The 15 Best iPhone Apps for Couples

The 15 Best iPhone Apps for Couples

We could all use a little extra support now and again. Couples apps for Apple® iPhones and Androids can give you new ways to connect. They might involve games, quizzes, shared calendars or advice. Whether you and your boo are new, long-distance or head-over-heels in love, these apps can take your romance to the next level. Here are some of the best relationship apps for couples.

1. Love Nudge

First on the list is Love Nudge. This free couples app centers around the five love languages. This framework outlines different ways we can express love. Not everyone relates to every love language. Part of meeting your partner's needs is communicating in the “language” they appreciate. These include:

  • Gifts
  • Acts of service
  • Words of affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

You might see getting gifts as a sign that someone knows you well. Your partner might see them as materialistic. Perhaps they would prefer to cook dinner to spend time with you instead. Love Nudge is all about getting you two to sync up and understand each other's needs.

The app starts with quizzes. You'll both complete the quizzes to learn more about the love languages. They'll help you identify your primary love language and your partner's. Based on your responses, it might suggest date nights or giving your partner a compliment. If you're feeling a little underappreciated, you can send a manual nudge to gently let them know what you need.

Love Nudge also lets you set goals for your relationship. It keeps track of your progress and helps you get there. Other features include messaging and reminders. This fun relationship app for couples is a great way to learn how to support each other. You can download Love Nudge for iPhone or Android.

Is keeping house putting a strain on your relationship? Kukini is a great house management app. It's built for families but works well even if you don't have kids.

2. Kukini

Is a messy home putting a strain on your relationship? Kukini is a great house management app. It's built for families but works well even if you don't have kids. Or if they have fur. Plus, the app is gorgeous. It has color coding and super-detailed planning tools.

Kukini has it all:

  • Shared family calendars
  • Chores
  • To-do and shopping lists
  • Health Tracking
  • Messaging
  • Additional users, like grandparents or caretakers

Best of all? It's totally free. Grab Kukini for iPhone or Android.

3. Honeydue

Over a third of couples blame money for stress in their relationships. If you can relate, try Honeydue. This money management app is optimized for couples. It links up to your accounts and lets you set up spending limits and bill reminders. Talking about money can be uncomfortable, so Honeydue offers tools to make it easier. You can like a transaction or ask about something that seems off. If no one's paid a bill before the due date, the app can remind you, too.

Managing money shouldn't drain your bank account, so Honeydue is also free. Snag this free couple app for iPhone or Android.

4. Between

Communication is key to a good relationship. Between might look simple on the surface. It's technically a messaging app, but it has a bunch of fun features that are great for couples. It's a dedicated app just for you two. It's packed with cutesy, romantic stickers, GIFs and emojis.

With Between, you can:

  • Create a shared calendar
  • Upload photos of all the fun things you do together
  • Add stickers and text to your photos
  • Create albums to share the story of your relationship
  • Create countdowns to special events, like anniversaries or date nights

Unlike many apps on this list, you can download a computer app for Between. Of course, you can also grab the iPhone or Android apps.

5. Coral

Coral is a handy app that can help adults with their physical relationships. It provides intimacy coaching with science-backed methods. You can find guided exercises, on-demand lessons and polls and quizzes. Coral's intimacy experts can even chime in to answer anonymous questions. This app is also very inclusive. It has many options for different genders and orientations.

If you want to start learning more about your physical connection with your partner, download Coral iPhone or Android app.

6. Evergreen

Here's another science-backed app. Evergreen wants you and your partner to grow together. It takes a few minutes every day to help you learn more about each other and connect. It might use quizzes, games or check-ins to build your relationship. It'll also give you lessons and actionable tips to strengthen and energize your relationship.

Evergreen works well for couples at any stage of their relationship. You can use it to jump-start a new romance or as a long-distance app. Some topics include conflict management, gratitude, money and family relationships. You can learn all about yourself and your partner using psychology. The cute, plant-based theme doesn't hurt, either.

Download Evergreen on iPhone or Android to start planting the seeds of a healthy relationship.

Smartphones let us take tons of photos and share them all day long. But holding a physical photo can be something special.

7. TouchNote

Looking for apps for long-distance couples? TouchNote is a great choice. It uses snail mail to send postcards to your partner. Smartphones let us take tons of photos and share them all day long. But holding a physical photo can be something special. TouchNote has a range of fun postcard templates and stickers to use. Simply upload some pictures of you two and get designing. Then, TouchNote will send the postcard right to your partner, all with free shipping.

A postcard is a wonderful way to brighten their day. Plus, it's affordable and easy! You can even tack on a gift, like a mug or some candy from the TouchNote shop. You can build your next surprise from a web browser or download the Android or iPhone app.

8. Coupleness

Coupleness is all about the little things. It doesn't ask you to make any grand gestures or overhaul your whole life. It just wants you to spend a few minutes each day building healthy habits. It's especially good for adding some spark into a relationship that's getting stale. Coupleness makes you think about your relationship each day and learn something new.

The main questions Coupleness will ask involve:

  • How your day went
  • How you feel
  • What might have influenced it

Over time, Coupleness will help you spot trends. Maybe you tend to have bad days after dealing with your coworker. You end up lashing out at your partner. Coupleness can highlight this connection. The next time you have to work with the coworker, you know to be more aware of how you treat your partner. And your significant other knows to be supportive and understanding if you get cranky.

The app can also help you learn how you brighten each other's day. Perhaps a quick morning kiss is just the ticket to energizing you after a bad night's sleep.

Coupleness does have a subscription, but it's only $19.99 per year per couple. Grab it for iPhones or Androids.

9. Couple Game: Relationship Quiz

Are you a fan of trivia? Couple Game turns your relationship into quizzes. It's a great long-distance relationship app. It's also good for new couples or anyone who wants to know their partner on a deeper level. Couple Game is an app for couples to answer questions about themselves and each other. You can even use the chat feature to get flirty while you play.

The game app for couples has tons of questions with interesting topics. Those answers get stored in the app, so you can look back on them if you need a gift or date night idea. Couple Game also has relationship coupons and conversation cards to spark new discussions. Try it out with the iPhone or Android app.

10. Lasting

Lasting puts couples counseling in your pocket. It's a highly-rated app for couples that gives you in-depth lessons on building healthy relationships. It can give you conversation starters and relationship reminders, too. Topics cover everything from conflict and communication to trust and emotional connections. You can even attend therapist-led Zoom workshops to hear from a pro. Lasting is a more serious app for couples with trust issues, communication problems or other challenges.

This app can teach you a lot about your relationship. If you're attending in-person couples counseling, Lasting is a great complement. Your counselor can even use it to send you “homework."

Lasting is not a replacement for professional counseling. It has excellent resources and tools for learning on your own time. But it doesn't have the personalization or professional oversight of a real counseling session. Still, if you just want a little support or you want to bolster in-person therapy, Lasting is a great choice. It can also help with long-term relationships, premarital counseling and maintaining a healthy relationship.

There is a free version of Lasting, but it doesn't have all the features. The premium plan has a monthly cost of $15. You can save if you pay for more months upfront. Give the free version a spin with the iPhone or Android apps.


Pathshare is another app that seems simple on the surface. It's a location-sharing app. While you can share your location with most modern smartphones, Pathshare has some unique features.

11. Pathshare

Pathshare is another app that seems simple on the surface. It's a location-sharing app. While you can share your location with most modern smartphones, Pathshare has some unique features. It gives you a lot of control over who can see your location and for how long. It even tells you when someone enters a “session” to look at your location. You can also set up Pathshare to send you notifications when someone leaves or arrives somewhere. Lastly, Pathshare can generate directions and share your ETA.

As a long-distance relationship app, you can use it to see what the other person is up to. Are they at the gym? Tell them you're rooting for them. Are they late to your video call date? A quick look on Pathshare might show you they're stuck at work.

Pathshare is free for iPhone and Android users.

12. LetsGo

Let's face it — date nights can be tough. All the planning and brainstorming can take a toll. Next time, try LetsGo. This planning app offers up date night ideas in major cities. Punch in your preferences, and it'll give you plenty of events to choose from. You can share them and chat with your partner. When you find the right one, planning is a snap. LetsGo will show you ratings, distances, cost and more details about potential picks.

LetsGo even has stay-at-home options. You can get discounts on date night boxes or virtual escape rooms. Stay cozy and bond without leaving the couch!

Snag LetsGo for iPhone or Android.

13. Paired

Paired is another well-rounded app with tools to help build your relationship. It's similar to Evergreen and Coupleness. Paired gives you fun, research-backed questions to spark meaningful conversations. It can help you tackle tough topics like finances and conflict. The app's quizzes are great for healthy competition. You can also tackle important topics with couples exercises.

With Paired, you play Android and iPhone games for couples online. Then, the app helps you track your progress. It can identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Paired has some great results, too. After using it for three months, almost everyone said they communicated more openly. Four-fifths of users said they felt strongly connected.

Paired has a free and a premium version. With the premium version, you unlock more questions, games and exercises. A subscription can also give you more personalized content packs. Try it out for Android or iPhone.

14. Gottman Card Decks

This simple app has over 1,000 research-backed flashcards. Flip through them to dive deeper into your relationship. They come from The Gottman Institute. It teaches people about healthy relationships through workshops and other resources.

The Gottman Card Decks app has 14 decks on different topics. Try Love Maps to learn more about your partner. Or pick Opportunity cards to get some date night ideas. You can also star your favorite cards and randomize them. Gottman cards can cover everything from intimacy to premarital questions. If you want a couples app with questions, this is a great choice.

Download this relationship and dating app for free on iPhone or Android.

15. Rave

Last up is Rave. This is a fantastic app for couples in long-distance relationships. It allows you to watch movies together and chat at the same time. It works with major video platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, HBO Max and Disney+. Just link your accounts and pick a movie. Then, you and your partner can watch together from across the world. It's a great way to stay connected.

You can use Rave on just about any device, including smart TVs. Get things started on your phone with the Android or iPhone apps.

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