How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Broken
Phone Screen?

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Broken Phone Screen?

We've all been there. Maybe you got butterfingers or your kid dropped your phone while playing games. Whatever the cause, a broken phone screen is frustrating. You're not alone with it either, since cracked screens are the most common type of smartphone damage. Phone screens get stronger and stronger every year. Still, we have a long way to go before phone screen repair is a thing of the past.

If you have a broken phone screen, you might be wondering how much a screen repair costs. It depends on several factors like the phone itself, how you get it repaired and what kind of damage it has. Let's explore what those options look like.


What Do You Do With a Broken Phone Screen?

Unfortunately, you can't often use a phone with a broken screen unless the crack is very small. Even if you have a working display, parts of the phone may not respond to touch. It could even hurt you if the glass cuts your skin. If your phone screen is broken, you usually need to repair the screen or replace the entire phone.

You can repair your phone screen through the manufacturer, a third-party service or even a do-it-yourself (DIY) kit. The right choice typically comes down to cost. You'll need to decide whether it's cheaper to get your phone repaired or simply buy a new one. You will also need to consider what you want out of your phone. Do you want the same device you had, or are you ready for something new?

How much it costs to replace a phone screen varies widely. Some factors include:

  • The device's brand, cost and complexity.
  • The type of damage.
  • The skill of the person doing the repair.
  • Warranty coverage.

It could make sense to get your phone repaired if you have a higher-end device. Some examples include newer iPhones and Galaxy phones. In these cases, the cost of repair is often less than the value of the phone. Mid-range phones may also benefit from repairs. If you have a budget phone or an older device, it may make more sense to get a new one.

Collect some estimates about your phone and the cost of repairs or a new device. See which route makes the most sense for your budget. You'll also want to think about your preferences. Buying a new phone might cost a little more, but if you want new features, it could be worth it to you. You might be able to sell your old phone to help offset the new one.

The most reliable option is to have the manufacturer replace your phone screen. Apple, Samsung and Google all offer their own repair services.

Manufacturer Screen Repair

The most reliable option is to have the manufacturer replace your phone screen. Apple, Samsung and Google all offer their own repair services. This option is typically the most expensive. Still, you know it is performed by knowledgeable technicians with the right tools. A bad repair could lead to more problems down the road. Manufacturer repairs are often the fastest, too. You might be able to take your phone to an authorized location and get it fixed the same day.

If you've recently bought your phone new, you might have a warranty. These often last for one year after the date of purchase. However, they don't usually cover cracked screens. They cover defects in the product, such as a dead pixel in your screen. If you physically damaged your screen by dropping it or in another accident, it won't be covered.

You might have purchased an additional warranty, like AppleCare+ or Samsung Care+. If so, you could get your screen repaired for a much lower cost. Some credit cards also offer perks that extend your warranty coverage. Be sure to check on those benefits before paying for a repair.

Third-Party Screen Repair

Another option is to go to a third-party repair shop. Apple, Samsung and Google all have authorized service providers. They include local repair shops and large electronics retailers. These providers have access to manufacturer-approved tools and processes, and their work is similar to what you would get from the manufacturer. That means the service can be a little more expensive than service from another repair shop. That also means you can save if you trust a provider to do your repair properly.

You might have heard that third-party repairs will void your warranty. This used to be true. In 2018, the Federal Trade Commission made it illegal. You can now take any smartphone to a third-party repair shop without voiding the warranty.

DIY Screen Repair

Most people cannot DIY a phone screen repair. You could damage the phone further or even hurt yourself. It also requires specialized, expensive tools. Only those very knowledgeable in electronics should DIY their repair. If you do fall into that category, DIY kits can help you replace your phone screen. Still, even if you're confident in your ability, this method may not be worth the cost or time it takes to repair your phone.

You can find DIY kits from many different places. Apple even has a self-service repair program. It will send you components, rental tools and instructions. If you can put down a deposit, you can rent tools for a weekly fee. Many of them cost hundreds of dollars, so it's usually more affordable to rent them. You can also send your old parts in for credit toward the cost. The program is currently available for the iPhone 12, 13 and third-generation SE.

Samsung is starting a similar program by partnering with iFixit, a leading repair site with resources and parts. You can find many other parts on there, too.

Different Types
of Screen Damage

Here's how some types of damage compare:
• Broken glass
• Focus
• Mail

Different Types of Screen Damage

Manufacturer screen replacements usually fall under one umbrella for display replacements. You can generally expect to pay the same price for all types of physical screen damage. This is useful if your screen problem is complicated and expensive. However, if the damage is light, you might pay more than a third-party would charge.

Phone screens are made up of two main components. The glass is the outer layer that you interact with. The liquid crystal display (LCD) is underneath it. It has the parts that light up your screen and respond to touch. One or both of these parts could be damaged.

If you have a third-party or DIY screen repair, prices may vary by how your screen is damaged. Say the glass is cracked, but the phone still works normally. It could be cheaper to just replace the glass instead of the glass and the LCD.

Here's how some types of damage compare:

  • Broken glass: This is the simplest type of screen repair. If your screen is cracked, but your phone works well, you may just need to replace the glass. Damage can range from small hairline cracks to a completely shattered panel. Remember, small cracks can spread over time and make the damage worse.
  • Damaged LCD: If your screen is broken and your phone doesn't work properly, the LCD is probably damaged. It might show lines or black spots on the screen or not work at all. This is a more complicated and expensive repair.
  • Dead pixels: A dead pixel happens when part of the LCD malfunctions. The glass remains intact. It looks like a very small dot on your screen. A dead pixel requires a more complex repair of the LCD screen.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Phone Screen?

The cost of repairing a phone screen can vary widely. The average price for a screen repair is between $70-$400. The most expensive option will likely be through the manufacturer. Here's how those costs break down for two of the most popular phone manufacturers:

  • Apple iPhone screen repair costs: Apple has transparent pricing for iPhone cracked screen repair services. They range from $129 for older devices and iPhone SEs to $329 for newer, larger models. You can bring your phone to an authorized service provider or an Apple Genius Bar for repair. Another option is to have someone come to your home or office to do the repair. Lastly, you could mail in the phone with a special box that Apple provides.
  • Samsung Galaxy screen repair costs: Samsung Galaxy screen repair pricing is similar. It starts at $79 for older or lower-end models. Prices go up to $599 for complex models like the Galaxy Z Fold2. Like Apple, Samsung offers in-person and mail-in repair options. Technicians can also come to you in the Dallas and Houston areas.
  • Google Pixel screen repair costs: Google doesn't provide prices online, but they are likely similar to the other two manufacturers. You can also mail your phone in or bring it to a store.

Check with other manufacturers to see what repair options are available to you. Third-party phone screen repair may be cheaper, but it depends on the provider. Other cost factors include your location and whether the repairer is an authorized service provider.

DIY phone screen repair costs could be as low as $15-$40. Some repairs can be much more expensive and exceed $200. Explore your options online to see what the parts and tools will cost. They might exceed the cost of professional repair or a new phone. Remember to think carefully about your level of experience — poor repair could cost you more in the long run.

Some service providers will need to keep your phone for some time. Usually, you'll have it back within a few days. They should provide you with an estimate.

How Long Does It Take to Fix a Broken Phone Screen?

Phone screen replacements are a relatively quick repair. If you take your phone into a store, it might take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. You'll need to make an appointment ahead of time to make sure they can accommodate you. Some service providers will need to keep your phone for some time. Usually, you'll have it back within a few days. They should provide you with an estimate.

If you need to mail your phone in, it can take longer. You may be looking at a few days to more than a week. Sometimes, you can keep tabs on your repair to see how far along it is.

How Much Can I Get for a Phone With a Broken Screen?

A broken phone screen doesn't tank your phone's resale value. In many cases, you can still sell your device for a good portion of its original value. A professional could repair the screen for a lower cost. Then, someone else can keep using the phone. Other times, the parts can be salvaged for new purposes. You might be surprised how much a phone with a broken screen is still worth.

The phones worth the most are those that:

  • Were more expensive to begin with.
  • Are otherwise in good condition.
  • Aren't very old.
  • Are known to hold their value, like iPhones.
  • Have more internal storage.

It's vital to see how much it is to fix a phone screen or buy a new device. Unless your phone is new and expensive, there's a good chance it's cheaper to buy a new one. This is especially true if you sell your old phone. Consider whether you're ready for an upgrade, too. You might not be due for a new phone, but a cracked screen could bump up your timeline. It's a good excuse to get some cool new features.

Protecting Your New Phone Screen

If you repair your screen or buy a new device, you probably want to protect it. Of course, treat your phone carefully. You can also add accessories like:

  • Screen protectors: You'll find plastic film and tempered glass screen protectors. Plastic film protectors can keep scratches off your screen. However, they aren't very effective against larger cracks. Tempered glass is stronger and can help your screen stand up to impact. It feels just like your regular phone screen. If it gets damaged, you only need to replace the screen protector. Some manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties and will replace a cracked protector for free.
  • A case: Protective cases are vital for helping your phone stand up to drops. They can add an important shock-resistant frame around it. The impact of drops gets absorbed into the material instead of cracking the screen. Look for cases tested for impact resistance.

Many phones are water-resistant or even waterproof. Still, be careful around liquids. If these get into the phone, they can damage the LCD or other components.

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See What Your Phone Is Worth With ecoATM

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