iPhone 14 Colors

Every year, Apple® iPhone buyers have a new selection of colors to choose from as new phones hit the market. This year's crop is no different. From a deep, royal purple to a classy off-white color, these colors can help you find the perfect phone.

Each one is unique. We'll go over what iPhone 14 colors there are and how to decide which iPhone 14 color is best for you.


iPhone 14 and 14 Plus Colors

The iPhone 14 comes in two different varieties. The standard models include the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. They offer great all-around performance, excellent cameras and all-day battery life. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus colors include Blue, Purple, Midnight, Starlight and (PRODUCT)RED. Each one has a glossy back.

iPhone 14 and
14 Plus Colors



This slick color is like black with a twist. It has the slightest hint of navy. This deep blue is a popular option that goes with just about anything. It's elegant and classy. The colors on the camera bump and the frame match well.

Some people might find Midnight a bit simple, but others find it sleek and professional. Keep in mind that this dark, glossy color might make fingerprints appear more easily. If you're not using a case, it could start to look dingy.


Starlight is Apple's version of white. Where Midnight has a splash of navy, Starlight has a dash of a warmer white. It looks almost like cream or champagne. This subtle off-white hue is just the right level of unique. It's different enough from white to give it flair but close enough to neutral to match everything. If you're wondering which iPhone 14 Plus color is best for fashion, Starlight is another excellent pick.


The red version of the iPhone 14 is extra vibrant. Apple usually has some variation of (PRODUCT)RED, but sometimes it's more subdued. This year's color is bold and bright. If you want something that will stand out in a crowd, this is your color.

One bonus of PRODUCT(RED) is its mission. When you buy this color, some of the proceeds go toward the Global Fund's fight against HIV, AIDS and COVID-19.


Apple usually offers some kind of blueish shade. This year's hue is close to sky blue. It's a toned-down pastel option that's much lighter than earlier versions. It's quite attractive with a soft, subtle color. Since it's lighter, you probably won't have much trouble with fingerprints and smudges.


The iPhone 14's Purple shade also takes the pastel approach. It's a light, pale shade that's easy on the eyes. With the contrast of the black camera lenses, it offers an elegant, intriguing color. As a lighter shade, it's also a good pick for avoiding smudges.

iPhone 14 Pro and
iPhone 14 Pro Max


Space Black

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Colors

The Pro models are the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. They offer top-tier features, including Apple's new Dynamic Island and Pro-grade cameras. They're available in Deep Purple, Gold, Silver and Space Black. Each of the Pro iPhones has a matte backing. It gives them a premium feel and helps prevent fingerprints from showing up on darker colors.

Deep Purple

The new player on the field is Deep Purple. This slick, royal purple is on the warmer side. It offers an elegant feel and matches seamlessly with the frame and the camera bump. This color provides a great way to stand out without something too bright or distracting. Plus, it's unlike the other purple shades that Apple's used. This iPhone 14 Pro color is best for showing off a new device.


There's a reason Gold is a classic color. It stands out without being obnoxious. The color itself is fairly pale, so it won't be too bright. It also has an extra-glossy frame for a touch of glam. Gold is a popular choice. It's another one of those colors that goes well with other colors, like clothes and cases.

The dark lenses also offer some contrast against the light camera bump. With a matte backing and light color, it's tough to see any fingerprints on this iPhone 14 Pro color.


Silver offers the same metallic feel as Gold but with a cooler hue. It's a little more subtle, keeping its beauty under wraps. The Silver in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max colors is so pale it's close to white. You can't get white or Starlight in a Pro model, so Silver is your next-best option.

Silver is also unique because it has a bit more contrast between the frame and the body of the phone. The back of the phone is close to white, but the frame is a darker, shinier silver. Like the Gold phone, the Silver also makes the dark lenses pop.

Silver is another classic color. It's great for anyone who wants to put a classy foot forward.

Space Black

It's tough to find a more sought-after color than black. Unlike Midnight, Space Black doesn't have a tinge of any other color. It offers a dark, matte shade that goes with virtually anything. It has rich glossy edges and gives a sleek, classy look. Again, the matte backing can keep smudges at bay to keep your phone looking clean.

Space Black is great for someone who wants to look professional or fashionable. It's almost impossible to clash with Space Black.

What Was the Most Popular iPhone 14 Color Option in 2022?

The most popular iPhone 14 colors are hard to pin down. Apple doesn't give us an exact breakdown of which colors sold the best. Are they like cars, where neutral colors reign supreme? Or are they flashier, since you always have them with you and want to show off your personality?

As it turns out, the answer is a little bit of both. According to some reports from China, Deep Purple and Space Black are by far the most popular varieties of the iPhone 14. That may not be much of a surprise, though. These two colors are sleek and easy to match. They're a go-to choice for fashionable buyers who want to pair their phones with new cases or clothes.

We don't yet have much data on standard iPhone 14 sales by color, but we do have some for the 13. In 2021 and 2022, Pink seemed to be among the most popular, as was Graphite. Sierra Blue was a top seller in the Pro models, too. Although black and white shades are classic, people still seem to like having a pop of color.

How Do the iPhone 14 Colors Differ From Previous iPhones?

We have some great iPhone 14 colors from 2022. But how do they differ from the iPhone 13 lineup? Every year's color selection is a bit different. Consider your color options if you're trying to decide between the iPhone 14 and another iPhone.

How Do the iPhone 14 Colors Differ From Previous iPhones?

We have some great iPhone 14 colors from 2022. But how do they differ from the iPhone 13 lineup? Every year's color selection is a bit different. Consider your color options if you're trying to decide between the iPhone 14 and another iPhone. If your heart is set on a particular color, you may have to get a specific phone.

Apple usually tries to introduce a new, unique color each year. With the iPhone 11, we got tons of bright colors like a mint Green and sunshiney Yellow. With the iPhone 12, we got a light Purple, not quite the same as the one in the 14. The iPhone 13 introduced a dark hunter Green and added a hint of teal to the Blue shade.

Even the (PRODUCT)RED colors have changed. In the 11, it was rather subdued. It was vibrant in the 12 and back to a deeper, silky red in the 13. Now, it's perhaps the brightest and boldest it's ever been!

Looking back to the iPhone 13, here's how the standard colors have changed:

  • Blue: The 13 offered a deeper, turquoise Blue with more saturation. In 2022, Apple toned things down with a light, more pastel approach.
  • Pink: Apple swapped out the iPhone 13's Pink shade for an equally pale Purple. Both are gentle yet fun pops of color with a youthful feel.
  • Starlight: This almost-white option is also mostly unchanged.
  • (PRODUCT)RED: In the 13, the red was dark and mature, offering a classier feel. The 14 opted for vibrance. The color is mostly the same shade but brighter and more saturated. It's the ideal color for someone who wants an in-your-face phone.
  • Green: Previous models have had dark or mint Green options. Alas, Apple eliminated Green entirely from the iPhone 14.

The Pro colors are quite similar. Apple swapped Graphite for a slightly darker Space Black. The 13 had a light Sierra Blue and a cool, dark Alpine Green. In lieu of these colors, Apple added Deep Purple.

Reception of iPhone 14 Colors

Apple fans gave the new colors a mostly positive reception. The warm welcome was especially strong for Deep Purple and Space Black. In one Phone Arena survey for the Pro models, 40.47% of voters chose Deep Purple as their favorite. Another 32.24% chose Space Black. Silver and Gold trailed quite far behind.

Redditors also liked the Pro colors. Surprisingly, they liked Silver. Many thought it felt classically Apple and hinted back to the iPhone X. Still, Space Black and Deep Purple seem to reign supreme. Many users love how Space Black goes with black cases or other Apple products, like Apple Watches. Others liked that Deep Purple was an “outlier." While not everyone would see it as a unique shade, it's a great conversation starter for fellow Apple fans.

The colors of the standard models are also quite popular, but there don't seem to be any stand-out shades in the lineup.

What iPhone Color Is Best?

Of course, color is mostly a matter of preference. Still, deciding which iPhone 14 color is best for you depends on a few factors. A young professional may not want the same colors as a trendy teenager or a pragmatic older adult. What your iPhone 14 will look like depends on its size and any case you use, too.

As you decide which color you want in an iPhone 14, consider:

  • If you'll use a case: For many users, a protective case will cover most of their phone. Consider a clear case if you want to show off your phone's colors. Otherwise, think about how the camera cutout in the phone will match your case of choice. You can find cases to match just about any color, but you might be a little limited. Midnight, Starlight, Silver and Space Black are generally the most flexible colors. Consider how a light or dark phone might contrast with your case.
  • The fingerprint potential: If you're not using a case, smudges and fingerprints can show up quickly. Fingerprints are especially common on dark colors and glossy backs. Remember, the Pro models all have matte backs, which will help you avoid marks. Otherwise, light colors are usually your best bet.
  • Going trendy vs. timeless: A flashy, unique color might be super stylish, but will it still be chic in a few years? Again, black and white shades are classics. Apple will likely always offer them. These colors might age better, as well as dark colors like Deep Purple. If you plan to upgrade in a year or two, you can go as trendy as you like!
  • How bold you want to be: Are you aiming to show off your new phone? Consider (PRODUCT)RED, Deep Purple or Blue. Deep Purple and Blue are all-new colors, while (PRODUCT)RED is simply eye-catching. Any of these colors can help you show off your latest-generation iPhone. If you want something more subdued, try Purple or Gold.
  • Your style: Trying to look professional or mature? Or are you going for fun and bright? Do you tend to wear dark or light colors? Think about how your phone will match your wardrobe and your general appearance.
  • Matching your other electronics: Your phone can also match your other devices, especially if they're from Apple. Pair a Pink or Purple iPad with an iPhone of the same color. Or make your iPhone and Apple Watch pop by getting them both in Starlight. Apple shares many colors across devices, so you can stay consistent. Even if your other electronics aren't from Apple, you can still try to match them.

Colors can be a big decision, but you'll also need to consider other aspects of a new iPhone 14. Think about how much storage you need and what size you want. Once you've decided, remember to trade in or recycle your used phone. You might be able to get some cash to put toward your new phone. Either way, you're doing your part for the planet!

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