone 14 having an in-screen Touch ID seem to be untrue, but we will find out soon.
  • Chargers: The lightning connector for iPhones have had the same design since 2012. Apple does not seem to be making any changes to charger cables for the new iPhone 14 series.
  • Battery life: Each new generation of iPhones has featured improvements to the battery life. The iPhone 14 will hopefully have the longest-lasting battery yet. Better capacity could mean higher prices.
  • Network: We can expect the latest release to be compatible with 5G connectivity. Rumors are circulating that the iPhone 14 may also support satellite network connections. Apple has not confirmed this.
  • Storage: Storage capacity is another feature of the new iPhones that have many different reports. Some believe there will be an option for 2T of storage. This would be the largest amount in iPhone history.

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