How to Sell Your Old Phone Quickly For Cash with EcoATM

How to Sell Your Old Phone Quickly For Cash with ecoATM

Did you know you can sell your old phone and get paid right away? Using an ecoATM, you can quickly and conveniently trade your old phone for cash on the spot.

Our easily accessible, nationwide machines allow you to easily trade in your smartphone and walk away with money in your pocket. To ensure a seamless transaction from start to finish, we'll walk you through the full process of selling your used phone at an ecoATM kiosk in this guide.

How to Sell Your Phone For Cash With ecoATM

1. Find the Nearest ecoATM Location

To find the nearest ecoATM location, visit our website or use our mobile app. You can find our nationwide network of kiosks in grocery stores, malls, and other convenient locations.

2. Prepare Your Phone for Sale

It’s crucial to prepare your phone for sale before visiting an ecoATM kiosk. Start by backing up any important data and doing a factory reset to erase all of your personal data. This procedure protects your data while allowing the new owner to customize the device as their own. Don't forget to remove the phone's SIM or memory cards as well.

3. Get a Quote

Once your phone is ready to recycle, it’s time to head to your preferred ecoATM location with your device. Follow the prompts on the screen to insert your old phone and obtain a quote. The kiosk will scan for make, model, and any damage, spitting out a fair and accurate quote if you choose to sell with us.

4. Get Instant Cash

If you’re happy with the offer displayed on the ecoATM screen, begin the selling process by accepting it. After you do this, the kiosk will dispense your cash right there. That way, you can leave with money in your pocket knowing your device will be responsibly recycled!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ecoATM accept all devices?

ecoATM accepts all phones, tablets, and MP3 players.

What if my phone is damaged?

You can still sell your phone for cash at an ecoATM, even if it’s damaged. Visit our “price your device” page to enter your device details (including any power issues and screen cracks) to get an accurate quote. 

How much money can I get for my old device from ecoATM?

The offer you receive for your device will depend on the make, model, and condition. For example, you can get up to hundreds of dollars for an iPhone 14 or Galaxy S23 in perfect condition, while damaged phones will be priced lower.

What if I’m not happy with the offer?

You are allowed to take your phone back from the machine and are not required to accept the offer. Keep in mind that if you do sell your phone, you won’t be able to get it back once the transaction is complete. 

Why should I use ecoATM?

When you trade in your old phone at an ecoATM site, you not only get paid right away but also contribute to building a more sustainable future. Whenever possible, ecoATM aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste produced with proper recycling. By recycling your old phone with ecoATM, you can stop hazardous materials from going to landfills and contribute to the preservation of essential resources.

Get paid instantly with ecoatm

You could have cash in hand in just under ten minutes! 

Get Started with ecoATM Today

Don't let your old phone gather dust in a drawer when you can exchange it for quick cash at an ecoATM. Our vast nationwide network of convenient kiosks makes selling your used phone easier than ever.

You'll soon be departing with money in your pocket if you follow the above simple guidelines. To get cash today, find an ecoATM location and trade in your old phone following the steps in this guide. Join us as we push for environmental improvement and sustainability, one phone at a time!