iPhone 13
What You Need to Know

iPhone® 13 — What You Need to Know

With almost 47% of smartphone owners using an Apple® device, it's fair to say that iPhones are among the most popular choice for phone users worldwide. Last year's iPhone 12 sold 100 million units by the seven-month mark, two months earlier than the iPhone 11, selling over 1 million units in the first 24 hours alone. Although Apple's late 2021 release has yet to be confirmed, the upcoming iPhone 13 is already a highly anticipated addition to an already successful lineup.

Let's take a closer look at the web's top iPhone 13 rumors, including an update to device battery capacity, new body colors and the much-anticipated introduction of iOS® 15.


Will There Be a New iPhone in 2021?

Although insiders are certain a new device is on the way, no one is sure when the iPhone 13 is coming out. Traditionally, Apple releases a new phone each autumn around September, with the recent exception of 2020's iPhone 12, which came out a month later due to production pushback and shutdowns. Industry experts at Tech Radar predict a September 7 or September 14 iPhone 13 release date, keeping with the company's tendency to push new launches on Tuesdays.

Apple usually announces new releases at its seasonal events. While they've already had a few in 2021, there's yet to be a date announced for the fall Apple event. Experts predict sometime in early or mid-September, putting it on par with the expected iPhone 13 announcement and release timeline. Events are usually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In addition to the iPhone 13, expect more information on the Apple Watch 7, AirPods® 3 and a new iPad® Mini 6 model.

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Apple usually announces new releases at its seasonal events. While they've already had a few in 2021, there's yet to be a date announced for the fall Apple event.

A Look Back at the iPhone 12

To get a better idea of what to expect as we approach Apple's next release, let's take a look back at the iPhone 12 and its specs. The phone was available in several options, including the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. All supported 5G speed with what Apple claimed to be the fastest chip — referring to the A14 Bionic chip — ever placed in a smartphone.

Color options included lilac, blue, mint green, red, white and black, all protected by a ceramic shield to ward against drops and cracks and a sleek aerospace-grade aluminum body. The battery ranged, depending on the model, but offered up to 17 hours of video playback. MagSafe® compatibility was included.

The iPhone 12 had an impressive display, including Super Retina® XDR and the latest OLED technology, further enhanced by the flat-edge design that allowed for a display that reached closer to the edges. The advanced-dual camera system had an improved selfie mode over previous models.

Estimations for the iPhone 13 Price

Historically, the most expensive iPhone ever released was the 512 GB storage variation of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which debuted at $1,450. The iPhone SE 2020 was Apple's most affordable premium option at just under $400. Experts predict the iPhone 13 will be priced similarly to the iPhone 12, meaning it will fall somewhere between $700 and $1,100, depending on the model and storage size. There is a small chance the prices could bump up slightly to support more mmWave 5G technology, but that is unconfirmed.

iPhone 13 Colors and Design

Last year's iPhone releases saw a drastic change to the design, replacing rounded edges with a sharper, more slab-like edging on all designs. 

iPhone 13 Colors and Design

Last year's iPhone releases saw a drastic change to the design, replacing rounded edges with a sharper, more slab-like edging on all designs. The upcoming release is unlikely to shift too dramatically, sticking close to the newer design. The lineup will probably stay around 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches, with a standard, Pro and Pro Max variation. Some predict a slight increase in the phone's overall thickness and a thinner notch. Apple may also add an in-display fingerprint sensor for users to have in addition to Face ID for more biometric entry options and flexibility in the age of mask-wearing.

Several colors have been rumored for the iPhone 13 design, including a sleek matte black option. Additional colors mentioned include silver, a pinkish rose gold, orange-ish sunset gold and a purple hue.

iPhone 13 Specs to Expect — Performance

One iPhone 13 feature you can count on is Apple's continued use of the Bionic chip processor. Reports show TSMC has already started production on the A15 for the iPhone 13 lineup. Here's what experts predict:

  • The same 5nm processing with enhancements that may make it larger for performance, power boosts, speed and better graphics.
  • Possible LPDDR5 RAM to support more intense graphics and graphics-heavy apps.
  • A Snapdragon® X60 modem to support mmWave and sub-6Hz 5G connections.
  • Potential support for Wi-Fi 6E, a 6HZ band extension with lower latency and faster data.

Some insiders predict that Apple's next release will come with an option for up to 1TB of storage space, ideal for those who use their smartphone for extensive app, file and photo storage. As of now, the only Apple product with so much space is the iPad Pro. The extensive storage option will probably only be available for the iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max and will come with an increased price.

Introducing iOS 15

Apple has already confirmed iOS 15 is coming soon — likely in September — and it makes sense that they will launch it with their next release.

Here's what users will get:

  • FaceTime® enhancements: Get more out of FaceTime with spatial audio, which tweaks sounds to fit where each person is on the screen. New mic modes will help separate background clutter from user voices, and portrait mode will blur physical distractions for easier focus. Chatting with a group? Grid view will let you see more people at once.
  • Privacy updates: Stored identity cards will now be encrypted, with additional features like Mail Privacy Protection, a hidden IP address and detailed app privacy reports.
  • SharePlay options: SharePlay lets iPhone users connect with friends in a whole new way, with simultaneous listening on Apple Music, watch parties on streaming sites and screens sharing across apps. You can even extend the feature to your iPad or Mac and invite non-Apple users to join with their Android or Windows device.
  • Focus filtering: The iPhone's new Focus feature will filter out notifications and app alerts according to custom focus settings or intelligent, habit-based suggestions. For example, your iPhone will hold all non-emergency messages and emails when it's time for bed or work and turn them back on when you don't need to focus as closely. You can also set your own notification and message delivery times and select which types of communications are considered more urgent than others.
  • More immersion: Immerse yourself in the world around you with Visual Look Up and Spotlight, which let you get real-time information on what you see in your real life, as well as more intelligent search results for people, shows and more. Improvements to Apple Maps will let you get more in-depth details about the neighborhood you're visiting and even deliver walking directions in augmented reality (AR).

Other fun additions to look forward to include one-handed usability enhancements for Safari®, Live Text to recognize text in photos for easier photo management and an integration between Apple Music and Memories to add relevant music to your flashback snapshots. You can also expect some improvements to health and productivity, like smoother live translation features and the ability to track trends in your health metrics.

Always-on display

120Hz refresh rate


What Will the New iPhone Look Like and How Will It Perform?

What Will the New iPhone Look Like and How Will It Perform?

In addition to the new color lineup and continued flat-edge design, three highly anticipated — yet unconfirmed — features enthusiasts are hoping to see in the upcoming release include:

  • Always-on display: Apple is behind other manufacturers when it comes to the always-on display, which lets users quickly see information on their locked screen, like the time or app notifications, without unlocking or waking the device.
  • 120Hz refresh rate: The two high-end models, including the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max, may have a 120Hz refresh rate for faster, more seamless scrolling, backed by possible lower-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED for better performance.
  • Biometrics: While reports suggest Touch ID® is coming to a future release, it may not be ready for a September debut. That said, an upcoming model will eventually feature an embedded fingerprint scanner under the display for users to have in addition to the standard Face ID®.

Anticipated Battery Life

Depending on the final form of the phone's software and 5G technology, the iPhone 13 might have one of the largest battery capacities to date. However, just because the capacity may increase to support 5G technology doesn't mean the battery will necessarily last longer than previous models — it all depends on the rest of the specs, individual usage and a myriad of other factors. Some anticipate the iPhone 13 will have a 3,095mAh battery versus the iPhone 12's 2,805mAh capacity.

Apple will probably continue supporting lighting charging and is unlikely to switch to USB-C plugins. Expect more accessories and promotions for MagSafe charging and accessories and possible updates like reverse wireless charging.

Camera Features and Quality

Apple is known to pave the way for smartphone photography, and the iPhone 13 is likely to continue in that vein. Some top rumored camera enhancements and adjustments include:

  • New astrophotography capabilities for better pictures of the moon and stars.
  • Portrait mode in video with a bokeh effect for better focus on the subject.
  • A telephoto camera with LiDAR technology for improved depth perception and clarity.
  • Tweaks to the advanced models' Ultra Wide lens to lower aperture for clearer images in low-light conditions and improve autofocus.
  • A new layout for the lenses that switches them to a diagonal format inside the camera bump instead of a stacked one.
  • A smaller notch for the cameras, or possibly no notch at all, with a resized camera bump and slightly more thickness to support the new shape.
  • Improved zoom technology with a periscope camera for better zooming range.
  • More enhanced AR features based on camera improvements.

Unlink any connected devices or accessories, like Bluetooth headphones and speakers, smart devices, charging cases and SD storage cards. This is also a good time to remove your phone from your home Wi-Fi network's list of trusted devices. You can do so by opening your internet provider app, viewing your connected devices and adjusting your restrictions.

Beyond the iPhone 13 — Future Releases and Possibilities

With this year more than half over, tech experts are already diving into 2022's possible releases across manufacturers. One of the most exciting possibilities is an iPhone SE 3, which would adopt a lot of the iPhone 13's technology and features. Apple has released two SE devices, each designed to be a well-performing mid-range smartphone for budget-conscious shoppers who don't want to sacrifice performance and sleek design.

Reports show the next iPhone SE model will have similar 5G connectivity and may have the same Bionic chip and processing power as the iPhone 13, making it the fastest SE device they've released and one of the most powerful smartphones for what is likely to be a mid-range or upper mid-range price. It may or may not come with advanced biometrics, like an embedded fingerprint scanner, depending on what the iPhone 13 launches with and when in 2022 Apple would choose to release the iPhone SE 3.

ecoATM will continue following all rumors and updates for upcoming Apple releases — stay tuned for more!

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