iOS 14: Here's What You Need To Know

Whether you're avid Apple fan or simply looking to update your phone, the iOS 14 update is here and certain to impress.  While some of the changes are noticeable right away, the new iOS 14 holds a ton of exciting and new features that you may not know about yet. We get it - as fun as a new software update can be, it can also be a little overwhelming or even confusing. That's where we come in!

With the upcoming iPhone 12 release, we're here to help you get ahead of the game with iOS 14 tips. Here are the biggest updates to help you get the most out of your newly updated Apple device, from brand-new home screen widgets to sharing car keys from your iPhone. 

  • Top iOS 14 Updates 
  • Messaging
  • Maps
  • Translate
  • Siri
  • Home
  • Other New Updates
  • Upgrade to an iOS 14 Apple Device with Help From ecoATM

Top iOS 14 Updates

Widgets On The Home Screen 

As Apple’s answer to an Android classic, widgets are officially on iPhone. What is a widget? Simply put, it’s a software that is built in with each app that shows a preview of that app in place of an app icon on your home screen. Take the calendar app for example: Instead of only displaying the number of today’s date, you can also now see what appointments you have lined up for today in a larger app icon.

To access and edit your widgets on iOS 14: 

  1.  Swipe your home screen completely to the left until you’re on the “Today View”.

  2.  Scroll all the way to the bottom to select “Edit” to add any new widget.

  3. Tap and hold the new widget in the “Today View” and drag it to whichever home screen view you please.

  4.  You can also add multiple widgets to one home screen. To do so, press on hold on any app until they all begin wobbling and then press the “+” in the upper left corner.

App Library

If you’re a big fan of the app folder option on iPhone, the new App Library feature is certain to get your motor running. By swiping to the far right, you can access your organized App Library that is unique to your apps and showcases the most used and recently added ones on top.

Picture in Picture FaceTime Calls

Remember when picture in picture tv was a big deal? Much like the full screen calls mentioned above, FaceTime also preciously taken up the entire screen while in use. Picture in picture FaceTime now allows you to use your phone while video chatting, placing a small preview of the person you’re FaceTiming in a corner of your screen.

Compact Calls

Ever been in the middle of an important email or near reaching a new level in your favorite game, only to be interrupted by a full screen call? We know, annoying. Thanks to iOS 14, the iPhone features compact call displays that only take up a small portion of your screen with incoming calls.


Texting on an iPhone can come with an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. With iOS 14, Apple kept this in mind and made a few updates to keep your messages organized and more easily accessible – and with a few new fun additions as well.

Pinned conversations are game changing for those who are tired of scrolling through their messages to find a specific conversation.  iOS 14 allows you to pin up to nine of your most frequent or important text threads to the top of your messages. Another convenient addition to Messages in the ability to reply directly to any single text in a group chat, eliminating a lot of previous confusion. You can also now add a group photo to any group message thread, whether it be a photo, Memoji or emoji.

Speaking of Memoji - it's back and better than ever with several new customization options to fit your lifestyle! New additions include age customization, face coverings, professions and more. 

With the iOS 14 update, you can also bring the joy of mentions used in your emails to your texts! By typing “@” followed by the contact name you wish to mention, that contact’s name will appear highlighted in the text. You can also edit the group chat to only send a notification to you if your name is mentioned.


Many of us rely heavily on the Maps app for directions, traffic notifications and more. iOS 14 includes a few new Maps features that are certain to make things easier for those who may not use a standard car.

If you have an electric vehicle, it can sometimes be a pain trying to find a nearby charging station. The new electric vehicle routing feature allows you to plan your route with your electric car in mind, plotting charging stations along your journey.

Bikers can also take solace in the updated cycling feature. helping you to stay on your route with ease. Explore more than the streets with added path and bike line directions, along with additional route warnings such as stairs, steep paths and elevation.

Did you also know that your trusty Maps app is for more than directions? Guides are curated lists of top spots for food, entertainment, shopping, nature and more to help you find the best of the best. Apple has teamed up with big names such as Time Out, Washington Post, Atlas Obscura and more to gather information on these hot spots.


Say adiós to fumbling through language dictionaries and scrambling to translate online. The iOS 14 Translate update makes it easier than ever before to translate quickly and efficiently in 11 different languages.

Need translation immediately? Conversation mode not only translates in real time with your voice but offers an easy landscape text view of both what you say into the phone and what is translated into the language of your choice. You can also now translate without needing to turn off your internet with on-device mode, keeping things private by downloading the translation then using it offline.

The Favorites feature lets you save your most frequently used phrases, and Attention mode allows for a larger full-screen text display of a phrase that you may show in case the other person is far away from you or can’t hear you. 


The personal assistant in your pocket got a sleek makeover with iOS 14 with a clean, compact design. This allows you to still use your phone as normal without Siri taking up the entire screen. It also includes Siri Shortcuts App, allowing you to make a variety of voice automated shortcuts. This can include anything from opening an email to putting your phone into Do Not Disturb mode to sending an audio message.


Those who utilize Apple HomeKit accessories can appreciate the few new iOS 14 Home updates.

Suggested automations make it easier than ever to start using your smart home technology immediately, and the new design for the Home app shows you the accessories that your attention right away.

Other new Home app additions include adaptive lighting that allows you to change the color temperature of your lights, activity zones that focuses on the high-traffic areas of your home and facial recognition technology that is now used to identify those who visit your home.

Other New Updates

iOS 14 has a plethora of other new updates that are certain to make for a better using experience. Safari kicked its security measures up a few notches with password monitoring, which will notify you if a password you are using isn’t secure. This is paired with a new Privacy Report feature that gives you more transparency on website trackers. iOS 14 also incorporated new CarPlay offerings, such as electronic car keys you may store in the Wallet app and share with approved users.

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