How to Watch March Madness 2022

How to Watch March Madness 2022

The middle of March always has an exciting air as fans make their brackets and get ready for tip-off. This month kicks off March Madness®, the best time of year for basketball lovers across the country. Fans will cheer on their favorite team and watch as one is crowned the National College Athletic Association's (NCAA) national champion. 

The stakes are high in the single-elimination tournament of the best college basketball teams in the nation, and you don't want to miss a second of the action. Fortunately, there are several options for watching March Madness live and staying up to date on all details. Learn more about where you can watch March Madness so you'll catch the best games in the season finale of college basketball.

March Madness 2022 Schedule

This guide will reveal the top TV channels, streaming services and apps for watching March Madness. Review the 2022 NCAA March Madness schedule to get ready for every moment: 

  • Selection Sunday: March 13
  • First Four: March 15-16
  • First round: March 17-18
  • Second round: March 19-20
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27
  • Final Four: April 2
  • The NCAA Championship Game: April 4

Broadcasting locations are subject to change. Check the most updated announcements on networks and showtimes for wherever you want to stream the matches.

Watch on TV Channels

Here's the lowdown on where to watch March Madness live:
• truTV

Watch on TV Channels 

Your favorite sports TV channel might be your first solution for how to watch March Madness. CBS Sports and Turner Sports jointly produce the tournament every year. Turner Sports is the branch of Warner Media responsible for sports broadcasts. These two TV companies stream the tournament nationally. 

March Madness is on the TV channels CBS®, TBS®, truTV® and TNT®. Services that carry CBS do so in specific markets. However, carriers of the Turner® networks make them available across the country.

Nearly every cable, satellite and live TV streaming service carries a combination of these four tournament channels. Committed fans will also enjoy commentary through the CBS and Turner Sports networks. These channels will cover Selection Sunday to the Championship Game postgame celebration. Here's the lowdown on where to watch March Madness live:

1. TBS 

TBS is the top channel for the most gripping games of March Madness 2022. TBS has an agreement with CBS as the flagship network of Turner Sports. TBS and CBS alternate every year as the broadcasters of the Final Four and NCAA Championship Game. TBS gets the even-numbered years, which means it will stream the final matches of 2022. This is the most important channel for fans who want to see the final rounds of the championship.

TBS has an app where you can stream the games the network broadcasts. You'll need your login from your TV provider to access the full content. 

2. CBS 

CBS is the other major channel you'll want access to during March Madness. The channel shows a lot of tournament action, especially early in the competition. You can access CBS coverage of the games for free through a good over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna. However, using an antenna can bring logistical challenges. Additionally, TBS is streaming the tournament's final rounds in 2022, so only having access to CBS won't get you the last few games.

If you're interested in watching re-aired games, CBS Sports Network is another great option. CBS Sports Network shows all the replays from the Turner network games.

3. truTV 

The Turner networks also include truTV and TNT. TBS generally offers the most coverage of every March Madness game. However, you can usually catch the First Four games and first and second rounds on truTV. There is also an app to watch March Madness on truTV, which will require you to sign in with your TV provider.

4. TNT 

Turner Sports also streams March Madness live on TNT. Usually, TNT features select rounds like the first and second-round match-ups. As with the other channels on the Turner Sports network, TNT has a mobile app you can access with your cable TV provider.

Where to Stream Online

Check out these options for how to watch March Madness online:
• Paramount+
• DIRECTV Stream
• Hulu + Live TV
• fuboTV
• Sling TV
• YouTube TV

Where to Stream Online 

Like a growing number of Americans, you may be trying to cut your cable to save money on your TV watching habit. Without cable TV, the apps above won't provide full coverage of the games. The good news is that March Madness is also available for streaming online. If you are looking for how to stream March Madness, livestreaming is a great option. Several streaming services provide access to the four major broadcasting networks of CBS and Turner Sports. 

Check out these options for how to watch March Madness online:

1. Paramount+ 

Paramount+® was formerly CBS All Access. The official service of CBS certainly provides all the CBS coverage you could want. Paramount+ offers livestreaming of CBS-broadcasted games. However, it doesn't carry the Turner networks. Paramount+ will give you access to CBS-aired games wherever your location. This makes it an excellent option if other services do not provide CBS in your area.

The Paramount+ app gives you mobile access to CBS broadcasts. New subscribers get a seven-day free trial. You can also add three separate devices to your account. The service is one of the most affordable ways to watch CBS-aired March Madness games. Subscriptions start at $5.99 per month for ad-supported streaming. You can upgrade to limit ads for only $10 a month.

2. DIRECTV Stream 

DIRECTV® Stream is AT&T's livestreaming service. Every plan from DIRECTV Stream includes all four channels needed to watch every March Madness game in real-time. You also get access to CBS Sports Network. This means you just have to choose the best plan for you once March Madness ends. DIRECTV Stream also includes other regional sports networks, which vary by location.

DIRECTV Stream also includes no-contract options. These plans increase your monthly payment but can save you from a second-year price hike.

3. Hulu + Live TV 

Hulu® + Live TV® offers a seven-day free trial if you want free streaming of March Madness. The service is available for $69.99 a month after the free trial. Hulu + Live TV offers full coverage, including other local and regional channels. With all channels you'll need to watch all 67 games of March Madness, Hulu + Live TV provides a great setup.

Hulu + Live TV provides 50 hours of Cloud DVR so you can record any games you miss. Viewers can also stream on two devices at once. Hulu has a mobile app to watch March Madness, so you can take the games with you.

4. fuboTV 

Another option for free streaming of March Madness is fuboTV®. This service focuses on sports coverage and brings viewers games from CBS, the Big Ten Network and ESPN®. As of now, fuboTV does not carry Turner Sports networks on its channel lineup. This means basketball fans can get every game streamed through CBS, but not TBS. Supplementing fuboTV with an option like CBS Sports Network could be enough to fill you in on the Turner network games you miss.

fuboTV is priced at $64.99 per month after the seven-day free trial. Various Cloud DVR options allow you to catch every shot. Subscribers also get access to CBS Sports Network, so you can watch replays of the games aired on TBS.

5. Sling TV 

Sling TV® is one of the longest-running TV streaming services out there. Although CBS is not included, you can watch the games broadcasted through TBS, TNT and truTV, including the last few rounds and the Championship Game. Besides all the Turner networks, Sling TV also provides ESPN, ESPN2®, the SEC Network® and many more sports channels.

If all you need is the major games, Sling TV has you covered. You can also add CBS Sports Network to access every March Madness game with a Sling TV subscription. Getting an OTA TV antenna or a subscription to Paramount+ are also good options. Sling TV also has a deal where you can sign up and prepay for two months and receive a free OTA antenna. This option gives you access to your local CBS channel.

This streaming service offers plenty of incentives to new subscribers. The free trial lasts for three days, and your first month is as low as $10. You can also watch Sling TV on your phone through the app or cast it onto your big screen.

6. YouTube TV 

YouTube TV® is a great way to stream live sports, especially March Madness. A YouTube TV subscription includes TNT, TBS, truTV and CBS Sports Network. CBS is also included in most markets. Check which services are available in your area so you can be sure to catch every game.

The base plan for YouTube TV costs $64.99 a month. New subscribers save $10 on their first three months. You can also create six accounts per household and store hours of your favorite games on the unlimited DVR.

Watch on Your Favorite Apps

You can now add watching March Madness to the list of things you can do from your cell phone while you're away from a TV. 
Your Streaming Service's App
NCAA March Madness Live
CBS Sports

Watch on Your Favorite Apps

Americans do a lot on their phones, from checking their email to surfing social media. Live TV and sports are accessible anywhere with the prevalence of streaming services. You can now add watching March Madness to the list of things you can do from your cell phone while you're away from a TV. 

1. Your Streaming Service's App

It is easier than ever to watch your favorite men's college basketball team as they battle to the finish. All you need to do is download the mobile app of your streaming service provider to your device. With a mobile app, you can play the big games from anywhere. All of the following streaming services also offer apps for watching March Madness:

  • Paramount+
  • DIRECTV Stream
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • fuboTV
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube TV

Some of these apps may not be available for both iOS and Android. Fans should also note that these mobile apps need users to input their pay TV information. This means you still need to pay for another form of pay TV to access the content on the app. If you have an account with a TV streaming service, the app updates you wherever you are. You can stay current on scores all during the March Madness season. 

2. NCAA March Madness Live 

NCAA March Madness Live is a great app for watching NCAA March Madness. This option functions as a stand-alone app for viewing March Madness. The NCAA March Madness Live app is a fan-favorite platform for enjoying March Madness. This is the official tournament app, so fans can be sure they'll have all the coverage they need. March Madness Live shows select tournament games live for free. 

There is limited watching before you have to log in with your paid CBS account or cable subscription. However, you get three free hours of streaming before the login is required. This gives you plenty of time to catch a game or two. The app to watch NCAA March Madness is ideal if you have Paramount+ or CBS through an OTA antenna. March Madness Live is perfect if you want to catch the TBS games on the side. The app is available for iOS, Android and other platforms.

3. CBS Sports 

CBS Sports® is a great March Madness app. Once you download the free platform, you can choose which teams you want to keep in your spotlight. From there, the app shows you all the sports you could want. This means you'll see other events grouped with the basketball tournament. Yet, you can also focus on your favorite teams first. 

You can use the app to quickly access live scores and hear all the news from the expert picks. There is also a place within the platform to keep tabs on your bracket, at least before it's busted.

CBS Sports shows you live video coverage of select games streamed by CBS, plus video highlights and commentary. You can access even more by logging in with your TV provider or Paramount+ login.

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