New Samsung S23: Rumored Release, Specs and News

New Samsung S23: Rumored Release, Specs and News

Folks, it’s almost that time of the year. The 2023 Samsung® Unpacked Event is on February 1st, which means we’re that much closer to getting a full look at an array of brand-new Samsung tech! Among the rumored devices, it’s fair to say the most buzz is around the rumored Samsung S23 line that should be hitting stores late February. We’ve gathered all the latest rumors to keep you informed about the next big smartphone release from Samsung. 

Galaxy S23 Release Date

While it is confirmed that the Samsung Event will take place on February 1st, 2023, there has yet to be a release date set in stone. The most rumored date appears to be February 17th if one were to follow the patten of last releases. 

Galaxy S23 Price

The pricing has also yet to be confirmed, however it’s most rumored that this line will follow a similar pricing model to past releases. The Samsung Galaxy S23 could start at $800, the S23+ at $1,000 and the S23 Ultra could be roughly $1,200. 

Image from ESR Blog

Rumored Samsung S23 Models 

Per the last few Samsung releases, you can expect to see three new Samsung Galaxy S23 models being introduced on February 1st. 

The rumored Samsung S23 seems to be very similar to the Samsung S22, with a few key differences. The newer models will feature a new chipset with most rumors pointing to a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Some of the new additions in the chipset include an enhanced image signal processor for photo and video, better gaming visuals, more artificial intelligence capabilities and more. The Samsung S23 is also rumored to have a slightly larger battery in comparison to its predecessor, along with the Samsung S23+. 

The rumored Samsung S23 Plus is also expected at the device release event. This model is predicted to have the same 6.6” display size as the Samsung S22, but a larger battery at 4,700 mAh

Last but not least, the Samsung S23 Ultra. While the leaked rumors have been minimal for the larger 2023 model, there is one feature that has the internet buzzing. It’s rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to have a 200MP main camera, an incredible advancement in phone photography tech. This has yet to be confirmed by Samsung so we’ll have to wait until February 1st to learn more about the new camera setup. 

Image from @SnoopyTech via Twitter

More Rumored Samsung S23 Specs 

Aside from the new chipset and camera rumors, there are a variety of other predictions that are expected to make their debut at the event next Wednesday:

  • Colors: The four most rumored Samsung Galaxy S23 colors are a cream color, black, something between a pink and purple, and green.
  • New Image Sensor: Samsung announced the ISOCELL HP2 on January 17th, a new 200MP image sensor that nearly solidifies the rumors of a 200MP rear camera on one of the newer models.
  • Camera Design: It’s rumored that all three of the new Samsung Galaxy S23 models will feature a more modern camera design, removing the raised island and being replaced with a cleaner, floating lens look that is similar to the recent iPhone models.
  • Satellite Feature Pending: While it hasn’t been confirmed, there have been a few rumors that the new Galaxy S23 line will be equipped with a satellite feature similar to the iPhone 14’s SOS feature.

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